Ireland’s rump hard right-wing, including actual Hitler-salutin’ fascists, converge to create Fine Gael with hilarious consequences.

Thanks brown suits.


9 thoughts on “Fash Back

  1. shitferbrains

    Lazy stereotyping. Implies that other political parties were(are) some kind of left wing radical outfits.

      1. John

        Irish Politics DNA:
        FineGael = Facist blueshirts
        Fianna Fail = Corrupt incompetent chancers
        Sinn Fein = murdering terrorists
        PBP = inept commies
        Greens: ineffectual numpties
        Renua: God bothering racist biggots.
        Labour: Who?

  2. Gabby

    The civil war destroyed emotional equilibrium and left the country with a bipartisan mediocrity for decades.

  3. Vanessanelle

    They haven’t changed a bit
    Ok few more with boobs – who is actually supposed to have boobs I mean

    But that’s about the height of it

    Same as they ever were if you ask me

    Ok, maybe today they’re a bit more conniving and sneaky

    back then they were proud of their self entitlement and self importance, and made no secret of it
    t’was to be expected they would overtly lord it over everyone not them, squireen like

    Now they try to style it up behind polite liberalism and quirky social media messaging
    and pretend to be abhorred when one of their Mummys acts the bint at a schools rubgy match
    but deep down they’re all still thinking that we’ll all be working for them one day

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