South William Street, Dublin 2

A canvas-covered South William Street.

Inventive M*A*S*H-style fun?

Or literal hipster bubble?

It could go either way.

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26 thoughts on “With Intent

  1. scottser

    all the bollards look stupid, along with the mess of signs.
    a nice, simple, easy to follow design would be nice instead a horrific series of badly-thought out add-ons.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      I agree, clean lines, more plants and flowers, clean streets, more bins, help for the homeless

      1. Lush

        They’ve done a lot of that in the town where I live. Widnes the footpath to allow restaurants etc to have terraces,, trees and planters, one way traffic. it’s so much better

    2. Joe

      Sack the chief bottle washer of DCC Keegan and his cohort a,s,a,p. His continued inept decisions has made Dublin extremely hostile for the disabled,the elderly and infirm whilst screwing up traffic for all road users. Junk all of the DCC junk street furniture and signage out. A simple but brilliant idea by Jim Fitzpatrick that can be implemented swiftly and then have a contest for a more permanent coverage solution. Perhaps stained glass (I would be happy to see his art over the street rather than gray skies). Finally have the gardai implement existing legislation on street begging, drug dealing and other loutish behaviour.

  2. george

    That’s famed epidemiologist, Jim Fitpatrick. If you’re putting up a structure to cover a street for 5 years canvas is not the way to go.

      1. The Old Boy

        I seem to remember that it was the plastic security threads ripped from fifty pound notes, stitched together by Savile Row’s finest.

    1. Tony

      In fairness to Jim, his point was probably more ‘ let’s cover some streets and make outdoor places’ rather than ‘this is the best cover to use’ you could swap out the word ‘canvas’ for ‘aluminium framed polyethylene panels’ or something like that

          1. Plumbob

            There’s loads of suitable fire proof products out there but using the same one used on Grenfel wouldn’t recommendation

  3. Chucky R. Law

    Maybe he could pay for it with the money he got for touting those “free”coins to old people!

  4. diddy

    street begging has to be clamped down on….at least in Spain they’re trying to sell you a wooden elephant.

  5. Zaccone

    This would be fantastic. Theres absolutely no need to have cars on South William Street. Let the cafes, restaurants etc have the road and parking spaces for tables, its a much better use of the space for the city.

  6. AKA Frilly Keane

    Strong rumour that Limerick & Clare to be in lockdown before Monday
    Maybe Tipp as well

    Hoax or not
    Our crowd are carrying on like an old rusty tanker that’s lost all its power and have fallen out with the local tug crews.
    And have no other choice put to promise their cargo to the Russian flagged factory fisher giving them the finger

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