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  1. diddy

    peoples mental health is going to be severly tested this autumn…it’s only 19th of August and it’s blowing a gale. A long wet winter is usually ameliorated by a cosy pub or other indoor group activity. all gone. desperate stuff altogether

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    “I voted Tory but I did not vote for this.” – Wrong, you voted for this and more to come.

  3. SOQ

    For anyone who hasn’t yet seen this- it really is worth a watch. I’ll leave it to my glamorous assistant f_lawless to do the introduction.

    An ICU doctor from a hospital at Madrid airs his frustrations on mainstream Spanish TV. The stark contrast between what’s happening on the ground and the hysteria-driven narrative promoted by the media is laid bare. Those in the studio don’t know how to handle him. The things he talks about seem so applicable to what’s currently going on in Ireland.


    1. f_lawless

      Hah :p
      It’s surprising looking at it again that he was allowed to speak for so long without getting cut off

      1. SOQ

        I think it is more the case that if I described myself as glamorous- even you guide dog would object.

        So nope- your diversionary tactics did not work.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    The Indo, on behalf of FG proclaims…. “’Must never happen again’ – almost 1,000 died nursing home residents died as institutions ‘ill-prepared’ for Covid – report”
    Now, apart from the grammar in that (Hugh O’Connells name on it), it’s a sly attempt to distract from the real reason the nursing homes had such a high rate of deaths, courtesy of the decisions by Harris, Holohan and Co.

    1. Tinytim

      Am I missing something? All I see is a no news waffle piece with no link to, or content from the actual report.

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          ah Bisted do you really think everyone concerned is anti-vax,
          I have had a rake of vaccinations, for travel and living in tried Old or equatorial countries, I’d jump at the HPV of it wasn’t too late for me,
          but I’m genuinely worried about a rushed through poorly tested covid vacciné used a little like a gun to people’s heads to get a normal life back and possible side effects

          1. SOQ

            But that is the controlling label game though isn’t it? You are given two choices and if you are not one you MUST be the other- nuance is not tolerated.

          2. bisted

            …hi Janet…funny you should mention HPV…a cure for a type of cancer which could eliminate this terrible disease in a generation…even on the day that Ruth Morrissey died the anti-vax brigade on here were in full flow.
            As atheists, we are automatically sceptical but we are also citizens and we have a solidarity that ensures we will try to do what is best for ourselves and others. When this pandemic passes it will be analysed minutely…some of the things we did will be shown to be wrong or of no benefit…but all of the things we did will be shown to be for what we thought was the common good…I don’t know what motivates these relentless anti-vaxxers but it isn’t the common good…

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Where are you getting the Anti-Vax idea Bisted? Point me to any post I made that makes you reach the conclusion that I’m anti-vax. And then explain why you reached the conclusion.

          Oh – as well – maybe reply to the subject matter of post itself.

          That’s of course, when you get a minute free in your packed schedule of stalking SOQ.

  5. Jack Of Ireland

    Why are French speaking Africans crossing the Channel?
    What is more attractive about the UK than France/EU?
    Why aren’t the French authorities applying international law?

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      a) Are you being facetious
      b) Have you met the police, pardon the military in France ? Have you seen the conditions on the camps ? To the best of my knowledge there are no such camps in England. People often already have points of contact in England and better english than french.
      c) fupp you for Brexit, the french make terrible jilted lovers

  6. AKA Frilly Keane

    Storm Ellen Update from the Wickla weather station

    Massive Storm Surge here on the East Coast
    FT just after 1am
    By half past heavy spray was hitting the deck and slidie doors here
    Wind – southerly, picked up to 15 +
    By 2am Ellen uprooted one leg of the gazebo – 5″ screws n’all out of the decking
    With the integrity of the remaining uprights caught short the dome joists separated, and one sheared completely
    Leaving the new fancy light rattling like castanets
    The loose canopy stayed loyal and (part) anchored when it could have easily taken off like a parachute, carrying the remains of the frame and all the claptrap it once housed

    Rain had blown off at this stage, and feck – it was so mild, it actually felt like IACGMOOH with Ant and Dec as we managed to secure the electrics, and scrambled the unemployed canopy into an empty bunk

    I’m looking around me here now, it’s like a jumble sale
    Soggy cushions of all shades dimensions and functions, candles likewise, lantern thingies equally all-sorts, clusters of damp mouldy girly fecky and now mangled seaside themed stings of bunting, whicker whatyamacallits, stinky mats, and even smellier skins gloves and booties ( ask a watersports someone)

    Good news, the doggie didn’t budge and is still fast asleep rolled up in my fluffy dressing gown
    Wind has definitely dropped but even more rain now due over the next 18 hours

    On a surge update, at supposedly LT it barely retreated 5 meters Maybe 10 in some stretches. Usually a good 30/ 40. This will get worse over the next few days as rainfall from surrounding areas/ mountains makes it way down to the coast.

    Something worth noting,
    I’d never seen the sky so clear and as full of stars in my life than it was between 3 and 4 this morning

    At least the rain is warmer than usual ⊙﹏⊙

      1. Susan

        Lost two of me Gerbera window boxes, and a Coleus in a terracotta pot-all landed on ground right side up with no soil disturbed, and amazingly the terracotta pot was intact!! What sorcery is this?!

    1. AKA Frilly Keane

      A whole side wall section of an outdoor beach shack here landed outside mine over night – at least 100m from its location. Easily the weigh of a 2 seater kayak. If it was daytime feck only knows what could have happened.

      Secured under the deck now.
      Surge update, barely three meters from our front rock pile/ bank- and another three hours to go before HT.

      Have a work call now – thinking I might throw on a Bouyancy Aid
      Just in case⊙.☉
      Health & Safety work place standard like

  7. SOQ

    Anyways- back on the horse.

    Tests in recovered patients found false positives, not reinfections, experts say.

    “South Korea’s infectious disease experts said Thursday that dead virus fragments were the likely cause of over 260 people here testing positive again for the novel coronavirus days and even weeks after marking full recoveries.

    Oh Myoung-don, who leads the central clinical committee for emerging disease control, said the committee members found little reason to believe that those cases could be COVID-19 reinfections or reactivations, which would have made global efforts to contain the virus much more daunting.”


    It appears to have been well known for many years that PCR is a forensic test meaning that it can identify the presence of a particular viral infection at some point, it does not identify a live infection- why did nobody in the media take this on board?

    PCR may be useful in the early stages of a novel virus outbreak when historical infections are low but where the test positive rate is within (what we assume is) the margin of error AND hospitalisations are at an all time low- why is the government imposing even more draconian measures?

    1. Cian

      What test do you suggest instead?
      Divining rod?
      Toss a coin?
      Stick a needle in them and if they don’t feel pain they have the COVID?

      1. SOQ

        As above- hospitalisations are at an all time low- why is the government imposing even more draconian measures?

  8. Johnny Green

    ….. not from any unnamed dodgy,makey up ‘sources’ :)

    THE TOKYO TOILET Project is a wonderful thing….

    -redesigned in 17 locations throughout Shibuya with the help of 16 creators invited from around the world. We invite you to take a look at the uniqueness of each of these facilities.


    Pritzker Prize winners are among the 16 creators transforming 17 public toilets in Shibuya, Tokyo

    …The Nippon Foundation is launching THE TOKYO TOILET project to build public toilets that can be used by anyone. The project will build new toilets at 17 locations in Shibuya, Tokyo, as a way of moving toward the realization of a society that embraces diversity.Three of the toilets will be made available for use by the general public from August 5….


  9. Johnny Green


    Astoria, Queens
    Broadway and Steinway Street
    86 percent wearing masks
    Women: 90 percent
    Men: 81 percent

    Brownsville, Brooklyn
    Pitkin Avenue and Chester Street
    67 percent wearing masks
    Women: 75 percent
    Men: 54 percent

    Ditmas Park, Brooklyn
    Newkirk and Coney Island Avenues
    79 percent wearing masks
    Women: 88 percent
    Men: 70 percent

    East Village, Manhattan
    St. Marks Place and Second Avenue
    77 percent wearing masks
    Women: 84 percent
    Men: 72 percent

    Far Rockaway, Queens
    Beach Channel Drive and Mott Avenue
    62 percent wearing masks
    Women: 70 percent
    Men: 55 percent

    Fordham Manor, the Bronx
    East Kingsbridge Road and Morris Avenue
    77 percent wearing masks
    Women: 85 percent
    Men: 70 percent

    Harlem, Manhattan
    Malcolm X Boulevard and West 124th Street
    66 percent wearing masks
    Women: 79 percent
    Men: 56 percent

    Park Slope, Brooklyn
    Seventh Avenue and Union Street
    97 percent wearing masks
    Women: 98 percent
    Men: 95 percent

    You are not putting a mask on me/i’m just not wearing one ?

    -they free in NY-
    -so income/educational disparity ?
    – certainly not political !

    deep dive on masks in NY-yes yes of course its sourced,link below-duh!


      1. :-Joe

        Ye, X X vs X Y spare chromosome with the ability to regenerate damaged cells or clone them better than men.

        Also in the second half of menstruation it’s a regular healthy cardiovascular strengthening excercise regardless of lifestyle.. Apparently…

        So have a heart girls and if you have one of the X Y variety, make sure your male dance partner has a good workout at least once a month…

        Also, I would speculate that men are less emotionally intellegent, less openly social and more likely to avoid doctors etc.

        So put your arm around them now and again too. Tell him you’ve already booked the appointment for him to get it sown back on.
        -Speaking from experience ofc.


  10. Brother Barnabas

    Good news for all decent people in Northern Ireland (with a source and link and all):

    “Legislation to make “upskirting” a specific criminal offence in Northern Ireland will be brought before the Assembly early next year, Justice Minister Naomi Long has said.

    “Subject to Executive approval, I intend to bring forward legislative proposals to make upskirting a specific offence in a Justice Bill planned for introduction in the Assembly in early 2021,” she said in response to a written Assembly question.

    Upskirting, the practice of taking sexually intrusive photos…”


    Anyone know what the legal situation regarding upskirting in Brooklyn/Hamptons is?

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          if I caught a lad at that, tbey’d get your phone so far shoved up your bum region by me they would probably never walk properly again.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            oh dear that’s all over the place grammatically, forgive me, but you get the gist

          2. :-Joe

            What’s really crazy is that it was only a couple of decades ago that this kind of behaviour was tolerated and somewhat still normalised in society…

            Just dismissed as lads being lads or raunchy behaviour.. I can even remember the same kind of behaviour being on the TV regularly in mainstream comedy as a kid..

            Time and space is weird sometimes.


    1. :-Joe

      What exactly did Johnny do in relation to all this?..
      -Joking about it too much or was he caught / admitted to doing it?..

      Not looking to stir anything, just curious with all the banter about it recently..Anyone?

      I can see you’re riled up about it but to be fair, anything can be a joking matter.
      – i.e. You may not like the joke but that’s another discussion altogether.


      1. Papi

        He offered photos of the, and i quote “young,scantily clad aspiring models and actresses”” in his spinning class, even though it might be, and again i quote” bit pervy and probably banned”
        But it’s ok, he lives in NY and smokes weed.

  11. Johnny Green

    some stunning photo-journalism-Cali wildfires,insanse heat wave out west at moment.

    ..Many of the blazes, driven by high winds amid hot and dry conditions, are believed to have been started by lightning. Thousands of residents have been ordered to evacuate, as heavy smoke blankets the San Francisco Bay Area. Gathered here are images from the past few days of some of these fires, as they burn across hillsides and through neighborhoods….


    1. Johnny Green

      Bannon lifted-RICO looking for a deal is word.
      ..was rocking con look other eve-longish hair/tan kinda ‘pirate’ vibe-evidence must be overwhelming,less than 90 days from election.

      “Brian Kolfage, Stephen Bannon, and Two Others Alleged to Have Funneled Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars From the Organization to Kolfage; All Four Defendants Allegedly Profited From Their Roles in the Scheme.”


      All best ‘sheet.

  12. Johnny Green

    poo poo eating grins all day at the post office:)

    -oh no,there may be some processing delays,pardon…….hang in there Stevie.

    ….Steve Bannon was taken into custody today by US Postal Service agents…

    -felony / mail fraud / rico / 20 years / ny prosecutors – not by feds and no fbi -which is wild !


    NOTE:this is a case by prosecutors to protect the interests of TRUMP SUPPORTERS against the criminals grifting them out of their own money.

    1. :-Joe

      Haha.. I was laughing at that at the crack of dawn this morning, thought I was still dreaming…

      I knew the guy was a deluded eejit but I’d never have thought he’d get caught for something as stupid as that but the shoe fits in the end.

      Also more importantly, that drumpf would allow him to get hung out to dry even if he despises him. It’ll get very interesting if he’s bound for hard time.
      – I wonder what will happen to his monastry theme park and hijacked town for far right-wing extremism in Italy?


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