L’Esprit De L’Escalier


Post-lockdown hairiness.

We’ve all been there.

James FX Whyte?

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4 thoughts on “L’Esprit De L’Escalier

  1. Rob_G

    One of the people who apparently led the storming of the Bastille was a cobbler from Wexford named Kavanagh.

  2. Janet, dreams of big guns

    see also, Colonel James Bartholomew Blackwell, who is credited with being invbed in the first charge on the Bastille,
    born in Ennis County Clare, Blackwell was a mercenary who went to France, originally to become a priest, but then a woman came on the scene as they do, Sophie Wade

  3. Gabby

    At the beginning of a revolution the main prisons are opened and inmates released. As revolutions go from one stage to the next, the prisons are quickly filled with enemies of the state and imagined enemies.

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