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      1. Sirtuffyknight

        I hope you’re trolling. Are you aware of how many people’s livelihoods are circling the drain right now?

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I miss my solo pint, away from the bustle outside and whatever you are meant to be up to, quick nod and catch up with the barlady who’s known me since I was 16, crossword, toastie and sometimes a conversation with whoever settles themselves a bit further along, I have met such interesting people that way with great stories of Dublin and their lives, don’t be knocking the solo pint ;)

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I actually saw my watering hole of choice was open yesterday, probably because of said toasties but I wasn’t solo and I don’t like to go there with company, it’s my me time spot, people might know where to find me, can’t have that

        1. Mary (Never) Wong

          Licensed drug dealers most of whom haven’t evolved or updated their business model let alone lounge bars in decades? Good riddance to corrupt rubbish

      1. GiggidyGoo

        He’s in Italy. He will be on shortly to tell us that the pubs are open there since June.

    1. Matt Pilates

      Woah. We are all in this together. Eoin “Century” Morgan is Irish and went to school in CUS in Leeson Street.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Lads, you’re celebrating scraping over the line to beat England’s reserve team in a dead-rubber game of a series the hosts have already won.
      The elite squad is in Manchester for today’s first day of the opening Test against Pakistan.
      Why is Irish sport always so delighted at coming second ?

      ( Mind you, it was a terrific game of cricket and Stirling played a wonderful innings ).

  1. f_lawless

    In their latest approach to the coronavirus, the UK government has given a broad range of powers to local councils. According to this article, it includes the power to destroy cars, buses, trains and airplanes. Buildings too – care homes, factories, offices or even one’s own private home may be bulldozed in a bid to make the coronavirus go away.


    It’s almost as if the coronavirus has now morphed into a chemical weapon as scientific reasoning gets cast aside.

    Seems clear to me what’s actually going on here is that the UK government is subjecting citizens to a kind of psychological warfare. It’s known from history that people who are put into a terrorised state of mind are incapable of making an objective assessment of risks anymore. The greater the level of fear, the more obedient and submissive people become.

    I’d be curious how the ‘blind faith in authority brigade’ process this one. Nothing to see here, these are perfectly reasonable measures!

    1. SOQ

      That is just downright bizarre- outside a host the virus dies within a week so just seal it off? Are they going to bulldoze the hospitals too?

      Note how the media’s terminology is changing- CoVid-19 is being replaced with ‘coronavirus’- of which there are many.

      No scientific basis for this whatsoever- but sure the fear cult let that behind a long time ago.

    2. Sirtuffyknight

      And Ireland is rapidly following suit. There’s barely a pretence of reason to the latest decisions. How tf is closing restaurants at 11 supposed to help? Unless your intention is to completely destroy the hospitality industry.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Not a single Irish newspaper is reporting this morning how many C-19 cases are in hospital and not a single obedient hack dared to ask Mehole at yesterday’s press conference.
        Six days ago as he was heading off for the Bank Holiday weekend to play golf HSE Chief Executive Paul Reid let slip on his Twitter account there were just SIX people in hospital and only four in ICU with serious symptoms.
        Either this coalition has the updated figures and won’t release them or is taking momentous decisions without being in possession of key facts.
        But paralyzing the tourist and hospitality industry based on such a tiny number of hospitalisations is criminally incompetent and after five months of this outbreak represents a massive failure by Irish authorities.
        But shure, dey know best.
        You won’t be saying that in a few month’s time when the full scale of the economic catastrophe hits Ireland.
        The solution is simple – get the country open for business and protect the vulnerable.It should have been done weeks ago.

        1. Sirtuffyknight

          I read an article on Sunday saying there were 13 people hospitalised at present, five of whom were in ICU and three of whom were on ventilators. New hospitalisations were all linked to Carroll Cuisine cluster. I can’t for the life of me find that article now, pretty sure it was in the Journal.

          1. Sirtuffyknight

            Thanks for the link Cian. I couldn’t find any up to date figures searching on Google, not being reported at all in the media (the one article I read on Sunday has disappeared), all focus now on cases.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Thanks for that Cian.
            So since last Friday the number of people in ICU throughout Ireland has gone up from four to five.
            And in the past 24 hours only three people were admitted to hospital none of whom were serious enough to warrant being in ICU.
            These are pitiful numbers on a tiny altar on which to sacrifice the jobs and livelihoods of so many people.

          3. Mary (Never) Wong

            Service industry jobs hiring Brazilians moonlighting as candy men on their Deliveroo bike, and so called musicians playing Galway Girl to hordes of stag party British yobs getting hammered on €10 pints in Temple Bar are no great loss.
            Neither is some oul wan singing along to a backing track in a hotel bar
            When you’re really doing something of cultural value other than selling and delivering drugs and murdering maudlin country and Irish let us know

        2. SOQ

          To increase the number of confirmed cases all you need to is increase the number of people being tested- confirmed cases means absolutely nothing. Charger is correct- hospitalisations, ICU beds and fatalities are the only things that really matter and they are pitifully low.

          A year ago the slogan was ‘keep the recovery going’- now it is ‘keep the fear going’ but here is the rub- the more confirmed cases the better, because that means the fatality and serious illness rate is actually going down.

    3. Nigel

      Hard to reconcile your lazy ‘blind faith in authority’ straw man with people who’ve been taking the pandemic seriously while criticising the UK government’s response and messaging all along.

  2. Shayna

    It’s really not a great time to die currently, if, for example one is a statesman type, freedom fighter, Nobel Winner et le reste. Funerals of late, certainly in The North of Ireland seem provocative.
    John Hume RIP must be so proud of his legacy – The NI Assembly. Two times, once for 2 years, most recently, 3 years, The Assembly at Stormont did not meet. I watched the tv eulogy/obituary of The Great Man, Bono wrapping his arm around him at The Waterfront Hall in Belfast, Prez & Hilary Clinton in Belfast and Derry. Seamus Heaney was the last Great Derry man (of international note) to die- his funeral was broadcast live on RTÉ. I’m not one to bring the GAA into every story, oh, I kinda am – anyhoos, Joe Brolly, very famous Derry man, who is alive and well and much loved in his home county and beyond, especially in Tyrone will mourn him properly, in the fullness of time. Brian Dooher will leave Colm O’Rourke’s half-eaten hat on Joe’s grave, Pat Spillane will be sick (puke), Michael Lyster will throw his mic atop Joe’s final resting place. Of course The Artane Band will play, Joe’s favourite song, Michael Jackson’s, “Man in the Mirror”.

    1. Rob_G

      I will never understand nor forgive the N.I. electorate for abandoning the SDLP in favour of the bombers and gunmen…

      1. bisted

        …you have much in common with Seamus Mallon…except he understood why the electorate turned their back on the ‘green Tories’ who were prepared to lie down before their unionist betters…like you though, he never forgave the democratic process…

        1. Rob_G

          I haven’t; given that the fact that re-elect SF and DUP election after election, I’m inclined to the opinion the the N.I. electorate deserves everything they get.

          1. Art Vandelay

            No doubt people generally get what they deserve when it comes to voting in whatever parties they’ve voted for, but your original concern of never understanding why they do it will be helped by speaking to some of them. Not saying you’ll agree with it or to use your phrase, forgive, but you will certainly have a better understanding of why they do so.

          2. Rob_G

            Do you know what Art – you are probably right.

            I am only good friends with one lad from N.I., and he left the minute he could when he was 18 and never looked back for much the reasons I outlined, so this probably colours my perception somewhat.

          3. Art Vandelay

            Indeed. And I’m speaking from experience. My family is split down the middle, those that left Belfast in one of the Catholic exoduses in the 50’s and those that stayed behind (which has been further mixed with so-called “mixed-marriages”). As I say, you most certainly wont agree with them, but they definitely have salient reasons for voting the way they do.

      2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        The Derry electorate voted consistently for the SDLP – 34 years running from 1983 to 2017, with the late John Hume filling that seat for most of those years. The seat was returned to the SDLP in the last election.

    2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Martin McGuinness was a Derry man of international note. He died in 2017, and his funeral was also broadcast live on RTÉ. You may choose to ignore him, but the relative peace enjoyed on the island today is a result of forging relationships, compromise and skilful negotiation.

        1. Rob_G

          Incredible… McGuinness “delivered peace” by belatedly agreeing to stop killing people.

          If you spin it that way, you can credit them with all sorts of things:
          “IRA delivers security in financial services by agreeing to stop robbing banks”

          1. bisted

            …despite your sneering you are starting to understand…only those involved in the armed conflict could end it…as Mallon might say, you are slow learners…

          2. bisted

            …at the risk of repeating myself Bog_R…it’s good to see you’ve enough humility to accept going into government with the old enemy…should make it easier when you have to go in with old friends…

        2. Vanessanelle

          The difference between John Hume and all the others around those tables was that he was first and foremost a Cooperator

          Religion and Politics, County Colours, South Paws and all the colours of the Rainbow, Drinkers Smokers Tokers Abstainers, were managed as Members
          And reaching agreement was their Common Bond

          Once a Common Bond is established, all its Members are Equal
          No one voice greater than the other

          The Cooperative Movement = Cooperation amongst Cooperatives

          That’s what the Late John Hume brought to the Peace Process
          The Cooperative Way

          Don’t get caught up with the Spin, the Patronising Condolences, the Documentaries and hashtags
          Government Ministers, his former EEC/ EC now EU colleagues,
          even former Premiers and GFA hosts, champions and indeed dignitaries and signitories are deliberately ignoring John Hume’s role in the Cooperative Movement in Ireland and abroad

          Ask yerselves why?

          1. :-Joe

            100% Spot on. Very well said.

            One of the most sophisticated and the worst ways to lie.. Lying by omission…

            clinton, blair, ahern are a bunch of corrupt opportunistic spoofers.. amongst many other things I don’t want to get into right now.
            – e.g. War crimes, mass murder, child-rape, arms dealing, war on drug trafficking, corruption at all levels.. etc. etc.
            -Hypothetically as a satirical comedy, It would have been interesting to watch bertie climb up off the first rung of that ladder..

            Also in fairness, seeing as half the voters are brainwashed by right wing extremist anti-SF ideaology that supports the real sources of corrumption of the masses..

            Hume openly admitted and promoted the fact that the willingness by SF and Gerry Adams to co-operate equally was instrumental in making it all happen.

            Not the f-ing three stooges of corruption and grand hypocrasy who never missed an opportunity to feed their narcissism and/or line their pockets from prostituting the example to the world and the political capital gained from it.
            – Even Ian Paisley deserves a positive mention and was made to look like a sensible and respectable moderate above and beyond the reality of those three invertibrate traitors to their countries.


          2. Rob_G

            War crimes, mass murder, child-rape, arms dealing, war on drug trafficking, corruption at all levels..”

            – these are all activities that SF/IRA have engaged in at various times.

          3. :-Joe

            Literally straight after posting I thought..

            “I wonder how long Gob_r will take to respond to this one with an anti-SF comment”..

            Less than 25 minutes as it turns out… which is EXTREMELY fast by anyone’s standards.. Add the 5 minutes to post and clear for both…

            Haha. you’re such a transparently obvious clown.. but I wish you all the best at the same time.. Ultimately you are harmless. Irritating and repetative to the point of being a dullard yes, but ineffectualy harmless.

            I believe, in the spirit of Hume, people are capable of listening, learning, reflecting, changing and even transcending their own past in life.
            – You just need more salt for spoiling your daily dose of propaganda.


          4. Rob_G

            I’m not sure I understand your point.

            You think that blair and clinton (and ahearne?? ok then) are a ‘ bunch of corrupt opportunistic spoofers’ because they engage in:

            “War crimes, mass murder, child-rape, arms dealing, war on drug trafficking, corruption at all levels..”

            And then when I point out that I don’t care for SF for much the same reasons, you throw a hissy-fit…

          5. :-Joe


            Literally straight after posting I thought..

            “I wonder how long Gob_r will take to respond to this one with an anti-SF comment”..

            Gob_r :

            “– these are all activities that SF/IRA have engaged in at various times.”

            Also, then after..

            “I’m not sure I understand your point.”
            “…when I point out that I don’t care for SF for much the same reasons, you throw a hissy-fit…”

            – I’m Gob_r, and this is my masterclass

            Literally doubling-down on the same nonsense..


      1. Rob_G

        Also, might i add this is classic SF/IRA “but what about us, we are important too?”

        Like when councillors wanted to grant freedom of Drogheda to Seamus Mallon, and SF voted against it because they wanted Gerry to be honoured also for his contribution to the peace process.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    “Current evidence on other coronavirus strains shows that while coronaviruses appear to be stable at low and freezing temperatures for a certain period, food hygiene and good food safety practices can prevent their transmission through food.

    Specifically, coronaviruses are thermolabile, which means that they are susceptible to normal cooking temperatures (70°C). Therefore, as a general rule, the consumption of raw or undercooked animal products should be avoided.
    Feb 21, 2020
    https://www.who.int › coronaviruses”

    How safe then is the meat and meat products that are supplied from meat factories where there has been outbreaks of the virus? Fresh meat is chilled for instance. It goes through factory processes quickly, so ends up on your worktop quickly and you handle it.

    1. Rob_G

      There are all sorts of illnesses you can pick up from handling raw meat; if you follow correct food safety procedures, they should take care of covid along with the rest of them.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        So how safe are the meat products leaving the factory (which was my question)? With your superiority of knowledge, maybe you’d answer that one instead of a different question that suits your meanderings?

        1. Rob_G

          Let me rephrase that, perhaps you will understand it better:

          NO raw meat products are ‘safe’ upon leaving the slaughter house, during COVID, or any other time, and you should treat them as such when they come into contact with your hands, utensils or surfaces.

  4. Charger Salmons

    As the funeral of John Hume gets underway today and the tsunami of tributes continue to flow for a key player in the Irish peace process it’s important to remember he wasn’t a saint but a deeply-flawed individual like all of us.
    Irish writer Ruth Dudley-Edwards knew him well but blames Hume for giving the IRA a free pass and allowing Sinn Fein, still run by the IRA Army Council, to exercise its pernicious influence on the island of Ireland today.
    His heavy drinking, intolerance and arrogance also appear to have been glossed over in many of the saccharin tributes of the last couple of days.
    I thought her article worth a read and also I’d recommend a look at her Twitter feed if only for the vile abuse she receives on a daily basis for the crime of telling it like she sees it.
    Spoiler alert – credit unions don’t get a mention.

    1. Joe F

      I suppose everyone can’t be perfect like your pal Bozo. You clown. So do you think it would have been better if he didn’t exist? Where would we be now? Go join the circus old boy. And also, go to someone who can check your sentence construction. For someone who claims to be English, you’re no Shakespeare.

    2. Joe F

      So how many different women has your pal Bozo had children with? You’re usually good to fill us in with this type of information. And of course there was the incident not too long ago when the police were called to his place over a domestic incident. A neighbour reported his girlfriend shouting “Get off me”. I could go on and on and on. Sounds like a lovely chap altogether. Marvellous.

    3. :-Joe

      You sad, pathetic, ignorant, misguided, delusional eejit.
      – I’d love to get into it and point out the putrid shame and offensive stupidity of your comment…

      Ah.. haha .. I can only laugh at you, her and your ilk… it’s all you deserve.
      – To be fair, also to be pointed at in public by many people laughing.

      You’re thoughts, words and overall actions as proven above, are so ridiculously pointless it’s the only thing worth saying in reply..

      I’m more disturbed by the people who should know better than to encourage your mental illness and unconscious word diarrhea.

      Seek out mental health services and get help. It’s never too late.

      Read about history and find some therapy is good advice I heard a while ago..


  5. :-Joe

    macroserf buying ‘murican tick-tock-boom under strict instruction and demand from the corporate oligarch head blunderer in chief…

    Insane story by itself. A whiff of Chinese totalitarianism wrapped around the usual ‘murican pseudo-capitalist corporate corruption.

    Another app to avoid using entirely or never give personal data to.. e.g. Video / Audio / Images / Texts or Personal Information that will be used to abuse humanity and the idea of human rights and democracy for short term profits.

    I’ve heard “pixelfed” is a good privacy focused alternative to tHicKO-boom and insta-sham but not tried it yet.. Anyone?..

    As the only trustworthy messaging app, the Privacy tools website and Edward Snowdon recommends Signal messenger btw.. I do too.


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