19 thoughts on “Can’t See The Wood

  1. Col

    Maybe the wood was damaged and needed to be sealed to protect from water damage or rot?
    Maybe they’ll paint it with an overcoat that matches the original wood colour?
    Maybe it’s not as bad as it looks?

  2. Slightly Bemused

    When I first went into Mulligans, lo those many moons ago, I but a mere lad, on his first foray alone to the Big Smoke. A friendly local directed me down this dark, smelly, unlit street and I feared for my safety.
    But I had little to fear, as St John Mulligan Sr reached out of the dark and wrapped me in his warm embrace! I have never looked back since.

    Honestly, when first I saw it, I thought the ‘8’s on either end were St and Sr respectively. I am still happy to use the former :-)

  3. Bill Kavanagh

    Mulligan’s outside is famously “grained” It’s an old and noble craft of paining and decorating. What you see in the photo is the “base coat” Soon you’ll see a true craftsman or woman at work.

    1. The Old Boy

      I once spent a happy afternoon, half-cut, watching a craftsman re-paint the lettering over the door by hand. It is a remarkable skill.

  4. Mary (Never) Wong

    What Col, the Old Boy
    And Bill Kavanagh said
    Sad losers comments otherwise
    Keep these crap over priced pubs closed I say

    1. bisted

      …you didn’t like my Brendan Behan quote…and him a painter…like to have seen you call him a sad loser back in the day…

  5. scottser

    I worked in Ernie’s caff, round the corner. We had a couple of nice jams in there after we closed up and would nip around to Mulligans for some take out scoops to aid the process.

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