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      1. Johnny Green

        last night was all about swing voters and RINO’s with Powell,McCain and Jill Biden reassuring them.
        i’ve always found US Presidential races engaging,the lack of a live crowd and its impact at the moment is fascinating.
        would the crowd have booed or cheered AOC nominating Bernie,clapped for war monger Powell-if it was not taped would they have let the notorious windbag Clinton on ?
        this is the cops and firefighters paper in New York,AOC is Queens and extremely popular.
        she organized a coalition to REFUSE Amazon its skanky tax breaks that it had shook down Cuomo for-Amazon pulled H20 from NY-saying they were going to soulless DC.
        problem is too shallow a labor pool,anyway as of yesterdays lease signing and w/o any tax breaks Amazon is now ahead schedule on sq ft signed in NY-more tan h2o w/o the tax breaks that AOC,was acussed of killing jobs…!
        this paper is particular gave AOC a really hard time -its owned by the Murdoch crime family

        AOC was NOMINATING Bernie-so his delegates votes get counted-Murdoch is a danger to democracy.

        “…she made it count as a warning that Joe Biden not ignore the party’s far-left wing, nominating socialist Bernie Sanders and making no mention of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.
        …In her socialist rhetoric-heavy address, she spoke about Sanders’ movement to “repair the wounds of racial injustice, colonization, misogyny and homophobia” and not once addressed Biden, 77, who will be crowned the party’s nominee…”


    1. Junkface

      Yeah Clinton is going down. New photos are emerging of him getting massages from teenage girls. Its a matter of time

    2. :-Joe

      Ah, Johnny will ye stop and take a big whiff of the coffee or grab the smelling salts etc..

      I’m 99% sure the amorphous blob of orange bile a.k.a drumpf +translucent-robot-god-boy is going to win it again… but ok, I could be wrong and Ignoring that for a minute…

      Why are you so high on the corrupt dnc influence peddlers and biden?.. I thought you had more sense than to get behind the other half of the same corrupt duopoly business team De vs Rp party only system of oligarchy…
      – It’s like F-f/g in Ireland pretending their biggest competition and opposition is the other half of themselves. A total scam.

      BTW I’ll say it again and again folks… Wake up to reality, bernie sanders sold out the progressive supporters, his core base of the true left and others. He kept them hanging on in hope only then to betray them by getting them to switch allegience and boost the dnc puppet candidate planned in advance to be installed by an obviously crappy-coup late on in the race as usual..

      Also it was a cowardly and selfish display of spinelessness, all to avoid losing his support as senetor and becoming the next pariah who stood up to the hypocrasy like Ralph Nader, who is still a true progressive with real backbone and courage despite what eejit’s might think about him or how they tried to undermine and blame him before. e.g.(bill maher, michael moore and the dnc blaming him for losing an election before)

      It’s all too late anyway because it did not leave the dnc enough time to build the momentum needed to beat drumpf who has been campaigning / rallying since 2016. It’s a fact that has been well understood and accepted since March along with many other factors backing it all up.

      The dnc posturing your seeing is a complete waste of your time, it’s all a farce to gain credibility with voters, get power, influence and peddle it for money from corporations even though they’ve already lost. A lot of people and not just the average dumb ‘murican are going along with this fiasco because of the all money involved. It’s a racket and a charade.

      The historical data analysis and current modelling proves these facts. If you don’t know it, you’re way behind. You’ve bought into the entertainment fantasy spectacle distraction pretending to be a real election race yet again. Unfortunately, while you’re playing checkers this election cycle’s chess game has already played out and ended months ago.

      It actually ended in 2016 but there was a brief opportunity to beat the odds and break the two term incumbent cycle that was already lost last year.

      Anyone want to guess what might have worked?..
      (Apart from another dallas turkey shoot, act of dog/cia or a heart attack etc.)

      People need to get down with the truth and demand a third or more better range of options


      1. Johnny Green

        Morning Joe-RNC next week will watch that and provide link live stream.
        Neither oul fella s proposing full legalizing for the industry i work in so fook them both.

      2. Johnny Green

        AOC-smeared once again by MSM-yet they wonder and study why everyone is cutting their cable ?

        how are you going to fix the incredible amount of damage and misinformation that you are now responsible for?

        Because a 1:15am tweet to slip under the radar after blowing up a totally false and divisive narrative across networks isn’t it.


        1. :-Joe

          Mornin/afternoon to you Johnny,

          Seen all this before in various forms…

          It’s all just more politics as theatre of the absurd… for the already deluded serfs and future potential suckers. Another distraction from what is really going on as I’ve mentioned, referred to above.

          AOC like Yang and Sanders would have done themselves, ‘muricans and the true progressive, social and democratic movement the world over a huge favour if they stood up to the obvious institutional corruption in the dnc and packed their bags and left for a new party/organisation to fit the needs of their supporters.

          Instead they are foolishly fighting a losing battle against a scam as a distraction for the dnc and sacrificing themselves and their careers in a failed system that will not change or become at all honest ever again. The ship has sailed and so they should have too.

          Paying attention to, let alone quoting from or pointing at nbc or fox or cnn or any of the corporate biased propaganda media platforms is a complete wast of time.

          It’s like watching WWE wrestling and getting upset because your favourite competitor lost or the other one did something wrong. A pointless waste of attention and energy and I can appreciate the value of a harmless rigged spectacle as entertainment but not in politics.

          If marijuana legislation is your sole determining factor for an election then fair enough.. It’s a bit single/ narrow minded to think the dnc like the pseudo-republicans are ever going to roll back the colossol money making corporate-run, war on drugs, prison slave-trade system anytime soon. Again, too much corporate lobbying money involved.

          Until the credible third option sufaces, not much will change in ‘murica beyond getting even worse. I could be, often wish I was wrong but I’ve seen no evidence for it, yet?..

          BTW: I haven’t looked in the past week but if you go to @Jimmy_Dore ‘s channel on youtube he gives a very intelligent and funny unbiased, bi-partisan truth and fact based analysis and summary of all this stuff. Honest, consistent, reliable, educational, intelligent with some great guests and it’s often hilarious too.

          A great way to quickly surf over the waves of left vs right bs, and get to the important points of fact from both sides of the aisle not reported properly by the mainstream or almost anywhere else. Outside of independant journalism..


      3. Nigel

        Bernie didn’t betray anyone, he just kept losing. It’s a piy, but there it is. One thing I’ve always liked about him – he knows exactly how dangerous Trump and Trumpism is, to the US and to the world, a message a vocal minority of his supporters refuse to listen to.

        1. :-Joe

          You’re wrong but I understand why you and others would think that way.

          I wanted him to be the candidate because even though I had known in 2016 he had less chance than clinton and now biden of winning(for the socialist equals communist propaganda reason and more).. at least it would have brought the dnc back closer to the centre-right or centre and helped to undo some of the hypocrasy and corporate corruption going on.

          The dnc is already a corrupted failure since bill clinton abandoned the working class completely for business interests only and becoming more and more like the extremist non-political greedy corporate-run republican party every day.

          It does not represent the opposite of drumpf it just represents the other half of business interests in the corrupt corporate oligarchy.

          The truth is hard to see, understand and swallow sometimes. I was once thinking like you too and there’s no shame in not knowing all the facts. The only shame is just not bothering to look any deeper into it with an open mind to find out more than you already know and challenge your own preconceived perceptions and beliefs for yourself.

          Happy hunting !


          1. Nigel

            Jesus. You’re descriing basic level understanding of US politics as if it’s a massive revelation and nobody else gets it. That’s not deep, that’s shallow, or rather fundamental, but if you can’t see past it, then you’re functionally and politically usesless. The major difference is that the DNC kind of likes things the way they are and don’t want them to change, while the Republicans want to keep pushing and pushing things farther and farther to oligarchical rule. If you can’t see that, you;re blind, if you can see it but don’t care, you;re essentialy helping them, because they sure love when people disengage from the process and refuse to vote, or vote for third parties in a two-horse race.

          2. :-Joe

            ” ..the DNC kind of likes things the way they are and don’t want them to change, while the Republicans want to keep pushing and pushing things farther and farther to oligarchical rule”

            At best you could accuse the dnc of just being lazy while being somewhat opportunistic but no, I don’t agree at all and again I believe you’re wrong,

            I’m thinking you’re biased by your belief that the dnc are the good guys or the best of a bad lot and that you have to pick a horse no matter how corrupt it is in a fake two horse race.

            It’s not a even a two horse race, it’s a fake race in one colossal rigged corparate run game that is punishing everyone from the most vunerable at the bottom all the way up to the aspiring middle class in ‘murican society and as an oligarchy it’s just getting worse.

            It also has pervasively destructive and devastating consequences worldwide.
            – Perpetual Wars of civilian murder bombings and drug / slave trafficking , undermining peace through international Politics, environmental / , climate crisis, human rights abuses etc etc. the list goes on and on…

            The idea that you have to vote for one of the other half of complete corruption or you are the problem is just offensively stupified logic and unreasonable thought.

            Anyway, you’re not far off but good luck seeing and making sense of it or we’ll leave it at that..


          3. Nigel

            The DNC aren’t the good guys. But it’s where you’ll find what good guys there are. You’re not going to fix any of the problems you describe by letting the Republicans take over through minority rule.

          4. :-Joe

            “.. You’re not going to fix any of the problems you describe by letting the Republicans take over through minority rule.”

            Where or how did I say or somehow lead you to believe I was saying that or making that point?..

            You’re still splitting hairs thinking that the de / rp are not both part of the same problem.

            Both are only representing the business interests of their corporate lobbying donations which makes them practically indistinguishable from each other, apart from the democrats pretending they care about progressives and the most vunerable or the republicans representing god or whatever, it’s all bs.
            – It’s the same in Ireland at a smaller scale, it’s a complete charade.

            Neither are truly challenging each other directly and honestly as two seperate independant organisations with any differing political ideaologies, e.g. liberalism vs conservatism.

            The republican’s were almost guranteed an eight year cycle off the back of obama and the democrats last time out.. It’s part of how broken and corrupt the system is that makes it so pointless and predictable.

            A vote for either is a wasted vote, campaign for another option or don’t bother at all. Apparently 40-50% of the population have figured this out already and are not all so stupid after all.


          5. Nigel

            Low voter turn out always benefits the right – and you seem to think that voter apathy is a viable response. No amount of false equivalence buzzwords will make the bad DNC the same as the openly authoritarian and nakedly evil and sadistic Republican Party. Everything you say hinges on them being exactly the same. It is glaringly obvious to anyone with half a brain that they are not.

          6. :-Joe

            You’re arguing against various points of view that I have not even made…
            – Read what I said and at least argue from there… not some other idea you have or imagine I have?..

            Low voter turnout benefits the oligarchy, the so-called right you refer to includes both the extremist, off the scale, non-political, insane gop republicans and the corrupt right wing dnc democrats lagging behind them but still heading squarely in the same direction.

            Both are influence peddlers for corporate lobbying interests and need to be challenged by another movement representing the interests of real people.

            Yes there is a difference. One is corrupt and the other is even more corrupt to the point of extremism, even regarded as an existential threat to humanity.

            Your problem is you seem to think it’s ok to vote for corruption because it’s a lesser evil than extremism.

            You’ve got yourself lost in the propaganda and bs if you believe that but fine that’s your opinion. Again, I don’t agree with you.

            Voting for the corrupt de because the rp is more evil(corrupt) is nonsensical and it’s been going on like this the same way for decades, making it even more ridiculous each cycle than before.

            It’s my opinion and belief that…

            The dnc is long beyond repair no matter how bad the gop become or in fact are already.

            It’s like Irish people voting for F-f/g, one or the other half when one fails, expecting things to become radically different or even just better but it all stays the same or seems to be worse by slow repitition of the same corruption over decades.

            It’s dull to watch repeat itself with little structural or institutional change or experimentation but that’s governmeny by moral conservatism vs moral liberalism when it’s been out of balance for a long time.

            Athough. to be fair, it has to be said that standards of living are always incrementally getting better overall worldwide.

            Anyway if you’re going to argue with me that’s fine but just remember to argue against a point I’ve actually made next time. Good luck with it..


          7. Nigel

            I don’t think it’s ‘okay’ to vote for corruption – but I think it’s ‘not okay’ to be too pure to pick the least worst choice because you’re the equivalent of a stoner on a couch telling everybody about how the whole system is baaad, man, thereby effectively supporting the worst choice by default, even more.

          8. :-Joe

            Off you go again with more nonsense based on what I don’t actually believe and haven’t actually said but you’ll argue against your own confused thoughts anyway as if I’ve said it, just to fit your daft mindset..

            I’ve clearly stated and repeatedly explained my view above in detail and fine, you disagree with it and I think you are wrong too.

            So no problem, just move on and stop repeating yourself and expecting a different answer that agrees with you from me.

            Your opinion and argument for choosing the best corrupted dnc worst option is as old as the hills, naive and regressive to me so it’s not going to happen.


          9. Nigel

            Oh, so you DO think people should vote for the Democratic candidate, for all his imperfections, rather than the authroitarian, anti-democratic, globe-threatening Republican candidate? That not voting at all is effectively a votte for the latter? Cool.

          10. :-Joe

            You’re not making any sense. I thought you were having a serious debate or discussion with me but you’re descending into petty name calling and hoping to catch me out contradicting myself or something else..

            It’s like you’re stuck in a mental loop inside a bubble and you can’t escape it to think differently or objectively.

            It’s starting to feel like I’m in the twilight zone or a slightly crappy version of an episode of black mirror..

            Ask me a straight question that makes sense and that I haven’t clearly already answered above and I’ll consider taking the time to reply.

            Otherwise just move on. I’ll be dead soon the way this endlessly pointless discussion has been going and is becoming worse anyway…


          11. Nigel

            That was actually a yes or no question. In all the stuff you’ve written, it’s the one major thing I actually disagree with you about, or the one thing I disagree with that I actually care about, and I just want to be clear I haven’t gotten the wrong end of the stick.

          12. :-Joe

            Ok I don’t know why this is so confusing to you…I’ve already answered that from the start and again and again repeatedly in different ways but for some reason you still seem oblivious to the different ways I’ve said the same thing?..

            You have to go back and see for yourself, it has to be fairly obvious to anyone? No?..

            I’ll explain it one more time and the last time to you…

            You’re obsessed with gop are evil so dnc, while corrupt are the better alternative and the only choice in a two horse race.

            To be fair, this was often the opinion until recently that held up even by Noam Chomsky because the gop are so far off the end of the spectrum and are not really any kind of political party anymore representing anything but corporate corruption and extremist consequences.

            Now for the past decade it has become clear that this is not as simple as that and I completely disagree with it.

            The idea of the dnc turning good or decent and regaining a desire or will to serve the people is proven past it now from at least 2016 and voting for them is beyond any idea of the best worst option.

            The time has come for a real alternative to the de/rp oligarchy that represents the basic needs of the majority of people before corporate business first. Healthcare, prison reform, wealth gap etc. etc. has gotten way out of control.

            My opinion on this is not even mildly controversial outside or even inside the corporate run duopoly media bubble.

            I’m just countering people’s foolish thinking that drumpf is the cause and not the symptom of the real problems and the dnc are fundamentally, idealogically and politically as bad as the gop because of their long-running and growing role in the same influence peddling for corporate business and oligarchy system.

            A new party mobilising support for structural reform of the corrupt institutions like the electoral college voting system is in demand and a real possibility sooner than later…

            Any kind of change in direction is never happening anytime soon with the dnc and gop just getting more and more corrupted and closer to being just as bad as each other.

            Both seem happy to run the country down into the ground and bleed it for every last cent before having to give in to the inevitable and roll over to accept China’s dominance.
            – Just my opinion..


          13. Nigel

            ‘You’re obsessed with gop are evil so dnc, while corrupt are the better alternative and the only choice in a two horse race.’

            Yup, that’s it. There is no viable alternative, and opting out gives more power to the evil and leaves the ‘merely corrupt’ DNC to wallow unchanged. self-fulfilling prophecy, there.

          14. :-Joe

            Ok you’re set in your opinion…I disagree but np.

            The dnc are going to lose again because of the electoral college vote and the fact that they didn’t mobilise and get behind a candidate earlier and fast enough to build up more momentum to stop the two term incumbent eight year cycle from de to rp and back around again.

            Almost a guaranteed dnc democrat in four years and if so, not much will have changed apart from more new lies and misdirection instead of real progressive policies enacted.

            Now’s the time to get a third party off the ground and spend four years building momentum and support.


  1. GiggidyGoo

    Schools – my local primary won’t be running their breakfast clubs, nor after class activities in the evenings. The result? Either the parents don’t return to work, or the grandparents end up taking care of the children. Given the financial situation of the parents, it’s the latter which will happen. Varadkar has already admitted that there will be an upsurge in Covid in schools. Well, guess where it will be spread further?

    School buses in my area have mixtures of schools on them, and come from at least 20km radius’ So much for social distancing and non-mixing.

    Here’s Norma’s “roadmap” for reopening schools. https://assets.gov.ie/82145/40753991-21a5-4715-a5a1-0f193df95ade.pdf – Padding throughout.

    1. SoLo

      Thanks for that Giggidy.

      I don’t know how the teacher’s will pull this off. Think a class of infants 5 in a pod x 6 presumably not allowed get up and walk around they’ll be losing their minds.

      No shared teachers which means no resource teachers? Often SNAs are shared between children(some of whom high risk)

      Singing, PE all high-risk unless outside

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        all of which they do together outside of school hours anyway, maybe it’s different in the countryside

        1. GiggidyGoo

          And it’s the out of school hours that’s the problem. It’s been good for working parents to have those facilities (which they pay for as well) so that they can get to work. Without them now it’s either give up work, or have grandparents minding the children before and after school.

        2. Junkface

          The Coronavirus crisis has exposed the cracks in the Irish social system with regards to childcare. It is ridiculous, expensive and totally unfair on young families. It should be covered by the tax system like they do in most of Europe. Why would anybody follow the US model? Its a disaster!

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            because societies well being is not important, the only thing important is MONEY

  2. scottser

    I see Australian PM wants to make a covid vaccine mandatory. Apart from the scientific, legal and ethical problems, what could possibly go wrong?

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        was it the rushed swine flu jab that caused narcolepsy,
        I’m not anti vax, I have had a rake of stuff for Africa and so on, I wish the HPV had been available as a child,
        but there’s no way I’m being used as a guinea pig to ward off something I’m pretty sure I have already had along with my whole workplace.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      If its made mandatory, then it’ll be written into law, and more than likely will not be Covid-specific. Opens the door for governments to mandate any vaccines at a whim, and knowing some governments the winners will again be the usual subjects.

  3. Janet, dreams of big guns

    the real reason french wemon don’t get fat is because,
    they don’t live in tracksuits and notice when things get tight,
    enjoy food in moderation, smaller servings…
    eat light in the evening,
    rarely eat takeaway or fast food,
    drink alcohol more regularly but no binging, ( so not the whole bottle)
    sit down to eat, do rush/chew their food, eg: an hour for lunch,
    more active lifestyles: eg: daily shop for food,
    social: your friends and relatives strangers, work colleges will tell you straight up if you put on a few kg, they will not tell you you look great like they do here or that you wear it well.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      it’s actually inhumane to expect people to gobble up a meal in half an hour, inhaling food and you better make sure it’s a prepacked tupperware if you want anything healthy..sorry I don’t rate chopped, and sure that’s ten minutes to go buy it in the first place, I was surprised this seemed to be the norm !

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          pernament lazer is all the rage,one time investment and a hassle free life, or an epilator, again sustained use and the hair gives up for good,
          never waxed in my life, sounds horrendous

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            showers tend to be communal at pools and people less pudic so from what I have seen, people either don’t bother much or if they do ( the runway seems to be the most common)
            ladies with a fine blonde fuzz on the legs might not bother at all

      1. Johnny Green

        Paris Syndrome:
        another reason is i’ve never met a french or parisian woman who didn’t inhale hellacious amounts coke or speed and diet pills for diet/craving control.

        “… name for the sense of disappointment some tourists feel when they are faced with the gritty reality of Paris as a working capital city, rather than a dreamscape where every view is of the Eiffel Tower. …

        …Having recently watched a man prepare his crack pipe with a razor blade on the metro, and having routinely witnessed the metro platform at Marcadet-Poissonniers crowded with people taking drugs..”


        give those rose tinted glasses a rub there-plenty fat and obese people also in France.

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          not as many as America or here, obesity in France tends to be among the poorer people often in the immigrant community, working jobs that allow less time to cook, less money for ingredients, less time for parents with children at the table, it tends to be a social issue, go to the impoverished suburbs, people get bigger,
          and yes it’s rather silly that many tourists,
          expect a capital city to look like Disney Land, a victim to how it’s portrayed in movies.
          There are less fat children because they get a balanced meal in school every day, entree play desert, french kids will eat the same food as adults, instead of carb laden kiddies menus,
          so in general yes they are thiner.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            if the ladies you meet are inhaling coke etc I’m afraid that says more about the company you keep.

          2. Johnny Green

            No-its not.
            FG/FF by forcing people to interact with dangerous drug dealers and criminals,provide the on ramp-their party supporters,then open and run drug treatment centers.

          3. Janet, dreams of big guns

            you really do have a problem following a coherent conversation,
            it helps if you actually address the points another person raises instead of going off on tangents or starting with statements while changing direction and then circling back to your first point,
            it’s an incredibly messy way to communicate, I can’t talk to a bowl of spaghetti.
            You’ll forgive me if I stop engaging with you from here on in, it’s not bringing anything to my day.

          4. Johnny Green

            a rather,long meandering rant,kinda ruins whatever point you were trying make.
            Paris is not utopia-it has major crack problems,every French woman i know in NY/LA inhales pills-lunch/dinner is- house salad glass champers-washed down with either a upper or downer.
            you appear a little out touch with modern day french women-certainly the NY/LA model/actor/waitress scene…….

          5. Papi

            “a rather,long meandering rant,kinda ruins whatever point you were trying make.”

            So describing everything you post, Johnny?

            Stick with your Dennis o Brien crush.

          6. Janet, dreams of big guns

            he seems to think the kind of French girl who ends up in LA is a bench mark for judging french behavior, most french people I knew in my 18 years experience of people from all walks of life, would rather pull out their fingernails with rusty plyers than go to waitress in LA

          7. Johnny Green

            .today, over 60,000 French citizens and over 81,000 French speakers live in New York!
            ….Los Angeles has the second-largest population of French natives in the United States, according to the French Consulate. About 11,000 French live here:)

            lots more on ‘model’ visas-lots overstayed holiday ones….not french just Parisian-the provincial ones move to Paris.

          8. Papi

            Conversation specifically about France
            “That’s not how it is in New York!!!”

            “We’re not talking about New York”

            “You’re ranting, Fine Gael did it, some french people in America take coke”

            Crystal clear.

    2. Junkface

      Now I know how to be a French lady.

      Most French people I know never get take aways, it makes a difference.

  4. Johnny Green

    had a late 70’s burnt orange V8 as beach/surfing truck for few years,rocking a range rover late 80’s hunting green defender these days,this looks off-new Bronco dropping shortly.
    2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport first ride review:

  5. GiggidyGoo

    So, how can we trust anything now? Just got an e-mail from CMRF about a data breach back in May, which they only heard about in July, and I only hear about now. Here’s a statement on their website. You’ll note that Blackbaud paid the ransom and trust that any information has been destroyed.
    That’ll affect donations


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