Behold: the Kuberg Ranger – an electric ‘dirt scooter’ that will maintain 80km/h at full twist for 32km (or twice that with the larger of two available battery sizes).

Fully suspended with its weight carried low to maximise stability and handling, there’s also an ‘eco-mode’ to further extend the range by keeping the average speed to 24km/h.

Available later this year for around €4,250.


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6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Matt Pilates

    Had a beta release of one of those. Rubbish. Used it for the exec chauffering gig after I finished the residency in the Noggin In. Picked up Jack Dorsey at DUB to go to Twitter HQ. Toughest game in the world; the tech titaning to provide a platform for hate speech while wearing age-inappropriate clothes.

    Going through Drumcondra with Dorsey in the back trailer yoke when these nuns in a 1998 Nissan Mini with a pro-life sticker on the back stalled in the yellow box. I went around the sisters and got side-swiped by the 703 Aircoach. The handle bars were bent, main frame a write-off, and the twisted seat did the old fishing tackle no favours. Nobody injured but bike a complete write off. Allianz refused to cover insurance because they claimed that it was an act of God.

    Bought a decommissioned Wehrmacht BMW R75 WW2 motorcycle with sidecar from a Slovak lad in Grand Canal Dock instead. Never looked back.

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