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Store Street Garda Station and Debenhams, Henry Street, Dublin

Outside Store Street Garda Station are Debenhams sit-in supporters and workers who were arrested by Gardai earlier after occupying the store.

Above from left: Doreen Keegan (worker), Micheal O’Brien (supporter), Sadhbh Maclochlainn (supporter), Jane Crowe (worker, Steward), Cara Daniel (supporter and, Sean Powney (worker). A similar sit-in protest was carried out in the Debenhams branch in Cork.

Debenhams liquidator withdraws €1m proposal to staff (RTÉ)


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15 thoughts on “Shop Lifted

  1. Dr.Fart

    wait, they were offered 1m yo’s? But that’s even more than the total sum of what they were owed in severance pay? Which is why they’re protesting. Someone help me here, i must be missing something.

    1. goldenbrown

      my understanding is that €1mil only equates to 2 weeks pay

      I wonder how long till we see heavies in untaxed ex-Manchester Police removal vans on the scene with Garda presence to ensure that everyone (that matters) is safe

    2. Gabby

      Just the unions
      The company is liquidated and creditors are the only one to share on what’s left after the liquidators
      Have their cut
      And not one thing they can do
      Just like clearys department store
      All they are doing is just adding onto the bill the liquidators will present Who will ensure what’s left will cover their bill first the rest 1 cent on the euro

      That’s the way the world works
      It’s sad it’s immoral it’s unjust and as for Debenhams they will emerge in another form with plenty of customers and the whole matter sad and all repeated

      As for the unions the PR they are getting

      These workers will only walk away with statutory redundancy and maybe a few hundred extra ,but will it be worth the trouble and anxiety ? Frankly no
      Hardly enough for a family holiday

      Usual unions are only effective in the public sector Where they can cripple a country

    1. Rob_G

      I’m not sure I’m reading the statement in the tweet correctly, but it looks like they’ve just lost themselves €1m.

      1. bisted

        …expect nothing better from KPMG but it’s reasonable to expect your union to be on your side…shame on Mandate for participating in this charade…Bertie bought the unions and they have stayed bought…

  2. bejasus

    wow. spray painting the property. how brave and original. hopefully those responsible are charged with criminal damage

  3. Cian

    The stock is basically worthless and will be heading to a TK Maxx at best now – its Spring/Summer 2020 at newest (which is right in mark down territory); and knowing how badly Debenhams had been doing for some time, probably a hell of a lot of much older stuff.

    So the idea that there’s millions of quid of stock to liquidate to pay the redundancy package is not valid anymore; and trying to trace down where dividends taken out of the Irish ops when it was profitable is not going to be that easy if they think there’s any value in going there.

  4. John Davis

    It’s not as if the staff did not help drive this business into the ground, all they did was chat to each other on the rare occasion I was in there.

    1. Ragamuffin

      I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s the fault of the staff. More likely it was high rental costs, growth of online shopping, escalating insurance premiums… oh and the small matter of the global pandemic. If you’ve ever worked in retail you’ll know it’s quite hard work, feet are hanging off you at the end of the day from standing non-stop, not to mention the crap you have to take from the public.

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