Elephant Memory


The Natural History Museum, Dublin

A train ticket found ‘tucked into an elephant skull’.

Tusk tusk.




Mad Max: Furry Road.

Name the year and chopper, anyone?

Via Photos Of Dublin

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13 thoughts on “Elephant Memory

    1. Shadow Hound

      Don’t cut your nails Nigel, they are perfect. Forget about the year of the ticket- I’m wondering how the elephant was able to travel to Dublin on a child ticket. I suppose he then wandered into the museum to avoid a shower and accidentally died when he sucked the ticket into his sinus cavities. Strange world.

  1. Rose

    I remember using those going to school from 1988 to early 90s…..always hoping the ticket inspector would just take off part of a journey so you could reuse next time in machine and get a free journey. Wuhoo

  2. Brian

    Definitely after 988 for the ticket on the left – it says “Dublin” on it. The ticket on the right could date anytime from the creation of the English language (as Irish already existed). Glad to be of assistance.

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