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  1. steve white

    I don’t get the Irish Examiner headline, its new that over 75’s are testing positive? erm were a loads testing positive in the spring?

  2. AKA Frilly Keane

    Given the standard of new entry Judges
    The newest Supreme being the best example to hand

    I won’t be trusting any Judge’s adjudication on an application to spy
    On any one of us

    If even one member of the Judiciary considers themselves not equally subject to the law as the rest of us
    Then Why should I expect the rest of them to be any different

    And on this
    On citizens?

    Jesus Mary and Joseph the poor carpenter lad that got suckered

    Is there anything left we can trust

    1. Shayna

      @ AKA – Naive? Completely innocuous types, myself included have been spied upon. In 1992, when I was living and working in London – MI5 tapped my phone. I was an A/V technician and Autocue Operater for a company that 10 Downing Street had agreed to film the British Prime Minister at the time, along with a BBC film crew. I didn’t get M.O.D clearance to do the video “shoot” with Mrs. Thatcher – strangely?

      1. AKA Frilly Keane

        pre Downing Street Declaration & pre Ceasefire & pre GFA
        and an Unknown Nordie in Downing Street,
        All things considered
        probably provided reasonable grounds for a temporary licence to snoop anyway

        Not sure what grounds they’d have today

        And that’s my point

        If I have a sensitive high profile client
        Is it conspiracy_loon_the_bees_are_EU_nanobots_ stuff for me to fear a snoop on my phone/ office set up, because some crowd Brian Hayes plays golf with reckon my lad is selling turf that was cut illegally?

  3. Shayna

    I used to have a few cities in The World, countries on my bucket list (didn’t know there was a term for it until I watched the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie). Beirut was a city I promised myself to visit – Graham Greene referred to Beirut as, “The New Paris”. Clearly I’ve missed that opportunity, of late. Missionary priests would come to my parish in Tyrone and talk about God and Jesus, and all the rest of it. One missionary priest, he was “stationed” in Haiti – he was a mate of Ian Fleming, who’d bought an island down the road a bit (you know what I mean) in The Caribbean Sea. He mentioned that Fleming married Lady O’Neill – I was captured, thinking somehow I was related to James Bond? (I was 10 and I’m O’Neill?). Anyhoos, it was the probably the last time that I actually enjoyed going to chapel – no mass, no choirs – it was like listening to Ustinov or Niven. Moscow was on my list. The Kremlin – wonderful spectacular building in Red Square. The “alleged” poisoning incidents have put me off a tad. I like Portugal, visited 3 times last year and similar the year before. I, yesterday was about to book a flight to Faro – now it’s a quarantiney country. One day to the next? Sorry, went for a bit a witter there – it’s been a while.

  4. goldenbrown

    I read some of the commentary around that poor lad Thiago’s death (RIP) here and elsewhere
    certain people are clearly fans of the plague on us all that is “Gig Economics”
    here’s an interesting article to read if you have a couple of mins if you’d like to know about the latest evolution of it amongst Amazon delivery drivers in the US….

    Amazon’s contract delivery drivers are so desperate for work they’ve come up with a bizarre way to game the system: hanging phones in trees


    drivers no reduced to gaming each other out of delivery slots, desperate stuff

      1. Cian

        Cases in ICU is 6; cases in hospital is 39 (it was 40 – yesterdays figure – when I looked at 8.20).

        Now who is spreading misinformation? :-)

          1. Cian

            Look at the time of the post. Just before 9; So it was looking at Tuesday’s number. So I’ve been a day behind all along.

            I messed up, the chart says “”Confirmed Cases in hospital (8am)” and I understood that to mean it was updated at 8am. I was wrong in that I was 24 hours out of sync.

            I also provided a link to the data to allow you check yourselves.

          2. SOQ

            And tell me something Cian- why are you so keen to rush with minuscule numbers on this virus and not say cancer which is killing way more?

            Nearly 25 people die PER DAY of cancer- and that figure is likely to rise because of this shambles.

            And where were your daily comments on the flu? Oh no wait we didn’t have a flu this year- CoVid-19 cured that- if health stats are to believed.

            So some good news and something which will set a European precedent I think- German minister rules out new nationwide coronavirus lockdown


          3. Cian

            The vocal minority here keep saying that we need to reopen everything and not wear masks – and they point at the rise in cases but the corresponding lack of deaths for the past few weeks. I want to highlight that the numbers in hospital have been rising for the last 4 weeks.

          4. SOQ

            Herd immunity/ weaker strain/ dodgy PCR tests/ whatever- people are not getting sick in any significant numbers and unless there is a dramatic turn about of which we will have plenty of warning-, they won’t be either.

            Do you honestly think that Ireland is going to buck the trend happening in the rest of Europe? Where is this much screamed about second wave in China?

    1. Micko

      39 in Hospital *

      6 in ICU

      At the height in March/April we had over 1100 in hospital and 150 odd in ICU

      I think we’ll be fine.


      1. Micko

        * I always wonder did these people get hostipalised with Covid or did they catch it in Hospital while there for something else.

        Pressed send too soon

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Has the rate of admissions per day increased on average? Up to 8th August there were 3364 admissions. Approx 160 days. Average 21 admissions per day. I pointed that out to you yesterday. https://www.broadsheet.ie/2020/09/01/wednesdays-papers-47/#comment-2234808

      The figure in hospital today is 39 – not 40. That’s three admissions yesterday.

      Why are you distracting, diverting and now, lying Cian? Are you going to try this every morning? What good is it doing you?

      1. Cian

        I opened this at 8.20 (before it was updated) and got yesterdays figure. Apologies.
        40 yesterday, 39 today.

        Why am I doing this? Balance. The vocal minority here keep saying that we need to reopen everything and not wear masks – and they point at the rise in cases but the corresponding lack of deaths for the past few weeks. I want to highlight that the numbers in hospital have been rising for the last 4 weeks.

        Today it dropped by one – which is good news.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          It wasn’t 40 yesterday was it? Link please, as your post yesterday said 39, which was the figure on the website yesterday. Is 40 a magic number for you? Why are you still, now, lying?

          The rate of rise, as I posted above and yesterday, is a hell of a lot lower than the average of 21 per day up to 8th August.

          1. Cian

            Look at the chart labelled “”Confirmed Cases in hospital (8am)” I was checking the data to early in the morning).

            Today is 39
            Wed 40
            Tues 36
            Mon 35
            Sun 33
            Sat 30

        2. Micko


          I think we’re the vocal part of the silent majority.

          I think the majority is getting a pain in the bum with this now.

          1. SOQ

            @ Micko + 1.2 Test Positive Rate (%)

            Now Janet- don’t you know you are not allowed to say things like that? You’ll be having the guards at your door with an arrest warrant soon.

          2. SOQ

            I got the impression Leo was not a big fan of NPHET right back from his topless tea party in the park- there was an air of two fingers about that.

            And, his comment about pubs in Ireland being the only ones closed in Europe was deliberate.

      1. f_lawless

        Ok, sorry I misread the table on the homepage – the layout of the page is not the best on my mobile. 39 it is. It increased by 1 admission in the last 24 hours. So when you say “Number of confirmed Covid cases in hospitals increased again today, ” you’re giving us an update on that one new admission but framing it in an alarmist way. Just what we needed, thanks.

        1. Cian

          For most of July there were 10-14 in hospital; dropping to a low of 6 on 6 July.
          There has been a steady increase since then to 40 yesterday (and 39 today)

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