My Heart’s In The Basement


Never-before seen pics of David Bowie in Dublin’s The Baggot inn, August 16, 1991

The tanned white Duke

Inside The Baggot!

Andy Pipkin writes:

In response to yesterday posting about the Ryanair gigs In London, I commented that I had what I believe too be the only photos of David Bowie inside the Baggot Inn!!

It’s exactly 29 years this month since he played support to The Blue Angels (you can clearly see the Blue Angels backdrop in the background!)

Taken on a disposable camera, these photos have never been published in the last 29 years!!!! You guys are the first too see them.

Utterly amazing gig! With an audience of who’s who, the walls were dripping with condensation from the crowd, a mixture of Tin Machine material with a covers from The Pixies (Debaser was brilliant) and Roxy Music.

Hopefully if we get to next year I’ll send a few more for the 30th anniversary.

In fairness.

Thanks Andy!

Yesterday: The Harlesden Shuffle

43 thoughts on “My Heart’s In The Basement

  1. Brother Barnabas


    thanks, andy

    feels like a real privilege to get to see these – fair play for sharing

  2. Pip

    “My weekend’s at an all-time low….” That was the gig where iconic Irish drummer Niall Power was driving the Tin Machine minibus. His book is a great read, photo outside Baggot at departure included.

  3. Itchysays

    I was fortunate to be at this gig…waiting with my manager for Steve Lilywhite outside the side lane load in doors when the van bringing the band reversed down.
    Ronnie Wood was first out with the band then Bowie, as you can see he was very tanned, but I’d swear, tan aside, there was a glow around the a full body halo.
    They walked straight in onto the stage so I said ’feck Lilywhite, I’m going in’…had to stand on one of the old long wooden benches near the stairs to the toilets etc….but then so did Mullen & Clayton.

    It was a thunderous ball of noise and energy I will never forget…I felt sorry for the Blue Angels (not Angles BTW) as the crowd cleared out after Tin Machine…Shane was a fine frontman too.
    There is amateur footage of the gig as far as I know, was supposed to be published last year but I heard no more about it since.

    David… gone but never forgotten.

      1. Itchysays

        Excellent BB.
        Many thanks.

        I’d no idea it had been posted to YT.

        A great memory….and of being young too !

    1. Toe Up

      “Ronnie Wood was first out with the band then Bowie, as you can see he was very tanned, but I’d swear, tan aside, there was a glow around the a full body halo.”

      So he’d had his Ready Brek then! (Or maybe it was cocaine)

  4. millie madonna

    Incredible pics Andy!

    Bowie was my first love, musically. I sadly never had the privilege of seeing him play. Wonderful to see these. Thanks for sharing – made my day :)

  5. H

    Great photos Andy, bittersweet really, I never imagined that I would miss being alive at the same time as him anywhere near as much as I do….

  6. Micko


    I’m not usually one for getting upset when celebs die.

    But, Bowie’s death hit me in the feels alright.

    1. Fergalito


      The missus told me when I got up that morning, told her to fupp off and not to joke about something like that. Classic case of shooting the messenger, silently resented her tellimj me the news for most of the day ridiculous as that may have been.

      He was my pathway out of greatest hits compilations, tween schmaltz and much more fadó fadó.

      Fortunate enough to have seen him three times, best gig was Sound and Vision tour in The Point in 1990. Meself and me buddy John at 15 years of age extrapolated ourselves from the North West and headed for the city. Queued to get in from some ungodly early hour. Was right at the front until he came on to Space Oddity which prompted an audience surge and I was turned upside down. Bought the bootleg tapes on O’Connell Bridge the next day (no pun intended). Still have the tapes though no means of playing them.

      Here’s the gig more or less albeit performed in Tokyo..

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      did you ever see the band Ichabod crane at the Baggot ? The lanky lead singer was the brother !

    2. Slightly Bemused

      Somewhere I have pics of the Cranberries at their first gig at the Baggot. Never knew I was watching music history in the making. Not quite from a disposable camera, but one of those slim cameras with the handle that folded over the top. Never got a clear photo out of it

      1. GiggidyGoo

        A distant memory, but I’m sure I saw the Boomtown Rats in Gorey Little Theatre many years ago before they made it. Supported by a band named Gandy Dancer or something like that. I could be way off the mark, but i’m fairly sure. Or else it’s a case of “ are those my feet”?

  7. Slightly Bemused

    A friend of mine was the Baggot Inn’s sound guy, and at the time was trying to teach me the finer points. He offered me to be there that night. I forget why I could not go, but I have ever since thought it was the worst decision I made. They got invited back to a private party, and that would have been a hell of a thing.

    I since changed career, but what if I had stayed? As one of the entries on Nick’s last competition went, Je ne regrette rien, but chance may have been a fine thing :-)

    Great pictures, Andy, and thanks for sharing them.

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          as the auld fella says ” what’s meant for you won’t pass you by ”
          you sound like you have had lots or rich adventures, love your stories,

          1. Slightly Bemused

            Heh! Not sure who it was, but someone said that good living does not make for good stories.
            I do know that I would not trade the world for the stories I might tell for the stories I can tell.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Wasn’t there a line in The Quiet Man “I could tell you blood-curdling stories” or something like that.?

          3. Slightly Bemused

            but me throat, me throat’s gone dry!

            Good memory, I had forgotten that one. But then, been a year or two since I watched that fillum!

  8. Johnny Green

    David and Iman were fixtures in my hood for may years in New York,David had a great loft at 285 Lafyette St,opposite his pal,Keith McNallys Pravda, Bowie lived with wife Iman, since 1992 there and they spend lots time just strolling in the hood.
    Great pictures Andy-thanks for sharing.

    1. Andy Pipkin

      I was waiting on you Lilly!!
      You were the inspiration for me posting the photos, delighted you enjoyed them!

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