Back Home In Derry


John  Hume

This evening.

John Hume’s remains will be taken to St Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry at 5pm with a funeral mass on Wednesday at 11.30am. Attendance at both will be in line with current Covid-19 restrictions with strictly limited numbers.

The Hume family said:

“We realise this will mean that many will be unable to join us and we will arrange a memorial service and a celebration of his life in due course. Above all, we know that John would have prioritised public health, and the safety and health of our communities.”

John Hume funeral Mass to take place in Derry on Wednesday morning (Irish Times)




The Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu has opened an online book of condolence in memory of the late John Hume.

Dubliners are being invited to sign the book and express their sympathies for this Irishman who wanted us not to be trapped in the past but to have a future of peace.

The book of condolence is available to sign until Monday August 10 [at link below]

The National Flag on top of the Mansion House will be flown at half-mast from today until Wednesday.

Online Book Of Condolence

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34 thoughts on “Back Home In Derry

  1. Luci

    Michael McDowell, Stephen Collins, Kevin Myers, Eoghan Harris, and all the other plonkers who opposed Hume’s Peace Initiative should apologize for making Hume’s life hell.

  2. Formerly known as

    Australia’s SBS TV ran a British report on John Hume’s death. You would swear his only enemy was the IRA.

  3. Vanessanelle

    In the midst of all the articles, news items, condolences, documentaries and talk shows

    Can I remind everyone that John Hume was first and foremost a Credit Union Person
    Founder of Derry CU – first CU in NI btw
    And an early President – and it’s youngest so far, of the Irish League of CUs, and was a life time Director of the Board I currently sit on myself
    all the things I’ve been doing, it’s the thing I’m proudest of because no movement has done more good for the people of Ireland, north and south, than the credit union movement.”

    There are 3.4 million CU members on the island
    Maybe some of the most prestigious commenters, writers and Parliamentarians having something to say about John Hume would do him the courtesy of remembering this

    Ta. V

    1. newsjustin

      If we want to be particular about it, and seek a particular source for his life’s work, we should remember that John Hume was, first and foremost, a faithful Catholic.

      1. Vanessanelle

        He could be a Veganist Naturalist Polygamist – it’s all the same in the Cooperative Movement

        Zero recognition or presence of religion or politics or gender or whatever makes you different from me is absolute, and without doubt

        All members are equal

        And the absence of all and any religion is specifically recorded in our historical and founding mission statement – which the late John Hume himself may well have co-authored

        Despite efforts of the Catholic Church to influence boards and members since the formal inception of the Movement in Ireland
        And abroad btw

        How filthy of you to hijack my comment about one the Cooperative Movement’s most prominent and remarkable Leaders a day after his death, and make it about your religion

        You should be ashamed of yourself, John Hume most certainly would have, he didn’t tolerate it’s influence in any Credit Union business

        And if you are in doubt
        That won’t be changing on my watch either
        Do your homework and you’ll know what I’ve already done with the innovation

        1. bisted

          …glad to hear you’ve managed to secularise the CU…I’ve always been a fan and did a 3 year stint as a director once but left because the tentacles of the church were everywhere…

          1. Vanessanelle

            It was always secular
            Just busybodies attempting to influence like they did everywhere else

            Government Depts & Legislation

            Even here FFS

            Rest assured Bisto the Movement
            Both here and abroad are well aware of my ethos

          2. bisted

            …sorry V…it may be secular now but in my day it was far from it…every meeting started with a prayer and the President was always a priest…some great people involved but it was assumed catholic…

          3. Vanessanelle

            Yeah I know

            Once they’re a member there’s nothing much you can do
            Its up to the members at AGM to elect their board
            And likewise put themselves forward
            Be the change
            Be the leaders

            A sign of a very weak Board & Chair to permit that form of influence
            Its a form of corruption really

            Rapidly changing you’ll be glad to know

          4. newsjustin

            “Once they’re a member there’s nothing much you can do.”

            “They” like ex-seminarian, daily- mass-goer, Papal Knight John Hume.

            I’m sure he’d forgive you your looking down your nose at people like him.

          5. Vanessanelle

            We don’t look down our noses on any member
            The Cooperative Movement doesn’t conduct itself like that
            Member Owned
            Member Led
            And all Members are equal

            We leave all our bias’ influences, religion, preferences, politics, gender, and whatever you’re having yerselves outside the door

            Trust you to make it about someone’s religion
            I didn’t
            Nor did I make my original post here on this thread about me
            You f’ ing did

            Remember that Justine

          6. newsjustin

            “the board I currently sit on myself”

            Yes you did. And you continued to do so. You’ve all but put your CV on this post.

          7. Vanessanelle

            It’s also on my Twitter profile
            And my LinkedIn thingie
            No secret
            And very proud of my role

            So Harrass away Justine
            You’ll find plenty comrades here to help you along
            And I’m sure some Banking/ Finance lobby PRs won’t be behind the door either

            Have at it

          8. Vanessanelle

            That all ya got Woing

            I’ll come and go as I please
            Certainly up to when Broadsheet ban me anyway
            Their gaff their rules

            Something’s got ye all itchy
            Who or what is it this time?

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            Beats making everything about a faith fewer and fewer people share but that doesn’t stop you ;)

          2. bisted

            …I always smile when I see the shinners referred to as a left wing party…they may be heading that way but some have a long way to go…many I know would find much more in common with Aontu…

    2. Slightly Bemused

      Thanks, V. Good reminder. My own local CU has been a godsend to me and many members of my family over the years. You are absolutely right that he should be remembered for that work.
      Indeed, I wonder how much of the political side of his work stemmed from the credit union work – the desire to help his community?

  4. RuilleBuille

    Labour, FF and FG ran a pernicious campaign for years against Hume. This from John Bruton’s camp – “If we persist with the peace process it will end with sectarian slaughter in the North, with bombs in Dublin, Cork and Galway, and with the ruthless reign by provisional gangs over the ghettos of Dublin. The only way to avoid this abyss is to cut the cord to John Hume”.

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