Lay Ee Odl Lay Ee Odl Lay Hee Hoo



The hills are alive with the sound of arf-ing.

Irish dog rescue group Madra writes:

Good day from ex-MADRA collie Kate (above) who sent us a pic from her recent holiday in Austria

She was rehomed in Germany via our good friends at irische Hunde in Not (IHIN).

We love to see our rescue dogs living the dream!


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7 thoughts on “Lay Ee Odl Lay Ee Odl Lay Hee Hoo

  1. Bebe

    That made me smile …. love the tag @bodger .. got that playing in my head now replacing ..’and now the end is near and so I face the final curtain ’ @ Big Phil tho I think he’ll hang on and probably is whistling your little ditty on those corridors of power in Brussels!
    ‘Lay Ee Odl Lay Ee Odl Lay Hee Hoo’ – hop, skip and jump !
    Well done Madra; Katie’s a wonderful example of the joy our four legged friends bring to our dreary days of covid; golfgate; political shenanigans etc.

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