The Arena Of The Unwell


An entertaining,  illuminating, video essay by Kirby Ferguson (of long-running webseries ‘Everything Is A Remix’ and ‘This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory’) chronicling the rise and worldwide spread of ‘magical thinking’, QAnon and other far right conspiracy movements.

Ireland even gets a special mention.



9 thoughts on “The Arena Of The Unwell

  1. Nigel

    As the election in the US gears up, and reasonable centrist and purity leftists mock Biden and Harris and deplore antifa and bewail cancel culture, remember that THIS is the rump of the alternative. Pure unreasoning hatred fueled by magical thinking.

  2. Eoin

    QAnon is not a ‘far right’ conspiracy movement. That’s a dumb statement that keeps coming up. It essentially puts forward a theory that there has been a coup by ‘patriots’ in the US who intent to clean up the high level corruption in the US and Trump is a mere figure head. It’s got nothing to do with any partisanship at all. It’s about right and wrong, good and evil…not left and right. I’ve spent a lot of time watching it. I’m agnostic on it to be honest. But if it turned out to be real it’d be a good thing. Who doesn’t want to see the corrupt and evil removed from power? By the way it’s getting a lot of coverage and any mention has been banned from a lot of social media already…lot of action against something that’s supposed to be a complete fantasy. The more they ban it the more of a Streisand effect they get.

    1. Tony

      you can’t be ‘agnostic’‘ about magical thinking. In the same way you can’t be ‘agnostic’ about science

    2. Junkface

      It looks like a far right conspiracy movement to me, come on! They idolize Trump in a bizarre cult like way. But it’s also a fact that Trump himself pushes this nonsense because he has learning difficulties, is ignorant and uneducated. So at the core of his base, you get people with those same afflictions. It’s the sign of a terrible education system that has failed its people. That was at the start of it, but now it seems people with better eductions or standings in societies are getting taken in by this absolute rubbish. I think people are traumatized by the destruction of the middle class in the western world at the hands of the top 1%, and this is their way of dealing with it. Just wait until automation takes most of the jobs, some jobs won’t be coming back after the Covid 19 crisis. The western world is going to have accept UBI

  3. Junkface

    I watched this last night. It was really good! Very funny and bizarre this Qanon bull. My God people are losing their minds.

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