The Cone Of Trust


Teddy’s, East Pier, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin

This morning.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) announced that five Closure Orders on food businesses during the month of July for breaches of food safety legislation.

Closure Orders were served on…

AIM Cash & Carry (Closed activity: all food sales), Unit 20, Robinhood Industrial Estate, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Londis (Closed Areas: The deli counter, the butcher counter and preparation rooms and store rooms off the deli/butcher counters), 38 Fassaugh Avenue, Cabra, Dublin 7

Teddy’s Ice Cream (Closed area: food and packaging storage unit at the side of the premises only), East Pier Battery, Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

WW Poultry (Cold Store), Unit 24 Orion Business Centre, Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15

Indian Prince (Restaurant/Café), Unit 16, Kilminchy Court, Portlaoise, Co. Laois

Some of the reasons for these Enforcement Orders in July include: Evidence of recent rat activity; rat droppings beside open food products; a meat cutting and packaging area beside ready-to-eat food; meat considered unfit for human consumption, due to putrefaction, being stored at an unregistered premises; filthy food contact surfaces; inadequate pest control procedures; no access to hot water for staff to practice good hand hygiene; a mat in a staff bathroom covered in snail and slug residue; and no HACCP-based food safety management procedures or associated monitoring records available for inspection


Seven Enforcement Orders Served on Food Businesses in July (FSAI)

Pic: Twitter

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9 thoughts on “The Cone Of Trust

  1. Chucky R. Law

    Bodger, for clarity: it’s the Teddy’s at the end of the pier that’s been naughty, not the one pictured.

    1. f_lawless

      Calls into question their ice cream production methodology if they can’t even pass a pier review

  2. scottser

    i was camping there the last week, and as is normal my ham intake increased threefold. having monged brady’s ham out of it with no adverse affects yet, i say bring on your 99s for i fear nothing.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      and sure the wee curly tail helps you balance when you go animal on the drums

  3. Micko

    I used to work in Dun Laoghaire.

    One day another Ice Cream van crept onto Teddy’s patch – as part of a radio promotion.

    They were run outta there in no time.


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