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  1. Your Home Correspondent

    The Sun wins it.

    Good pic of Boris on the Torygraph in fairness. Can’t wait to see how Classic Dom handles the war on obesity!

          1. Charger Salmons

            You live in Australia mate.
            News there is when someone learns to tie their shoe-laces.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Talking of news I’m still not sure why the Irish Times is reporting that the feller shot in Dublin might have been a victim of mistaken identity in a ” carefully-planned ” hit.
            Do they employ monkeys as sub-editors these days ?

          3. Charger Salmons

            One of their caged primates will suddenly start screeching soon when it discovers the word botched.
            He’ll get an extra banana.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Headline in the Examiner. “Trump founders as election nears”
    What does that mean even?

    1. Gerry

      Literally it means: the presidential election is getting closer in time and Trump is “foundering”, performing badly, like a ship in difficulty.

      The support for that contention is clearly stated in the first sentence of the piece: “With the US election 90 days away, more Americans say the country is going in the wrong direction than at any previous point in the Donald Trump presidency.”

      “Do you think the country is going in the right direction?” is a classic US opinion poll question, used for 50+ years

      I understand if you want to disagree with the article, but claiming not to understand seems wilfully obtuse.

          1. one username please tw

            He’s here on a lead. I am operating a sex dungeon. You’d want to know more?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Just misread it Gerry. Don’t be such a clown.
        Flounders is what I thought was meant. Means the same thing.

          1. sidhe

            as you and Pat Mustard and Johnny all seem to think

            Johnny the Spliff thinks I’m simultaneously Brother Barnabas and also Rob_G, which is very flattering, but wholesale nonsense – as Bodger was kind enough to clarify

            Pat Mustard seems to think I’m a figment of his imagination, which is fitting for a deluded little soul like him

            and you think I’m… who exactly? are you going to accuse me of a being a stalker next?

          2. Pat Mustard

            You outed yourself by confirming yesterday.

            If you didn’t know you’d react differently. But you know well.

            Time to retire sidhe, and start all over yet again.

            I see you dusted off Mary Lambe.

            Getting a bit lazy now tbf.

          3. sidhe

            nah I think I’ll stick with this one

            you’re doing a fine job of making a fool of yourself with your delusions all on your own, just. sayin. like.

          4. Pat Mustard

            You actually think that nobody sees it..


            Everybody knows what your game is.

            Go get a job buddy.

          5. SOQ

            You have to wonder if there is not some sort of mental illness or personality disorder at play with one or two of these characters?

          6. Johnny Green

            annoymous posters,one who has penchant for linking to obscene porn,with dubious at best sources,compains constantly about site yet…spends all day on here,questions mental healths of other posters,get a F life losers.

          7. SOQ

            And here we go- what obscene porn have I ever linked to? Evidence please.

            Anyone who sits under 3-4-5 usernames has issues to resolve, especially as their objective is to hurl insults or snipe at others. To question their head gaming is not unreasonable, as it suggests someone who is not entirely stable.

          8. Johnny Green

            who are you to be ‘splaining the rules-its your site now your rules-huh.
            you’d don’t even understand most what you post-why engage.
            issues to resolve yeah right-get a job your on here all day every day.

          9. sidhe

            oh, my apologies so giggs. apparently it’s actually me who is the grumpy one this morning.

            but you must excuse me. I am very busy posting under my five other usernames.

          10. Vanessanelle

            Steady yourself there now Same’oh Q

            There are numerous replies to me/ Frilly Keane
            deliberately @ed with Porno Links

            Maybe you thought you’d one of your other hats on there with your denials
            It happens

            Maybe Broadsheet deleted them, I dunno
            Their gaff their rules

            you’re well able to dish it out, dox and are dangerously indiscreet, particularly about your liaisons – poor lads might think they can trust you
            people here and on other platforms and apps would be well advised that you’re a bad actor, and not to be trusted

            no matter what log in your fiddling under

          11. SOQ

            At this point the porn bullpoo has been repeated so often it has become a myth- by a couple in their own names and their sock puppets because no one else would know. You can guess from above.

            Now what was it this time? Pointing out the science of masks or the link to the Ella Hill interview? The second I expect- some thing is bothering you for sure.

            Now everyone is entitled to their views and I will debate with most but what happened to those girls was a scandal. I make no apology for linking to her- or anyone like her- and I will do so again.

            As for the sock puppets- you are closer to 60 than 16 so grow up! If you don’t think there is something odd about your behaviour then you really need to have a good look in the mirror.

          12. Vanessanelle

            You can sock pucket all you like Same’oh

            your posting porno links was no myth
            Or isolated or mistaken
            nor was your vindictive harassment and falsehoods
            that included continued assertions that I was responsible for editing and deleting your comments
            and that I was also another poster that you went and Doxxed petulantly
            with no remorse or apology

            maybe your memory is selective
            or gappy
            that’s your own private business

            unfortunately your carry on here was not so private

          13. SOQ

            Seriously darling- three years ago? Either pee on the pot or get off.

            What do think of Ella Hill’s story btw? I really am interested in your opinion.

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      It is quite an arcane word to be using on the front page of a newspaper all the same. It’s a great word to describe the sinking ship he’s responsible for but arcane none the less.

  3. Charger Salmons

    So Spain is now on the UK’s quarantine list.
    And Ireland isn’t on the UK’s list but the UK is on Ireland’s.
    Which means if you live in Northern Ireland and want to visit Spain without quarantining on your return fly from Dublin.
    And if you live in Ireland and want to visit Spain without quarantining fly to Gibraltar and take a short bus ride into Spain.
    And if you live in Ireland and want to visit any country not on our green list without quarantining simply fly from Belfast.

  4. Slightly Bemused

    So much is going on in the world, but somehow a blown tyre gets the headline.

    I need a new life!

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Some of the reasons given are: “They prioritise the nation and the national community. They prefer stability over change. And they favour continuity over disruption and discontinuity.”

      Stability over change – that’s why they voted to leave the stable environment of the EU?
      Continuity over disruption and discontinuity – refer last line.

      Much and all as you big up what has been achieved by Boris, England, before Covid, had already seen declines in employment and sentiment. And that will continue, though now will be under the guise of Covid.

      It’s a pity really, but England will be on the outside looking in once Brexit kicks in.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Ya reckon ?
        Come back to me in a year or two when the true reality of what Ireland has signed up to in the new EU budget and Covid-19 bailout fund dawns on you.
        But what a magnanimous gesture on Ireland’s part to step into the breach with the UK’s departure and become the 5th biggest contributor.
        You’re at the big table now.
        It comes at quite a price though …

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      “Ever since the vote for Brexit, Left-wing and liberal writers have been consumed by “declinism”; the belief that Britain’s best days are in the past. Declinists are united by the assumption that, because of decisions that went against their own politics, Britain has become a diminished world power, is falling behind other states and is led by incompetent, amateurish elites who either lack the required expertise or “correct” ideology to reverse this decline or, worse, are actively perpetuating it.”

      Reality is renamed to declinism.

      “Johnson is offering a positive and forward-looking creed that is more interested in national renewal and salvation than decline and repudiation. He is proud of the country and its people. ”

      Populism is called forward looking.

      What a crock. 43% of the vote would not give you a massive majority in a proper democracy. At a minimum, he would have to have a coalition. The British system is stuffed. You can blame the Tory press and Murdoch for people being so indoctrinated.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Yes, I’m sure everyone would much rather have the Irish system where it takes 140 days to come up with a BOGOF coalition who hate each other.
        They’re already at each other like cats in a sack.
        FPTP has its drawbacks but it seems to have worked quite well for a very long time.

        1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

          Worked well for the Tories. One of the reasons that Scotland will leave the union is because they are not represented in the government. I am looking forward to it.

  5. Cian

    – 11,000 false PUP claims!!
    – €45 million to be repaid!!!
    – 40% of these were to people not even in Ireland!!!!!

    If the story in the Irish Daily Mail is correct I suppose you could truly say “Welfare Cheats cheat us all”.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Yup, good story from the Irish Daily Mail.
      The rest of the Irish media just sits back and waits for whatever guff the government spinners hand feed them.

      1. Tommy Bohan

        Charger, the “Irish” Daily Mail sells under 20,000 copies in the Republic Monday to Friday. It’s average daily sales are over 20,000 purely because of Saturday higher sales.It was selling over 50,000 copies not too long ago. A large factor their sales have collapsed is, and today is yet another perfect example, because they have yet another British Royal story. They seem infatuated with Megan, Harry, Kate, etc. Do they not realize that MOST Irish people prefer to purchase and read Irish stories? How much longer are they going to be in existence with their sales still falling at an alarming rate? I’d love to hear the editors opinion on why they use this tactic. Any time I go into my local in the evening time, I see loads of copies still there.

        1. Charger Salmons

          But you don’t disagree it’s a good story that the Irish newspapers haven’t managed to get ?

          1. Tommy Bohan

            Yes Charger I give you that one 100%!! The Irish papers overall are average and that is been very generous to them. However, another point about the Daily Mail in general. They now are going big time with the line that she is alive with a German family in the Algarve! This despite the fact that for the last month or so they have led with CB (German suspect) being guilty of her disappearance/murder. So which is it Daily Mail?? Anything to sell papers methinks!! And it’s not just the Daily Mail doing this, Express, Sun, etc doing the same. They all have acted as judge, jury and executioner on CB for the last few weeks and now they’re going with her possibly alive!
            I stated a few weeks ago that I was about 80% of the opinion that her parents are involved, I would say I’m 95% that way now! Mark my words, nothing will become of CB suspect, he’s a scumbag 100% but is also a scapegoat! There is glaring evidence pointing at the McCann’s but the British media in particular, don’t want to report that line whatsoever. My opinion? This all will pass in the next few weeks months with no prosecution of CB, and probably no prosecution ever of anyone. But you know who I think is responsible. There was some kind of accidental death and things have got out of hand covering it up. Their careers as doctors would have been in serious jeopardy. There are huge pieces of evidence pointing to this, but these are getting so little media coverage.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Alternatively, you could truly say ‘Dept. of Social Protection repeats its inability to do its job”. Same as last time when Varadkar came out with the “Welfare Cheats cheat us all” (like you’ve just done), and it transpired that it was the DSP whose inability to do its job properly accounted for the losses.

      1. Cian

        Are you saying that thousands of people that aren’t in the State claiming PUP aren’t Welfare Cheats?
        How is DFP responsible for cheaters making false claims?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          I didn’t say say the department are responsible for making false claims – they are responsible though for not checking, and then paying out on those false claims.

          1. sidhe

            it’s an interesting one. obviously there was a need to get the payments processed as quickly as possible, but then, you’d expect that the government to carry out due diligence, especially if it meant avoiding a situation like this.

    3. Vanessanelle

      All those !!!!!s C!an

      It’s like you’re thr!lled with yerselves that Cheaters Cheat Us All has finally come good

      And of course nothing
      Not a word
      About how easy ye made it for the Irish Taxpayer to be defrauded

      But hey, stigmatise holiday makers
      If it wasn’t for people on Job Seekers/ Benefit
      Ye’d have to go after Old Age Pensioners

      And that didn’t work the last time

      You are party to a Regulatory, Benefit & Pay Apartheid regime in Ireland
      F’ning own it

      1. Rob_G

        I genuinely don’t get the levels of (inchoate, in this case) ire for pointing out the fact that welfare fraud:

        i) exists
        ii) is bad
        iii) the government of the day should take measures against it

        1. Vanessanelle

          How about ye stop making it so easy to defraud the Irish Taxpayer

          Ye’re fierce good at getting top ups established with bullet proof legal rights and protections
          Along with two tier Teachers Nurses and Consultant Contracts
          But when it comes to responsibility for the rest of us
          It every man for themselves

          Like I said over on de’Papers
          Tis a regulatory apartheid regime going on

          You don’t get to blame the system ye created
          And picking on Citizens and Tax Payers to excuse yere inadequacies is cheap and populist governing

          Admit the system ye established was prone to fraud
          Apologise for exposing the Irish Taxpayer to these fraudsters
          And then tell us what ye’re doing to penalise and to ensure it doesn’t happen again

          Don’t throw petrol onto the fire ye lit
          And then say all the fire extinguishers have been vandalised

          1. Rob_G

            What on earth does anything that you have just typed have to do with people fraudulently claiming a payment in the knowledge that they are not entitled to it…

          2. Vanessanelle

            It has everything to do with it

            Fine Gael created the opportunity for fraudsters in the first place

            So apologise to the Irish Taxpayer
            instead of blaming them

            Its like these allowances are deliberately created so ye can say, gotcha and shur weren’t we right – Cheaters Cheat Us All
            Honey trapping

            In the meantime, any news on Dara Murphy being singled out at the Airport, I understand he’s between jobs at the moment too, and is well adept of taking full advantage of State supports


          3. Rob_G

            So it’s FG’s fault for introducing social welfare payments that people are abusing them(?) – perhaps they should not have implemented any COVID welfare measures whatsoever, would you have been happy then?

          4. Vanessanelle

            Hey we can go at this all day

            Fine Gael launched the PUP
            Take responsibility for it and apologise for yet another faulty Pandemic response measure that put taxpayers money at risk, and subjected to unacceptable wastage

            Like the Private Hospital Beds
            The City West Field Hospital
            The Testing Centres up an running but no testing reagent
            PPE flights from China with stuff bought off the internet and not subjected to HIQA & HSE minimun standards

            Want more?

            Wait’ll the rest of the country cops on what the Toll Roads are getting off ye

            Bet RTE are already licking their lips at hush money dressed up as a Bail Out

          5. Rob_G

            This is just an unfocused rant against FG…

            Again, how is it the fault of FG (or any other party, for that matter) if unscrupulous people apply for a payment that they are not entitled to?

            And, having received this payment under false pretenses, surely it’s incumbent upon the government to take steps to recoup these monies?

          6. Vanessanelle

            Well I tell ya what
            If Irish Credit Unions operated such weak controls

            They’d be hammered with fines

            I’ve often said it before about my own little shop
            Why am I expected to operate and oblige a far higher standards of Risk and Compliance, and indeed probity measures than our very own Government Department
            or a Government Minister
            Or even an everyday TD

            In fact now that you’ve got me thinking
            the Current AML/CTF regime demanded by the Central Bank, and likewise enforced should take a closer look at Gov.ie / Social Welfare portal and see how easy the PUP payment was accessed by Fraudsters

            For all I know any one of those Fraudsters could be a member or even a distant relation of a member, of a Terrorist Organisation. Or – and you won’t believe this, but in line with the enforcement/ legislation, even just a plain everyday registered Political Party.
            sometimes referred to as PEPs

            Or be Tax Evaders


          7. Rob_G

            More cutting edge, super-relevant material for the topic under discussion from V, there.

            edit: oh her original comment was deleted presumably as, as well as being irrelevant, it might also have been libellous.

          8. Vanessanelle

            Hi Broadsheet Mods

            Please advise what comment of mine was deleted please

            And for what reason(s)

            It would be good to know what I’m doing wrong, even for this long time user/ contributer

            Thanks, V

          9. Rob_G

            hi V/Mods –

            in fact it disappeared for a bit, and is now back again -cheerfully withdrawn

          10. Cian

            Fine Gael launched the PUP
            Take responsibility for it and apologise for yet another faulty Pandemic response measure that put taxpayers money at risk, and subjected to unacceptable wastage

            Of all the things that the government did (good and bad) around COVID I think the PUP was definitely one of the best.

            The gov realise that people were losing jobs and would have no money. They created a brand new scheme. DSW created a new process [website/ forms/ IT systems/ procedures/ training/ advertising] to capture the appropriate information, process it, and make payments within, what 2 weeks? They managed to get BILLIONs into people’s pockets.
            And DSW managed this to do this during a pandemic.

          11. Vanessanelle

            And I would agree with you Cian

            However, blaming others for its weaknesses is shabby and immature leadership

            Admit there were flaws, and commit to persuing those fraudsters on behalf of the Irish Taxpayer,
            Learn and do better the next time

            That’s what leadership and accountability is supposed to look like

          12. italia'90

            Cian, just being honest and in interests of fairness, great credit is due for this initiative at a crucial time of economic uncertainty in most households. It won’t be forgotten by everyone.
            Can I just add this small critique?
            Even a Nigerian Internet Prince, Generals and UN lottery agency admins could drive a bus through the gaps in the lack of fraud prevention and AML that should and could have been prevented.

          13. Cian

            “However, blaming others for its weaknesses is shabby and immature leadership

            Admit there were flaws, and commit to persuing those fraudsters on behalf of the Irish Taxpayer,”

            I don’t understand where you are coming from.

            1. I only see people blaming the government for “not giving people €350 to go on their holidays”. Can you show me where the government is blaming (your words) the people?

            2. When this was set up, there was a recognition that it wasn’t perfect and that some people would try to game it and they would pursue fraud. In one of the original press releases (26 March 2020) they admitted just that:

            “The Department will review all claims. It is engaging with Revenue Commissioners to identify those workers not eligible to avail of the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment and will take steps to recover any incorrect payment. Any person who knowingly claims the payment in circumstances where they are not entitled to the payment will be prosecuted.

            The co-operation of the public in ensuring that only correct claims are submitted is greatly appreciated. This ensures that we can process claims for people who really need the support as quickly as possible.”


        2. class wario

          “I genuinely don’t get the levels of (inchoate, in this case) ire for pointing out the fact that paedophilia:

          i) exists
          ii) is bad
          iii) the government of the day should take measures against it”
          – Herman Kelly or John Connors or somebody, probably

      2. SOQ

        Pretty sure it is not all holiday makers V- there is bound to be others who just packed up and went home. Otherwise why such an increase in rental availability all of a sudden? It’s easy to spot the air b n b but a lot of whats come on stream is definitely not.

        But of course the DSP would never admit that they are profiling people on such grounds but you can be certain that they are.

      3. Cian

        And of course nothing
        Not a word
        About how easy ye made it for the Irish Taxpayer to be defrauded

        When the COVID payment was set up the government had 2 options:
        1. Make it fast and simple to claim – make sure that the people the needed money got it ASAP; and worry about the cheats later. i.e. Assume the best about people.
        2. make it cheat-proof; add all the checks into the process up front so that the taxpayer couldn’t be defrauded. Payments would take weeks/months. i.e. Assume the worst about people.

        They (rightly IMO) choose 1. Get the money to the 500,000 that need it. And worry about the cheaters later. But it is later now.

        But hey, stigmatise holiday makers
        Who is? 5,000 people claims the PUP that weren’t in the country – they aren’t holiday makers!

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Cian – when someone is waiting for a decision on a welfare payment, and are broke, I have an inkling that there is a safety net there to temporarily give funds to applicants who are broke.
          Called the Urgent Needs Payment, which is repayable upon getting paid by the DSP. The Urgent Needs Payments aren’t automatic normally, but Covid would be a situation relevant, and one has to be physically resident (I think) in order to be able to receive them.

          Or there are Community Welfare Officers who also can pay out in emergencies.

          That could have made it cheat-proof.

          1. Rob_G

            Urgent needs payment is a one-off payment; the govt needed something for ca. 3 months of lockdown

            “Or there are Community Welfare Officers who also can pay out in emergencies.”

            – there are enough CWOs to cater to the couple of hundred thousand unemployed before the pandemic, not them plus the extra 500k who lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

            Any solution arrived at for such a sudden and massive upheaval would be, by definition, ad hoc, and without all of the kinks ironed out.

          2. Cian

            How would that help? You just doubled the clerical effort.

            In your scenario you have 500,000 people applying for a PUP (which now takes months to process because it is now 100% cheat-proof); AND
            some 450,000 (assuming some of the PUPs get processed quickly) claiming an Urgent Needs Payment.

            How would they process 450,000 Urgent Needs Payment more quickly than PUP (because if you are doing a full anti-cheat level of checking entitlement it is slow). You also have two parallel payments. Some people would get both UNP and PUP; others would get neither. I can’t see how this would be anything other than a worse solution.

            The fact that the DSW managed to process 500,000 PUPs in a timely fashion is quite frankly, astounding.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            ‘Processed’ or ‘Processed correctly’? There is a subtle distinction.

  6. Johnny Green

    yikes-multiplier effect this is big.

    “SAN FRANCISCO—Google will keep its employees home until at least next July, people familiar with the matter said, making the search-engine giant the first major U.S. corporation to formalize such an extended timetable in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The move will affect nearly all of the roughly 200,000 full-time and contract employees across Google parent Alphabet Inc., GOOG -0.25% and is sure to pressure other technology giants that have slated staff to return as soon as January.”


    up and coming….way too much spec office in Dublin.

    “Cinnamon is quite the opposite of what one might expect in the Ballsbridge, an up-and-coming mixed-use area in Dublin, Ireland, that has mainly been home to office spaces and residences”


  7. Johnny Green

    for a few dollars more……
    Big Pharma In Outrage Over Clint Eastwood’s CBD!
    ….the actor saying he is stepping away from his acting career to promote a new line of CBD products!


    “Clint Eastwood is taking legal action against a number of CBD companies that he claims have falsely used his name and image to promote their product.

    Two lawsuits were filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday, alleging companies have promoted false news articles claiming the Hollywood legend is leaving showbiz to pursue a career in CBD.”


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