Understanding And Respect


From top: Protest in Hong Kong in May; Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster (top left) and Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill (bottom right) on a video call with Belfast’s Chinese Consul General, Madame Zhang Meifang (right)

This morning.

Via The Irish News:

THE first and deputy first minister are alleged to have told a Chinese government representative they “understand and respect” Hong Kong’s draconian national security laws.

Arlene Foster and Michelle O’Neill are said to have given the endorsement in a video call with Belfast’s Chinese Consul General, according to the consulate.

Details of the virtual meeting emerged in a report posted in recent weeks on the Chinese Consulate’s website.


Madame Zhang also spoke about Hong Kong’s national security legislation, claiming it does not undermine the region’s level of autonomy or its residents’ freedoms.

The report added:

“Foster and O’Neill said that the Northern Ireland government cherishes friendship with China, understands and respects Hong Kong’s national security legislation, and sincerely wishes Hong Kong more prosperity and stability, and expressed that Northern Ireland is willing to further strengthen its cooperation with China in the epidemic.

“Mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of prevention and control, local cooperation, economy, trade and tourism will better benefit the people of both sides.”


In a single-line response, an Executive Office spokeswoman said: “Ministers held a courtesy call with the Chinese Consul General as part of their regular communications on areas of interest to the executive.


Chinese consulate claims Arlene Foster and Michelle O’Neill endorsed draconian Hong Kong security laws (The Irish News)

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35 thoughts on “Understanding And Respect

  1. Jockey

    They also flew two party representatives down to Venezuela to celebrate Nicholas Maduro’s presidency while his country lies in ruins from corruption and free handouts. Socialists supporting socialists will always happen.

      1. Junkface

        No, but she likes money. Like any politician they can be bought by the CCP. UK politicians and former ministers have recently been proven to be under China’s influence after they paid them wads of cash! They are international consultants on TikTok or other huge Chinese apps. The CCP reckons that politicians in the western world lose their morals and ethics when faced with huge wads of cash. It has worked for the last 10 years anyway.

        “Are you committing genocide on the Uyghuir Muslims China?

        “…Look over there, take this massive salary to become one of our international consultants.”

        “Great thanks! ….I have no opinion on China’s internal matters.”

    1. :-Joe

      You’re obviously completely clueless on the history and facts about Venezuela so… I’ll give you a clue…

      Chavez and Maduro lifted over a million people out of the lowest possible level of poverty and the way more corrupt (x100) a.k.a The 1% still don’t like it and fear that all the money they still want to steal will be given to the taxpayers i.e. The people.. in the form of public services and investment instead of their dreams of kick backs and rip off’s for the greedy and already concentrated wealth of their elite minority.

      So, to pull off the heist of overthrowing one of the most democratic elections in years, guess who are the enforcers and the racketeers for the elite it is they’ve gone into business with….

      It’s the globalised neo-liberal corporate financial london/wall st b(w)ankers, spearheaded by the foreign policy of the ‘murican oligarchy with britain taking it quitely from behind as usual.. with no more sense from the german and french b(w)ankers that run economics in the eu either…

      All who are complicit and conspiring to get after all the colossal natural resource wealth in oil reserves, yet again… as usual…

      It’s more of the same ‘murican imposed illegal sanctions untill they overthrow your government with a coup… scenario. As old as your family tree…

      Educate yourself properly and stop lapping up and repeating the propaganda of eejits.

      It’s all bs and it’s bad for you and everyone else…


      1. Rob_G

        What a load of fact-free old guff from Joe, as usual

        “Chavez and Maduro lifted over a million people out of the lowest possible level of poverty ”

        – why is is then that people there are eating family pets and zoo animals, and more than 5 million people have fled the country?

        1. :-Joe

          Gob_r., proving yet again, that you’re a complete idiot.

          The answer to your idiotic accusation is in the comment I posted above you absolute alpha-prime eejit.

          Here, I know you’re a bit slow so I’ll give you a clue, you complete dope….

          >>>>>>> ” ILLEGAL US SANCTIONS ” <<<<<<<<<

          If you spent one-tenth of the time learning about what goes on outside your narrow minded f-f/g bubble world view you would have half a clue about what I'm saying and would not ask such mindlessly stupid questions.

          I've already told you many times before that I won't waste my time with you …

          Your inane arguments are so repetitively and reliably dumb it's literally the definition of foolishness to even bother…

          .. and you just keep coming back for more and more..

          Like a sado-masochistic dope addict.

          "Dope" being the operative word.

          It would be funny and I would laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic..


          1. Rob_G

            America introduced sanctions on Venezuela in 2017; by that point, a few million people had already fled the country, was that the fault of the U.S. too? Have you ever actually talked to anyone from Venezuela?

          2. :-Joe

            Again, really?…

            For the benefit of anyone else reading this…

            Forget it Gob_r, I’m not engaging with you on this any further because you’re completely clueless about the objective truth and facts.I’ve got better things to think about.
            -If you had any common sense you would have asked me to explain my opinion to you or show you some sources of facts etc. which would have been easy… but that moment has passed by with your usual, one track, one dimensional patter.

            Your cognative biases and tendentious default nature of arguing from the f-f/g style delusional narrative is literally appallingly obvious and boring beyond emotion or interest to me.

            Since no amount of calling you out seems to matter, here’s some advice.

            Go and listen to voices from the opposite of what you think and believe, from people you know are considered intelligent but you automatically disagree with or even despise…
            – Whatever reason that may be but I’m sure you know what I mean.

            Split the difference of your old beliefs and new opinions/information you agree with which will help you to open your mind to a more balanced thought process away from the left vs right, everyone vs f-f/g, morally liberal vs conservative paradigm.

            Hopefully by then at least you’ll be making some progress towards balance and have an objective, reasonable understanding and a credible opnion worth listening to.

            Good luck on your journey to finding a better understanding I’m still doing the same and spoiler alert, there is no end in sight.


          3. Rob_G

            “you would have asked me to explain my opinion to you or show you some sources of facts etc. which would have been easy… but that moment has passed”

            – well, that’s convenient now, isn’t it?

  2. bisted

    …great to hear of this development…Hong Kong seems to offer a template for a post-brexit solution for the North…it’s payback time!

    1. Cian

      What? Dublin takes over control and oppresses all the Nordies?

      Then reintroduces internment, juryless trials, and shooting protesters.

      1. bisted

        …no, no…shur you abandoned the North 100years ago and you can scarcely control the bit you have…do you think the ‘nordies’ are going to give up things like their health service, water service or Housing Executive…no, no, no…it’s time for the North to have it’s cake and eat it…guess who’s going to pay for the cake though…

        1. Cian

          What then? London takes over control of the whole island and oppresses all the Irish islanders?

          Finally a re-united Ireland!

          1. bisted

            …no, no Cian…they’ve already tried that…great ones’ for the colonising, the Brits…not so good with relinquishing control…they could learn from their mistakes in Hong Kong and send that nice Mr Patten over to negotiate a new handover…didn’t he sort out the RUC…everybody would be happy to chip in…maybe even the Chinese…

  3. scottser

    so they respect chinese security laws that restrict HK freedoms and in return the chinese consulate in belfast refuses to recognise the jurisdiction of NI courts.
    o’neill and foster are literally ’10 pounds of cack in a 5 pound sack’

  4. Bebe

    Ffs … can hardly believe this – can we have those two ladies explain what they understand and respect of new laws brought in recently that will curtail protest and freedom of speech, allow appointment of its own judges by HK administration – trials in private, etc – Wonder when Michelle and Arlene will issue a joint statement In response.

  5. Hector Rameriz


    Michelle O’Neill respects the new repressive Hong Kong laws. So the leader of a party in the north whos party were totally against (and still are) regressive rule of England.

  6. SOQ

    Pitching for investment so- big Chinese pharmaceutical plant going up in Dundalk so the two ladies are flashing a bit of Norn Iron leg.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    So what exactly do you want them to say?

    We don’t understand your laws
    We don’t respect your laws


    1. delacaravanio

      Refuting nonsense claims by the Consul that the so-called National Security Law does not undermine the Hong Kong SAR’s level of autonomy or Hong Kong residents’ freedoms would be a good first step…

      China is pissing on the people of Hong Kong. Arlene and Michelle are dismayed at the increasing rain in the region.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Maybe our own Government could do that then in relation to Israel and the occupied territories.

    2. Clampers Outside

      They could’ve just not volunteered this bit… “understands and respects Hong Kong’s national security legislation”. Not that difficult.

  8. :-Joe

    Hong Kong was always going to be taken back by the almighty everlasting pseudo-capitalist dictator.. sooner than later..

    Apprently there is a serious problem going on worldwide with politicians being influenced and captured as assets by the chinese state. e.g. Our very own alpha-prime mandarin eejit, der leodar.

    Accused of genuflecting, bowing, nodding, smiling agreeably and grinning approvingly in their direction at the earliest opportunity just recently…
    – Not sure about winking, clapping or thumbs up tho..


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