Bark Worse Than Bite


 Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity Pippa Hackett is seeking views on the Draft Agriculture Appeals (Amendment) Bill 2020 which critics claim will leave the ability to appeal forestry decisions “compromised”

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BOC writes:

Consultations are currently open on a bill to change the appeals process for forestry licences.

The proposed changes seek to make it harder to appeal licence decisions for forestry projects (such as sitka spruce plantations) by introducing eligibility criteria for individuals of NGOs, as well as proposing the introduction of fees to file an appeal.

Consultation on changes (at links below) close this Friday. Please share. Thank you

Object to proposed changes to the Agriculture Bill 2020 limiting people’s ability to appeal (irish Wildlife Trust)

Please Respond To Consultations By Friday (Irish Wildlife Trust)

An Taisce

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4 thoughts on “Bark Worse Than Bite

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Email sent also.

    Anyone know if there are any online lists of TD’s and Councillor email addresses by electoral area that can just be copied and pasted? Thanks.

  2. Truth in the News

    Why such a short notice threshold, surely the consultation time should be several months
    and who is running the Dept of Agriculture, hardly Pippa Hackett, large swathes of the
    country have been destroyed by forestry owned by hidden speculator’s being given
    generous planting subsidiaries by the EU and topped by the Irish Taxpayer

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