The Absolute Ceann On Him


Ah here.

This morning/afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl arrives at Leinster House today before a sitting of the Dail.

There’s no valve but air can possibly flow in through the sides.

Just a layman’s view.

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews

27 thoughts on “The Absolute Ceann On Him

    1. SOQ

      That piece is about protecting yourself, not others.

      Shields will prevent water droplets from flying through the air because they are a physical barrier. It is the same principle as perspex barriers in shops surely?

      1. george

        It will stop a certain amount but not all. These are very small droplets. That said there is no requirement to wear a mask outside so as long as he wears a proper mask indoors there isn’t any problem.

          1. George

            That tweet no longer exists so I’m guessing they painted something that wasn’t true and then deleted it.

    1. Your Home Correspondent

      “Underlying causes”. He keeps the order. For curry hips and spice bags.

  1. ReproBertie

    “There’s no valve but air can possibly flow in through the sides.

    Just a layman’s view.”

    Masks aren’t balloons Bodger. They don’t capture the air and force the wearer to rebreathe it. Fogged glasses shows that the masks redirect the flow of air so it’s not going straight into the face of the person you’re talking to, for example. A face shield will do the same with the added bonus of protecting the wearer’s eyes, since that seems to be of such concern to some.

      1. ReproBertie

        Honestly, with the babble of voices tossing poorly informed opinions around it’s hard to hear but it probably does.

      1. George

        They’re only really needed in hospitals where there is a danger of a patient coughing or sneezing into your face. Still though he is outside where he shouldn’t need any mask.

    1. George

      An open face shield won’t trap invisible droplets in the same way a fabric mask will. This is not an alternative to a proper mask.

  2. Clampers Outside

    Window Licker!
    Or Window Liqour if down the pub
    Visor on, I’m outta here!

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