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Last week, with ravishing €25 Golden Discs voucher on offer, I asked for your favourite underrated/obscure gem from the 1990s?

You answered in your hundreds, supplying another stunning playlist of overlooked masterpieces. Thank you.

Sadly, there could be only one winner.

Third Place:

Play On by Rae & Christian featuring The Jungle Bros

Nevan writes:

It just squeaks into the 90s, released in 1999 on a mix album by Rae & Christian called Blazing the Crop  but it was never released as a single. To this day the only version you’ll find is the one that cuts off before the next song on the mix comes in. It’s a very more-ish tune, I can never help skipping back to the start when it finishes.


Change by Sandals

SOQ writes:

The 90s were a time when everyone thinks of the tail end of rave but there was a lot of other interesting stuff bubbling under the surface too. One such genre was acid jazz and my favourite group was from that genre was ‘Sandals’- they released an album called ‘Rite To Silence’ in 1994 which I still play a lot….


Sometimes Always by Jesus And Mary Chain & Hope Sandoval

Brother Barnabas writes:

Saddest, sexiest song ever. Should have been massive – J&MC’s most underrated single off their most underrated album.

Nick says: Thank you all.

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16 thoughts on “Up To 90s

  1. Clampers Outside

    Fair dues BB!

    It was a great thread, found a fair few new-to-me choons in that comp. A lot more than usual :)

    Keep it up Nick and BS! It’s become my fav regular posting on the site.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    jaysus… thanks nick – honoured and humbled. and surprised, to be honest- thought bertie or otis or papi had it several times over. good fun though

  3. Tarfton Clax

    Yup BB, that was a cool track. I remember them back in 1985 when my hipper than thou girlfriend was into them and I was pretty Much “If it’s not Motorhead, I don’t wanna know” . But as I got older I really got into them. Saw them in concert and they were close enough to Motorhead in Volume. (hence my deafness)

    Hope Sandoval is awesome too, and I remember this track fondly. I must dig out some of their 10 inch singles
    I have somewhere.

  4. Slightly Bemused

    Brilliant choice from a fantastic list! Still working through them, as my old PC had a seizure half way through :-)

    Choose wisely what you need the vouchers for, dear Brother!

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