My God, What Have They Done?






Previously: All The Clubs Have Been Knocked Down

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45 thoughts on “My God, What Have They Done?

  1. Mary (Never) Wong

    With their tanks and their guns and their guns and their guns in your head in your head etc

  2. George

    There may be a point to make about the use of the buildings but the new building is a far better piece fo architecture concrete block that was there before.

    What do people want? Mock tudor buildings? Replicas of 19th century designs? What?

        1. George

          It really isn’t very 70s at all. Brick wasn’t very commonly used for a building like this in the 70s. “Something else” isn’t an answer.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            pull your pants out of your crack would you, it the rounded “openings” on the bottom that made me think of the 70’s ,
            I can’t be bothered reposting links here to some nice Nordic architecture for example in Helsinki that I think would be a nice way to go in Dublin, similar light etc, except we get big dark lumps.

    1. SOQ

      Architects don’t design buildings anymore- accountants do.

      It is all about cost and the cheaper the better.

        1. Jonickal

          Planners have no clue or care. They’re only good at covering their arse by ticking the boxes set out for them.

  3. Dr.Fart

    name one hotel built in dublin over the last few years that actually looks really good. they’re all horrible celtic tiger era throwbacks. The city is being visually stripped of its unique vintage aesthetics, for tourists, who want the unique vintage aesthetics. It’s so mind numbingly short sited. The council and whatever architects involved have gone about destroying Dublin. It’s Dublins biggest test, to try and sruvie these creative-free greedy pigs

      1. Dr.Fart

        incorrect. is bad. is not as good as old Dublin architecture. No surprise a no-vision FGer would look at that nonsense and think it looks well. Complete celtic tiger throwback.

    1. Rob_G

      Me too.

      The building that was there before, on the other hand, looked awful – people actually getting nostalgic over a fugly-coloured square box with a corrugated roof…

      The only improvement that I could suggest would be that it were a few stories higher

  4. Broadbag

    I quite like it, no matter what was put there the fans of the old venue were going to hate it. The ‘before’ is fairly bloody ugly to be fair.

  5. Andrew

    I don’t see the problem here? Nothing remarkable or significant about the actual building that preceded it.

    This is entirely subjective.

  6. Scundered

    Is it not just a case of choosing a bad photographic angle, like all my selfies, or at least that’s my excuse.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      if nothing else, a compact, budget hotel in the city centre will help to kill demand for Airbnb apartments – returning them to housing market

    2. GiggidyGoo

      140 compact rooms. Does that mean that it’s styled on a Boutique Co-living building then?

  7. Cian

    1. the old building was horrific.
    2. it is surrounded by other really awful buildings – the nicest is a car-park.
    3. This can only be viewed either down a narrow lane – one lane with no footpaths – (so you can’t really see the building) or from the view above.

  8. JEH

    Sounds more like nimbyism to me. The prior building is nothing to look at, though having never been inside I can’t comment on what may have been lost in terms of culture. Why is there yet another hotel? Couldn’t somebody be throwing up apartments the same way they’re doing with offices, hotels, and student accommodation?

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