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  1. Charger Salmons

    So to confirm.
    Just six new Covid-19 cases and no deaths, in a population of 5 million.
    And for this the country’s economy remains in paralysis.
    313,000 unemployed people on PUP handouts of €350 a week, offices and shops deserted, the hospitality and tourist industry flat-lining in ICU, mandatory mask wearing and a population cowed by Goebbals levels of indoctrination.
    This is utter economic insanity and not a single notable journalist working in the Irish media dares question it.
    These miniscule infection rates are nowhere on the front pages when they should be the main news of the day.
    Ireland is sleep-walking into the same financial catastrophe as the banking crisis.
    You’re being fooled yet again and you will pay another heavy

    1. George

      To maintain the number of cases at a low level. If they were at a very high level there wouldn’t be much point.

      There have been plenty of opinion pieces published that are critical of the lockdown and at the every stage politicians were asked if the reopening was too slow and if it was worth the economic cost. Every weekend on RTE radio people question the measures.

      Miniscule infection rates are what we want. Take a look at the US. Is that what you want?

      1. Charger Salmons

        Infection rates have been minuscule in Ireland for weeks.
        So why all the alarm about surges, the scare-mongering about masks with limited scientific evidence, the continued lockdown on business and commerce and the lack of honesty from politicians ?
        It’s not conspiracy theory but typical incompetence from politicians and lack of accountability from the media.
        Ireland is not the US.It’s a European outlier with a population too scared to even question why it is.
        The bill for this all of this compliance is staggering already.
        By the Autumn it will be devastating.

        1. Sham Bob

          Why are people pushing the anti-mask thing?
          The way you’ve thrown it in there seems ideological. Unlike a lockdown, mask-wearing isn’t going to have a massive impact on the economy, and if it works it’ll keep infection rates low. Most countries that used it as a measure early on were very successful in suppressing the virus. The right appear to have zero answers for dealing with covid, apart from letting it rip and see what happens.

          1. dav

            he believes that it will reduce his oxygen levels – you can’t really argue with this level of stupidity.

          2. Charger Salmons

            @ Sham Bob
            Is it the Right who have opened economies and borders up across Europe with the intention of treating local flare-ups with lockdowns rather than committing an entire population to enormous financial and social damage ?
            How long and to what cost do you expect Ireland to continue wrecking destruction on the economy to keep miniscule infection rates ?
            A reminder – bars,restaurants,shops,industry,tourism and schools have been open across Europe for weeks and in some cases months.
            Apart from occasional outbreaks which have been locally isolated there has been no significant resurgence in Covid-19.
            Ireland is becoming the Hiroo Onoda of Europe.
            He was the second world war Japanese soldier who didn’t leave the jungle till 1974 refusing to believe the war was over.
            Or in this case Hiroo O’Noda.

          3. :-Joe

            The masks were successful in Asia like Korea, Japan etc because they already have a culture of wearing a mask when you have symptoms to protect others in often highly and densely populated environments.
            – It’s not because they are more germaphobic as is often misunderstood or misrepresented by anyone who has visited or reported on that side of the planet.

            Our cities are nowhere near as densely populated and we don’t have that polite courtesy as part of our culture. Well, yet anyway. It remains to be seen if eventually that will become the final recommended advice outcome from all of the confused messaging and communication by F-f/g.

            Border / barrier control checks, testing and quarantining seem to be the most important method of action but it wouldn’t surprise me if, in reality it was only minimally effective.

            Wear the mask or a light cotton scarf / bandana / tshirt until people see sense eventually but especially if you have been in contact with or you yourself may have any symptoms and can’t stay at home or isolated from others.

            Also.. Blow-hard narcissists spouting populist rhetoric are like bad actors… If you stop paying attention or stop replying to them they usually diminish to a minimum or go away completely, much sooner than later…


          4. Junkface

            If you are sharing any type of indoor space with groups of people you need to wear a mask. It is the safest and best way to starve the virus of new hosts. Its a very, very, very, very, very basic safety precaution during a Pandemic, that even 100 years ago people understood and accepted.

            Social media and the information age is the key factor difference between now and then.

          5. Charger Salmons

            What is the point of making mask-wearing mandatory in shops if those working in them are not required to wear masks ?
            What is the point of legislating for mask-wearing at the end of a pandemic rather than the beginning ?
            Through most of the pandemic the WHO insisted there was no scientific evidence that mask-wearing prevents the spread of the virus.
            There is considerable evidence that their recent change of mind came about for political rather than scientific reasons.
            Wearing a mask only works in surgical procedures if it is discarded after each use.
            It’s the reason why you don’t see surgeons wearing one made out of an old pair of tights.
            The idea that someone with Covid-19 using the same mask day after day while shopping or on public transport to prevent spreading infection is just laughable.
            For what it’s worth I think the UK’s decision to impose similar restrictions this week is equally ludicrous.
            The most important advice now remains the same as it was four months ago.Wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing.
            The rest is bunkum.

          6. Sham Bob

            @Charger It’s the right, or more specifically the far-right, who are pushing the anti-mask agenda all over social media and at the highest levels of the US Republican party. They’re the same people that are against social distancing or seemingly any anti-pandemic measure. Many of the European countries that you rightly say are keeping infection rates down have encouraged mask-wearing, and have the added advantage of not being exposed to the idiotic conspiracies re masks pinging around the anglophone world. The WHO held back on pushing this measure for far too long for fear of the supply of medical-grade masks running out, and our government, being followers rather than leaders, didn’t encourage their use until the end of the first wave, so now they’re having to make them mandatory.
            Their main advantage is in preventing asymptomatic wearers from spreading virus to someone else, so while keeping your face covering clean is a good idea, the virus doesn’t survive for long in fabric in any case.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I dunno girl.
        I think when a government is taking decisions that have a profound effect on its citizens’ financial and social health as well as important questions on civil liberties there should at least be some discussion about it.
        Blithely accepting they’re not incompetent has got us in trouble a few times over the years if you recall.

          1. bisted

            …brexit was endorced twice by the UK in democratic votes…you do seem to have a problem with democratic processes Nigel…

  2. italia'90

    Ian Botham, who lives in Spain after living in Tax Havens for years, is to be ennobled to the anti-Democratic House of Lords for supporting #Brexit which will destroy #UK citizens rights to live and work in #EU. Have I got that right, David?

    1. Charger Salmons

      I think raising £25million for charity and being one of Blighty’s greatest living sportsmen might be a factor as well.
      But I find your concern about the fairness of Britain’s honours system really quite charming.
      Has this bothered you for a while ?
      How sweet.
      ( He lives in the North-East of England by the way and has never been a tax exile.)

      1. Joe F

        I find your lack of concern for Bozo’s record on crime and carer homes quite charming too old boy.

      2. italia'90

        Botham sold his house in Durham.
        Has 2 houses in Spain.
        The family live there.
        His daughter Sarah has a restaurant and wine bar in Almeria.
        He’s presently staying with his son Liam in Somerset.
        Moving soon to Australia to be the Donald Trump of Botham Wines.
        I think you call that a maiden over there batty boy Salmons

          1. Annette

            @ SOQ;
            ‘Batty boy’ means the same as the word ‘queer;.
            It’s a term of endearment where I live
            Stop looking for enemies you don’t have,

  3. Charger Salmons

    What’s that you say ? What about some Brexit news ?
    Well, some clown asked me on here last week if I was looking forward to the ” Russian ” report.
    Tbh, I hadn’t given it a second thought because the idea that 17.4 million people were influenced by a bot-farm in St Petersburg was simply ridiculous.
    But here is the report anyway for what it’s worth on the front page of the Torygraph …

    Russia tried to “influence” the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum but not the Brexit vote, a long-awaited report into Moscow’s alleged meddling in British politics will reveal on Tuesday.

    Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee will describe the Kremlin’s attempt to divide the United Kingdom in 2014 as “the first post-Soviet interference in a Western democratic election”, The Telegraph has learnt.

    However, the report concludes that there is no direct evidence of Russian influence in the 2016 Brexit referendum ‘

    Bummer,eh ?

      1. bisted

        …the reds under the bed scare is a tried and tested scare tactic that has served the UK media well over the years…this time the demonising of Russia and China stems from the Yanks* making it clear that post brexit it’s them or us…you can’t have both…
        * how does that song go – ‘britons never ever ever shall be slaves…’ – at least this time they voted for it…
        Heh x 17.4

        1. Junkface

          Most intelligence agencies have found that Russian and Chinese efforts into hacking EU, UK and US systems have increased dramatically over the last 6 years. It’s not an empty paranoia. You can read about countries like Finland and Estonia constantly battling Russian hacks during elections. It’s old news now.

      2. Annette

        @ Formerly Known As @ireland.com

        …Give me a drum and a cymbal. You deserve a Ba-da-dum Tissshh.

      3. Charger Salmons

        Except Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee is a cross-party affair that includes Labour and SNP MPs who voted against Brexit.
        Surely it would be in their interest to have found Russian interference in the referendum ?
        I know, those pesky facts again.
        Damned annoying what ?

          1. Charger Salmons

            I know.Tony Blair.What a charlatan.
            That’s Labour for you.
            It’s why they never get elected.

    1. Nigel

      ‘• The UK is one of Russia’s top intelligence targets, yet the UK government has “actively avoided looking for evidence of Russian interference” which the committee brands “astonishing”.
      • Nobody in government is protecting the UK from Russian interference.
      “The outrage isn’t that there is interference, the outrage is that nobody wanted to find out whether there was interference.”’

      Ouch. Who was Home Secretary after Brexit again and responsible for investigating that sort of thing?


      1. Charger Salmons

        And to re-cap for the benefit of viewers who are just joining us.
        All this and more after the break when we’ll be investigating further Nigel’s bitter disappointment.
        Joining us will be Carol Cadwalladr,Alastair Campbell,Andrew Adonis and a host of other Brexit barmpots who’ll be demonstrating their synchronised feet-stamping.
        Don’t go away.

        1. Nigel


          ‘LONDON — Russia has weaponized information as part of a broad and long-running effort to interfere in the British political system and sow discord, and those efforts were widely ignored by successive British governments, according to a long-awaited report released on Tuesday by the British Parliament.’

          ‘While the report examined Russia’s possible role in fomenting conflict surrounding some of the United Kingdom’s most divisive political battles in recent years — including the 2016 Brexit referendum that rejected membership of European Union and a 2014 referendum in which Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom — it did not draw conclusions on the success of those efforts.’

          ‘“The government here has let us down,” Kevan Jones, a member of Parliament who served on the intelligence committee that released the report, said at a news conference.

          “The outrage isn’t if there is interference, the outrage is no one wanted to know if there was interference,” Mr. Jones said. “What we do know about Russian interference in the U.K. is it is the new normal.”’

          Join us now in the unfolding spectacle of Charger following the Trumpian/Borisian party line of telling everyone there’s nothing to see here. Letting Russia interfere in your politics to pwn the libs.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Kevan Jones.
            Labour MP.
            Voted against Brexit.
            Upset that there was no Russian interference in the Brexit vote.
            Wahahahahaha ….

        2. Papi

          How much interference was there, I hear you ask?

          Loads. A shedload, in technical terms.

          So, to clarify, interference up the wing-wang?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      No more crumbs for this one for a few days. It’s not fair to him, he becomes overwhelmed. I think he might have had too much sun lately.

  4. Cú Chulainn

    I know after every trial like the Depp one, people ask things like: ‘what was he thinking’.. but dear me, what was he thinking. I hope for his sake he has some cash left over after the lawyers take there cut, because I don’t see him working for quite some time after this debacle.

    1. Kate

      Nor her. To think she used the brutal rape of her former secretary in her deposition against Depp shows she is a master manipulator.

  5. dav

    The last minute tiny extension of the freeze on evictions and rent rises didn’t make some editions.
    #civilwarshirts keeping their property developer/vulture fund mates sweet.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Nor the 130 women still being dragged through the courts over the HHV Cervical Cancer Screening scandal. As usual, a UK newspaper group carries the story while the rest ignore it. MSM do as they’re told

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          actually that comment is incredibly bitc*y and not my usual style but Cians stance really upset me yesterday, it’s a topic close to my heart and person as it is to all those who have lost or are loosing a loved one in such a horrible way to something so preventable in the first world

          1. :-Joe

            No need to apologise..

            It’s plain to see that Cian is usually reasonable and a decent sort but he has an irrational knee jerk habit of being first to defend the state, as I imagine he sees it but he often ends up defending the establishment self-interest corruption along with it.

            Unfortunately I don’t think he realises the difference but I could be wrong and to be fair, he often has a good argument in defence of the state and even the government now and again. – Just my two cents..


          2. Vanessanelle

            His role and function here is to provide Alibis
            With tools that are mainly after-the-fact reports

            Reports that already come with a Conflict of Interest stitched into them
            (Fee Influence btw – if ye’re wondering like)

            I fail to see why you should be the person to apologise Janie
            Particularly on the Cervical Check scandal
            Cervical Check scandals

            Only for Vicky Phelan refusing to sign a nondisclosure agreement ….

          3. Janet, dreams of big guns

            ah I just like to keep it clean, loosing my temper more than I should these days, not enough running ;)

          4. Cian

            Thanks :-Joe,

            You are right. I am a bit contrary. I always try to look at both sides of a story and see where the truth lies. Since the prevailing stories on BS are generally anti-government I always seem to end up on the State’s side when I’m adding balance (as I see it). And yes, sometimes I end up defending my position rather than finding the balance – I’ll work on that! :-)

            I just think people ignore/don’t notice any comments I make that support the prevalent BS ‘groupthink’. e.g. if I support/defend opposition parties, or where I disagree with the government policy/people. So I’m seen as a shill and called on to comment on every state mistake/story.

        2. :-Joe

          lol.. Ask him why he thinks F-f/g are not on the right of the political spectrum..
          – I’m still stunned by that recent revelation…

          Cervical check and all the women and men with failed medical procedures and metal disintegrating inside and moving around their bodies and F-f/g don’t care at all. It’s going on for decades, multiple Taoseach’s / Ministers for health and the same civil servants the whole time.

          Wake up, you ignorant 50% of voters, F-f/g don’t care about you or any people in society. You’re voting for this as your future.

          Shrapnel coming out of your vagina / backside and being ignored for years while it happens…

          What the f… is next, I wonder?..


          1. sidhe

            I think the results of the most recent election show that people are beginning to see that and voting accordingly. only time will tell if it will become a trend or if FF/FG will retain the usual portion of the vote next time around.

            young people are more politically aware and inclined to be political active so I do wonder how much that will affect results in the coming years or if it was simply a once off.

          2. sidhe

            of course, it would be really something if the more left-leaning/socialist type parties could manage to form a cohesive bloc that works towards a common goal, but as we have seen time and time again, when time comes to form a government, all parties are guilty of petty fingerpointing and typical grandstanding

          3. Janet, dreams of big guns

            unfortunately so, it’s almost as if the kind of person after these positions are the least suitable,
            I’d like to see a system like jury duty, it’s a civic duty and people the most qualified are given the positions with termination of the position faster depending on objectives met.

        3. Cian

          Janet. It isn’t acceptable.
          The government should have done (and should now do) more so the women don’t have to go through the courts. The Cervical Tribunal that was announced last year as the solution to avoid courts seems to have stalled. That is not good enough.

          1. Cian

            yes, “stalled”: it has stopped moving.
            It isn’t doing what is should be doing. It has failed.

            This isn’t acceptable. The government should now do more so the women don’t have to go through the courts.

          2. Cian

            @V I don’t know what you are talking about.
            I’m specifically talking about the Cervical Check Tribunal.
            It has stalled.

            6th July 2020 – Update on Establishment

            When the Government agreed to set up the CervicalCheck Tribunal in December 2018, it also approved the appointment of Ms. Justice Mary Irvine, who was then a Judge of the Court of Appeal, as Chairperson of the Tribunal. Following nomination by the Government, on the 18th June 2020, Ms. Justice Irvine was appointed as President of the High Court and therefore will no longer be in a position to carry out the role of Chairperson of the CervicalCheck Tribunal. Separately, Mr. Justice Michael Peart who was nominated for appointment as an ordinary member of the Tribunal has informed the Government that he will not be taking up that post.

            The CervicalCheck Tribunal Act 2019 requires that the Tribunal shall consist of a chairperson and at least two ordinary members and as such it will not be possible to establish the Tribunal until suitable persons have been identified to take up the posts. Once the Tribunal is established, nominated members will be formally appointed as members of the Tribunal by the Minister for Health. The Minister for Health is engaged in the process of identifying suitable new members for appointment to the Tribunal. Once this process is complete and the nominated chairperson is satisfied to do so, the Tribunal will be established without delay.


          3. Cian

            Vanessa. It isn’t acceptable.
            The government should allow mediation if they offered.
            This is not good enough.

      1. Charger Salmons

        ” A UK newspaper group ”
        I think what you meant to say was the Irish Daily Mail.
        Can’t think why it slipped your mind …


        1. Tommy Bohan

          Get your facts correct, they said “GROUP” The Irish Daily Mail is owned by the UK Daily Mail GROUP!!!

          1. Charger Salmons

            Actually it’s owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust.
            But I’m glad you agree it’s important to name the Daily Mail rather than some bland ‘ UK newspaper group.’

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Because it’s UK newspapers (Irish editions) that generally report what the Irish MSM don’t. The Journalists in them aren’t compromised as much as what passes for journalists in the Irish MSM. Aren’t the writers in the Mail (Irish edition) Irish?

          1. Charger Salmons

            But I do find it amusing the regular complaint on here that there’s never any Irish news in the Irish Daily Mail.
            And when there is an Irish story of huge importance to Irish people the mind-numbingly slow posters on here have no opinion whatsoever.
            But if there was a picture of Boris or the Queen on the front page they’d be picking up their pinafores and having a hissy fit.
            You see why I introduced the Winky Woo-ometer …

          2. Papi

            To measure the huge, enormous, gigantic amount of interference in Brexit by the Russians????

  6. Matt Pilates

    Daily Star. Tame. Regular must be on holiday. Disappointing stuff. Needs more curry, vicar.

  7. Charger Salmons

    So he hasn’t lived in tax havens for years but actually in North Yorkshire until he sold his estate there recently.
    And Australia ? He makes his own wine over there.
    Another clown on here with an obsession over an English sporting legend ( two if you count Jack’s exploits at Italia ’90 …) and unable to get his facts right.
    And batty boy ? That’s a gratuitously homophobic insult which I’m surprised Bodger allows go unchecked.
    Well, not that surprised.

    1. Joe F

      You’re accusing someone of being homophobic old boy? That’s a bit rich considering you posted recently that London’s shocking crime rate was caused by “blacks and immigrants”. Your words old boy not mine. Think that falls into the racist category clown man.

    2. scottser

      botham is a renowned cross-dresser and has drink driving convictions.
      would you like a link?

      1. Charger Salmons

        I’d rather have the one you promised which showed he shot endangered species but you were unable to provide.
        I told you yesterday, I don’t waste time with amateurs.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
            As they say.
            Now back in your box lightweight.

          2. Joe F

            Well said scottser!!!
            He’s such a clown. I don’t think he reads what he posts.
            The poor old sod is living back in the day, serious inferiority complex.
            He keeps going on about how great England is and what a sorry place Ireland is. And he’s living here!!!

  8. :-Joe

    The daily express rag has a bizarrely funny picture in picture…
    – Depp clearly has played his worst part, even worse than The Tourist and they are both as bad as each other. I always had the impression that Heard is a strange kind of special crazy…

    If you were ever wondering what inequality is, what it looks like and where most of the problems in a society can be summed up in one moment…

    Well, amAZombie and jeff (workers rights nemesis and human rights industrial strength toxic poison) bezos just earned 13 Billion in profit in one day.. To add to the pinnacle of his colossal pile of already, ill-gotten go’zillions.

    I wonder how much lower the standard of living dropped and for how many people and how much tax he didn’t have to pay this time?… It’s no shame to be successful and wealthy if you also do the right thing and pay your fair share of taxes or in this case even any taxes at all.

    Another enterprise operating at the zenith of financial corruption, human rights abuse and it’s blatently obscene. The bank robbers and tech fraudsters have something to aspire to…


  9. Johnny Green

    even daily wake and bakers remember the Green Party calling for legalising the medical use of cannabis and decriminalizing drug use including Amsterdam style cafes.

    ontario just finished a public review process,the CBC using FOI released all the consolation documents and submissions.

    -consumption lounges-weed cafes allowing smoking and sale.
    -special permits for cannabis consumption and sale at festivals and concerts.

    Ryan and the Green Party have publicly supported cannabis cafes.

    pre-pandemic states were nudging Consumption Cafes into mixed areas as a form of urban revitalization similar to forcing many companies to open stores in sketchy hoods,many hip high tech start up cannabis companies view counter top service as quaint,old fashioned and a total waste of resources but are forced open stores as part of licensing deals with states, who are often one way other invested in retail as a solution.

    this is the CBC Investigates:

    -Ford’s government has stated its ultimate goal for cannabis is an open market, but at this point it continues to control all legal sales through the Ontario Cannabis Store, which has reported an uptick in online purchases during the pandemic. –

    -The Ford government was told by local and regional medical officers of health across the province it should not allow cannabis lounges or make the drug easier to get than it is now.-

    – business groups are lobbying hard on the other side.

    -Those opposed to increasing cannabis access at festivals said families and non-smokers who attend those events shouldn’t be subjected to the smell and second-hand smoke


    this may interest policy makers in Irl-note im working my way through it,ts early making coffee in my own little cafe:)


    1. Johnny

      Austin police will no longer cite or arrest people for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

      “APD will no longer cite or arrest individuals with sufficient identification for Class A or Class B misdemeanor ‘possession of marijuana’ offenses, unless there is an immediate threat to a person’s safety or doing so as part of the investigation of a high priority, felony-level narcotics case or the investigation of a violent felony,” police Chief Brian Manley wrote in a memo to the Austin mayor and City Council.

      In Ireland,the Min for Justice could with govt support cut the war on drugs budget and reallocate these wasted resources into say oh stopping drunk driving….

      My concern is that the minister is weak and easily led by a x RUC officer,with outdated military style policing tactics,who’s running justice in Ireland?


  10. Johnny

    right move-Baker is a R-NY will also extend and pretend.

    “BOSTON — Today, Governor Charlie Baker extended the pause on evictions and foreclosures for 60 days, until October 17, 2020, through the authority granted to the governor by Chapter 65 of the Acts of 2020, An Act providing for a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 Emergency, which was signed into law on April 20, 2020. This law’s limitations on evictions and foreclosures have allowed many tenants and homeowners impacted by COVID-19 to remain in their homes during the state of emergency, and this extension provides residents of the Commonwealth with continued housing security as businesses cautiously re-open, more people return to work, and the state collectively moves toward a “new normal.” The moratorium was set to expire on August 18, 2020.”


    Good luck.

    “Landlords across the country have filed lawsuits seeking to overturn state and local eviction moratoriums, saying the measures jeopardize their businesses, discourage renters from paying what they owe and are unconstitutional.”


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