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      1. bisted

        …Britannia waives the rules…and no better man than Boris…trouble is, Irish people expect Albion to be perfidious but the different flavours of Unionism don’t…a referendum of sorts took place yesterday when the majority in the North came together…the days of Unionist dominance in the North are gone and it’s Boris who will break it to them…

      2. ReproBertie

        After replacing May Boris negotiated the deal, ran his election campaign on having a “great” “oven ready” deal that was backed by every conservative candidate in the election and commended the deal to the British Dáíl. Now that the rubber has hit the road and he is being called upon to implement the “great” deal that he negotiated he’s trying to squirm out of it like the workshy liar he is.

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          he goes and other trolls pop back up, I guess it’s hard to jump between too many personalities in one day

      3. scottser

        ah now BB, don’t make that tosser out to have some sort of authority on the subject. there are plenty of ‘brexperts’ around here who could chime in with a sensible viewpoint; he just boopies over any decent conversation on the subject. although, making himself out to be something he’s clearly not is what he thrives on..

    1. Q Celt

      COVID has shown that staff don’t need an office, immediate corporate savings.
      Corporations are not obligated to support city centres. There are a lot of vested interests in continuing office developments in the city even for DCC.
      There is talk of outsourcing but this does not apply to Google as the staff are by and large high skilled, and those that bemoan the collapse of work socialisation realise 21st century is here and that the introverts (usually more than 60% in tech companies) are delighted that they don’t have to make small talk with colleagues they don’t like, which improves there mental health

      1. Birdie

        I’ve worked remotely during all of my 20 year career. In two instances there was a physical office so it was nice to have the option to change it up but my main drive for office days was to catch up with friends that worked in the city for lunch etc.

        When I was in my twenties I found remote work tough so the head office in the us gave me budget to work from a workshare… it made such a huge difference to me. I still have friends from that experience.

        I guess my point is tread lightly with a complete push for remote working. It’s the social interactions with people that aren’t your colleagues is what I will miss. It’s nice to mix it up with home and office if you can. Plus you get support city businesses too.

        1. SOQ

          Tech companies always had a preference for home working right through from the early nineties but it is other areas which are really going to see change- especially around the IFSC.

          But as you say, it is quite different where you stay at home to work and go to work for social. Home working is obviously very popular with those who have long commute times as they can shave 2-3 hours off their working day without the associated costs and, its a lot healthier too.

          Sooner or later all of this is bound to impact the property market as people will have no real need to be paying such high prices- which is a good thing as everyone has been gravitating towards urban areas for a very long time.

        2. Junkface

          I think working from home would be great for 3 days of the week, in the office for the other two. I miss the work lunches and the craic with coworkers. I think for a lot of people, working as normal in a workplace is better for your mental health, but working from home can lead to cabin fever in winter and bad weather. It’s fine for the moment, but imagine 2 years straight working from home? It might get weird

      2. Rob_G

        While the WFH thing is certainly an interesting new development, this figure of “60% of people working for tech companies are introverts” was pulled straight from your botty.

  1. Dr.Fart

    hahaha wow, the star is such a rag. everything going on in the world, and THAT’S their front page? absolute toilet paper.

    pubs reopening: publicans are not responsible people. they’ll lash out as much drink as they can to chase lost profits and then we’ll have loads of drunk flutes bumpin around discarding guidelines. the same publicans kicking up fuss now wont think twice about doing this and passing the blame somewhere else

    1. Junkface

      It’s a good move. I watched a few games of the last women’s World Cup and it was so refreshing to see that they don’t do the play acting that the mens teams do. They play a tough tackling football and it does seem to be gaining in popularity which can only be a good thing for the Sport.

      Sure the Football clubs already pay the men obscene money, they shouldn’t need pay for the national team.

      1. Vanessanelle

        Ara I dunno Junk

        I think the Yanks could have toned it down a bit
        I found their antics deserved a fine tbh
        Worse than any of the lads sides

        Very unclassy
        Very un World Championesque
        Particularly v Thailand. and they got worse from there

        Easy current toppers my most hated team list
        and they share that with Meath 1987 & Meath 1988
        so not a good list to be on

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