Keep The Fun Going


The Fun Place (not Palace).

Beside the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin 2.

Now is the time to splash out on that water-squirting carnation you’ve always wanted.

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7 thoughts on “Keep The Fun Going

    1. Dr.Fart

      thats the thing, a lot of these closures stem from the source. there is someone who doesn’t need the full rent paid on it. instead of working with the shops in trouble they’re letting them fold. it’s out of pure greed, but it will come back on them when they can’t rent it out to anyone else. unfortunately, at some stage they will be rented, but by companies who can afford them. so, more starbucks etc. Same as many of the old style bars forced to close, they’ll eventually be pub chains. Wheterspoons or PressUp etc., the future of Dublin is bleak. It’ll look nothing like its former self, with many of the cities features already desimated by hotels and tech companies, the old charm of dublin is ebbing away, sold by greedy men.

      1. Sara

        Two Starbucks within 5 minutes walk of the Fun Place have closed in the last month. Don’t think even they can afford the rents.

    2. V AKA Frilly Keane

      They’re there since the 80s
      When property was for nothing
      But finance wasn’t

      Stephens Green Shopping Centre probably wasn’t there either – early days at the most

      My guess is they may well own their building by now
      Or have it on an ancient 99 year renewing
      Like my 1st house

      I reckon Dublin City Rates are their biggest challenge month in month out

      Good luck to them
      It’s a great initiative,

      And a Meitheal type Cooperative we can all join
      Not just Dublin

      On a day like today – when I expect protests to take over the capital
      I really do think we need to find a new, even if it is just temporary, common bond between us
      And maybe this is it

  1. bejasus

    used go there back in the early 80s. youd open the door and a witch would pop out into your face! some memories!

  2. Sara

    Does Tim Carey not know that Hodges Figgis is owend by a British multinational . It’s doing well. There’s no need to fund it.

    1. Hank

      Yep, Hodges Figgis is Waterstones.
      They had the clever idea of appearing to have a rival shop across the road from them while owning them both.

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