Made In Gweedore


A colourised blemish-free look at 1890s Gweedore, County Donegal, the largest Irish-speaking parish in Ireland.

Go hálainn.

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13 thoughts on “Made In Gweedore

  1. kerryview

    Why are the women holding their arms in that fashion? Are they holding something? Even the young girls do it……

      1. Your Home Correspondent

        More Queen Victoria’s Secret tat.

        Hardly La Perla, which is go breá.

  2. d

    excuse my ignorance, but do they guess the colour to pick, or does the black and white photo leave strong clues as to what the colour should have been?

    1. paul

      some of it is guesswork but there are plenty of records of what dyes were available to people at the time. Extremely limited. Pale grey, navy/dark purple and dark green made up the bulk of the colours work by folk. White and black clothes were expensive to make and maintain so were kept for special occasions, same with bright colours. If you turned up in the village wearing a bright orange hat, you’d be the talk of the town.

  3. Matt Pilates

    If it weren’t for the more comfortable dwellings, you’d swear it was Stoneybatter lately.

    1. SOQ

      LOL that is actually true- that shabby peasant look is all over the place.

      It’s gone from skinny tight everything to ten sizes too big.

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