Don’t Burst The Party


Fianna Fáil TD Jim O’Callaghan

This morning.

RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Claire Byrne

The Dublin Bay South TD said that ratings in an opinion poll last weekend were “disappointing”, and that the party needs to “protect and emphasise its identity”.

He said “for the interest of Ireland” the Fianna Fáil party “has to survive“.

We are centre ground, centre left national party, that wants to reunify the country, build public housing, reward hard work, protect the vulnerable, the Irish language and save our environment.”

He said if the party does not survive, Ireland will have a political system similar to that of the US, the UK and Northern Ireland….


Now not the time for change in Fianna Fáil leadership – O’Callaghan (RTÉ)


17 thoughts on “Don’t Burst The Party

  1. Madam X

    For any party to survive it needs a clear culture a direction and definitive policies. FF under Martin has waffled back and forth on social housing, water, gov with FG etc. . No wonder the 10% poll rating. He’s still like a duck out of water on the rona issue

  2. frank

    Jim if you do your job and work hard – provide solutions, introduce legislation and enact legislation to the problems of the environment, the vulnerable, the reunification of the country, build public housing, reward hard work. You’ll have no problem “surviving”, you’ll prosper. But if you’re more interested in ‘identity’ and optics you are ballsed

    1. Q Celt

      Centre right. In political science centre parties (not to be confused with centralise) are either populist or Liberal. FF definitely not liberal

  3. rominick

    “for the interest of Ireland”. If that were true these parasites along with Leos merry men would disband.
    They’ve screwed this country since the inception of the state.
    Now they’re rubbing peoples noses in the two tier class system with an open Dail bar while many businesses have gone to the wall.
    You couldn’t make it up.

  4. Kieran

    Wonderful headline. Boy, does it take me back! The whining insincerity in the speaker’s voice on the six o’clock news. And absolutely no notion that he was making a show of himself. “Albert! Draw back!”

  5. Joe Small

    I always marvel at how Fianna Fáil feel that the interests of their party is at least equivalent or greater than the interests of the nation. Similarly, the everlasting belief among senior Fine Gael people that they are our betters and should, by rights, rule over us is also something to marvel. Of course, up until recently, a majority of voters were happy to go along with these outlandish beliefs of both parties.

  6. Dr.Fart

    “We are centre ground, centre left national party, that wants to reunify the country, build public housing, reward hard work, protect the vulnerable”

    FF are none of those things. Each thing he says there is dismissable with instant examples. They never had to really do any work, and now it really shows because none of them know what to do or want to really do anything.

    1. Andrew

      Excellent comment Dr. Fart. I can’t decide whether Jim really believes this or he’s just ignoring basic Fianna Faíl history. He chose to join a party that was corrupt from its foundation and attracted every low life, wide boy huckster in to its ranks ever since.
      As a barrister he would know that his arguments lack evidence.

      1. Dr.Fart

        very true. every two-bit conman looking to wet their beak over the last number of decades joined up with FF as they were the ruling party. It’s awash with uninterested dimwits with no drive other than to get a cushy number. not the people you want in charge at this point in time, with so much at stake.

        as a barrister he would know that, but as a politician he also knows there’s swathes of the population who don’t, and he’s trying to keep them in the illusion.

        What will it take to fold this party? they should’ve exist after what they did to the country when in power last. They’re compounding their ineptitude with their actions presently, they’re surely finished.

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