Behold: the CRTWRKS MOTO – a conceptual electric motorbike from the mind of Google industrial designer Adam Carvalho.

It may never be the bike of the future, as envisaged, but if it ever is, it’ll have a monocoque frame (incorporating the battery housing for weight reduction), direct belt-drive and square LED lighting (the rear doubling as a charging point).

Sure, it’s boxy but you know what they say about boxy.


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9 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Matt Pilates

    Had one of those. Rubbish. Hardest job in the world; the motor cycle courier in Blanch.

    Was giving that Eamon Dunphy a ride home on the back of it from the Pyg beer garden. Cheap Chinese drive chain broke and we hit the kerb at the Triangle in Ranelagh. Glenda Gilson gave both of us roadside medical attention and drove us home in her SUV.

    Got a vintage Raleigh Chopper. Total skirt-magnet when parked in Leeson St. Never looked back.

    1. Vanessanelle


      Kate O’Connell for Glenda for a half a mark Mattie

      Bit tricky going from Blanch to The Hill at Mt Pleasant all the same so good effort

    2. Tony

      Law of Diminishing Returns starting to kick in a small bit with these Matt. Needs a fresh hook. Would you consider doing them in the nip?

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