13 thoughts on “Alright Gov?

  1. Brian

    And then you say MyGovd.ie when it’s MyGovid.ie. If you’re going to be a pedant at least be right.

  2. george

    What is the point of mygov.ie

    There is nothing on their website so why do they care? Are they just squatters who opportunistically want to make money selling the domain? If so screw the parasites. Annoyed that the state won’t give them money for their poxy domain?

    1. Bruncvik

      The page source reveals the old text:

      This is the spartan home of MyGov, a not-for-profit Irish organisation.
      We’re dedicated to making free web applications which improve the relationship between elected representatives and State organisations, and the residents of Ireland.
      Between now and when this page says something more interesting, here are the projects we operate today:
      * KildareStreet.com tracks debates and questions and members of the Irish parliament, and
      * FixMyStreet delivers your reports about things in your area which need fixing to the correct local authority, everywhere in Ireland, tells you what’s going on in your neighbourhood, and lets you keep track of your issues in public.

      (I took out the HTML code and hyperlinks for easier reading.)

      I’d say it’s a legit page, not a domain squatter. I also have a domain that’s little more than an explanatory text on the front page, and which I use for the testing of new projects (not visible to users) before I move these projects to their new respective domains.

      1. Tarfton Clax

        @Brunvik, A completely clear , timely and lucid explanation for the page. Thanks. And a delightful alternative to the “Insta-Anger ” of so many commentators on social media. Chapeau.

    2. curmudgeon

      This, they could have offloaded the domain already or even better redirect you automatically via DNS. At the very least they should have smothered it in hardcore porn and millions of pop up ads for dodgy drugs. That’s learn em

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