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  1. Slightly Bemused

    I am not sure why but it warms my heart that an t-Uachtarán attended this.

    Fare thee well, Mr Hume, fare thee well!

        1. Vanessanelle

          Anthony’s I think
          Can’t remember for sure (I’ll find out for you though)

          He tells the story of driving around rural Galway with a few pals in a Morris Minor signing up members

          He wasn’t involved beyond his own CU and supporting the League
          Whereas John Hume sat on the League Board and served as President

    1. Bebe

      You wrote that piece so well @aoife-grace moore, that it really is consoling to know that when John needed his people of Derry to cocoon him, you guys did just that. He truly was pretty special and I feel certain that we will not see his likes again. He gave his all to the peace process which thankfully survives and not forgetting his unwavering supporter, his loyal companion Pat who quietly, in the background became as he admitted, his administrator, the one who kept the home fires burning. Rearing a family while being such a public figure during the Troubles must have been difficult but they didn’t complain. He wanted to make the world a better place for his community – considering that as his wish, he achieved greatness as an internationally renowned Peacemaker with prestigious awards in testimony. The candle lighting throughout our homes last night is pretty significant too, a simple request in his honour continuing to light the darkness.

      Rest easy John Hume, your place in our history books secure as the true architect of peace.

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