Fresh from the ‘March for Innocence’.



Yesterday: Not So Innocent

Previously: Pearse And His Little Lad Of Tricks

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28 thoughts on “Tricky

  1. Rob_G

    who wouldn’t want to hang around with those really dynamic and sound group of lads?

    – also very droll Bodge :)

    1. Bodger

      Matt, I don’t think you understand this post or this site’s genuine support of gay people for 10 years. My personal view is that Tatchell is beyond the pale and has done the lgbt cause a great disservice. Minister O’Gorman needed to explain and he did.

      1. White Dove

        A lot of people are very sensitive indeed about Peter Tatchell, who did the gay community a huge disservice by his comments regarding paedophilia.

        Fortunately society has now become unprejudiced enough to accept that his attitude is not representative of that community just like heterosexuals who seek to minimise the impact of paedophilia are not representative of the heterosexual community,

        Trying to shut down Bodger’s critical highlighting of Pearse’s paedophiliac inclinations by twisting its meaning and simultaneously calling it homophobic is unfair and quite insulting to gay people.

        Male-on-male paedophilia in Ireland has ruined many many lives and this post is a helpful one in understanding the context in which it occurred. Thank you Bodger. Well done and keep going!

        1. SOQ

          There is no such thing as male-on-male paedophilia darling- it is very simple- adults and children, equal for both sexes.

          The majority of child abuse is adult men and underage girls but you know that- another breaking in England as I type.

  2. missred

    Will ye ever stop – promoting the national party indeed! This place has gone down the drain FFS

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      MIS-READ more like.

      This is the calibre of post yizzers have been missing, I’d imagine.

      1. missred

        I like your comment best Andy, so I’m replying to it, more of this calibre indeed. I’m off sick and like a bear with a sore head. Too many conspiracy theories and leaning towards shysters on this site and I give out about the wrong one. Bah.

          1. missred

            Thanks luv, damn meds have me falling asleep in the evening way too early, just call me Eamonn “Dreeeamin” Ryan

  3. SOQ

    So it turns out it was Eamon Ryan who invited Peter Tatchell on the Pride March? This shower would have known that of course.

      1. italia'90

        Click the above tweet.
        Scroll to More Tweets.
        Good ole boy and friend of the ‘sheet,
        (and Gemma)
        Gearóid Murphy!

        It’s subtle, but a pattern none the less.
        Alt right mouth breathers are given oxygen here regularly.

        Compare and contrast that to:
        Traveller Pride Week started on Monday
        Zero oxygen given to:

        Just sayin

  4. Vanessanelle

    Anyone object if I now refer to Justin Mr Squirky Barrett from now on as the Little Lad of the Tricks

    Would I get meself into trouble with the Pearse Family Trust or whoever

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