Direct Protection


Elizabeth Canavan , Deputy Assistant Secretary General at the Department of Taoiseach in Government Buildings

This afternoon.

Government Buildings. Dublin 2.

“As I mentioned previously COVID-19 Illness Benefit is available to any person employed and self-employed who is diagnosed with COVID-19, or who has been advised that they are a probable source of infection of COVID-19 and is self-isolating.

As of this week that will also include workers who live in Direct Provision. This will ensure that these workers can follow the relevant health advice in relation to COVID-19 with the same confidence that there are financial supports in place to assist them.

In addition with effect from this week the Pandemic Unemployment Payment is available to people living in Direct Provision centres as well as applicants for International Protection who live in the community outside the Direct Provision system.”

Deputy Assistant Secretary General at the Department of Taoiseach, Elizabeth Canavan

COVID Benefits for those in Direct Provision (



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2 thoughts on “Direct Protection

  1. Vanessanelle

    Good stuff

    Small step
    But big enough for people in Direct Provision / Seeking Refugee status to see that they are starting to be treated more like one of us
    Still a bit to go
    But tis something

  2. Larry

    As time goes on and questions asked it cannot be avoided
    Youngsters house parties unchecked visitors cheap labor is the biggest weak point regarding covid
    The whole country should have its borders closed for a month and no alcohol sales
    Every visitor or anyone entering quarantine on entry by state in a Centre they are escorted to like NZ

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