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  1. Charger Salmons

    So to sum up – 21-year-old Slovenian Tadej Pogacar became the youngest winner of the Tour de France in 116 years.
    And Ireland’s Sam Bennett finished 138th.
    Jeez.We’re going to hear nothing else for the next few days except about someone who finished behind 137 other riders ?
    I know Ireland loves a plucky loser but this is the equivalent of giving a rosette to the fat lad because he collects all the touchline flags after the game is over.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Everyone has heard of Wiggo – the only person to win the Tour de France and Olympic Gold in the same year.
          Although obvs not quite in the same bracket as the feller who finished 138th, just in front of the council road-sweeper cleaning up the empty water bottles and the old dear out for a few messages on her bone-shaker with the wicker basket on the handlebars.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Ah, grotesquerie trolling to kick his week off… Stand back folks, expert at work… Give him space to share his vast knowledge, insights and wisdom of the grand tour..

      1. Charger Salmons

        Vast knowledge ?
        It’s a race.Whoever comes first wins.
        Everyone else is a loser.
        And no-one EVER remembers who came 138th.
        End of.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          That’s not the way it works ya dolt. It’s a multi-competition, multi-disciple grand tour. Time & GC = Yellow. Consistency and points = Green. To win one over another, a rider and a team must engage in a completely different race. Bennett, Sagan etc. had no interest in pursuing GC. Green is for sure a secondary competition to the yellow but a massive achievement none the less. But what do you care when there are natives to be trolled?

          Oh, and as for your mucker Wiggo…. He’s got about as much credibility and respect in the sport as Armstrong. Wiggo’s, Froome’s and Brailsford’s time will come.

          1. Charger Salmons

            If you’re explaining you’re losing.
            There is only one winner of the Tour de France.
            It’s not like the 33rd Team in footy.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Not me pet.
            I’m just heading out for a spot of windsurfing to clear the head after yesterday’s 10-hour lunch.What japes we had.
            Yourself ?

          3. Papi

            Cirrhosis wants us to believe he’d float!!!!! Hahahahahahhahahha!!!

            That’s almost as good as the “I’ve got chums” line.

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      @charage – You are an annoying troll, not even an entertaining troll. How much did UK Postal/Sky/Ineos waste this year and came away with nothing! As for Wiggo, how many TUE’s does he need to win? Supposedly, he has severe athsma but can smoke whenever he chooses. Your small brain may not understand that the single race has multiple categories. Sam was the best points winner, so gets the green jersey. Now, go annoy some Brits on one of their many websites.

  2. SOQ

    The Claire Byrne show returns Monday tonight- our informative lives are complete- with the ever shapeshifting Luke O’Neill I assume- his opinion this week on face nappies is?

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        @SpewHue – if that is your real name – the virus, not lice. I didn’t know you were not aware of it. Google it. “Vagueness is the friend of the hoaxer.” – what are you on about?

      1. Vanessanelle

        and isn’t that the problem GB

        we’re the ones that should care about his business interests
        Money is very obviously an influence
        Just ’cause he doesn’t care

        Surely b’ta cheezuz, everyone one else listening to him and paying attention to him needs to care

        1. Vanessanelle

          Unless they’re shareholders,

          I’d expect they got some decent income over the years from the Company itself for using its facilities alright

          There is also the association with this success story that gives the Provost and a few other Trinity Cheerleaders an opportunity to put the collection plate out to other companies to stump up research grants, donations, etc

  3. f_lawless

    I see that ad on the front page of the Irish Examiner, “If you’re concerned about Alzheimer’s , don’t put if off any longer”, has been positioned right beside a Joe Biden story. Hmm

    Biden speaking yesterday:
    “it’s estimated that 200 million people will have died (from Covid-19) probably by the time I finish the speech”
    That’s nearly two thirds of the US population!
    clip: https://twitter.com/TPostMillennial/status/1307757895354732545

      1. Nigel

        Oh I’m sure people could find actual reasons, if they looked hard enough

        ‘In ‘Power Grab,’ Health Secretary Azar Asserts Authority Over F.D.A.
        ‘It’s unclear if or how the memo would change the vetting and approval process for coronavirus vaccines, three of which are in advanced clinical trials in the United States. Political appointees, under pressure from the president, have taken a string of steps over the past few months to interfere with the standard scientific and regulatory processes at the health agencies. For example, a much criticized guideline on testing for the coronavirus was not written by C.D.C. scientists, and was posted on the agency’s public website over their objections. It was reversed on Friday.’


    1. Nigel

      Linking a verbal gaffe to alzheimers is about as classy as it gets, no? Meanwhile, Trump praised police for attacking journalists, celebrated the genetic superiority of himself and his supporters and accused Biden of wanting to kill God, all at one superspreader rally.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane


        Especially to do it by taking the final stage on the Champs-Élysées as well.

        Great tour this year in fairness
        Paris definitely missed the crowds lining the streets for this year’s finale
        I’m not sure the others did tbh – the mountains were as normal – kinda
        Those Tour followers tend to be two or three days ahead of the peleton, and perch on their chosen bend / section to wait for the riders
        So were more scattered and spread out

        The other locations – towns villages etc, that usually attract spectators and fans, were obviously sparce, but locals made a special effort to have their day on the Tour broadcast
        And I think it was the better for it

        Fabulous Champion this year too, hon’ Tadej Pogacar
        21 years old

        Tour / Team cycling is back folks

        1. Con Kennedy

          Absolutely. Riviting from the start. And the pog and rog cat and mousing was brilliant! Not to mention plucky Hirchi and Jumbo Visma destroying Ineos and the ineos bromance

    1. goldenbrown

      one of the toughest tours in years, he brilliantly executed throughout


      winning des Champs-Élysées and the manner he did that – in sprinting terms he destroyed them


      1. Vanessanelle

        a great day for Tipp
        In fairness

        Kiladangan took the County Snr for the first time in a Co final that had everything in it
        Even an extra time goal
        1-28 t’ Loughmore-Castleiney’s 3-20
        Anyone could have taken it, and some class long rangers that you won’t see very often at Club level
        Definitely one for the neutral to follow up on

        All the featured Stars performed, and Tipp will have a new Captain

        The pubs in Tipp won’t be long recovering from their lockouts

        Even the PV lads haven’t a bad word to say about it, save for the usual suspects
        and that’s something

        As if last Winter wasn’t bad enough
        This one is going to be pure purgatory having to listen to the Tipp crowd talking about their own


        Wouldn’t be without a word of it

  4. Charger Salmons

    Of course Normal People didn’t stand a chance of winning an Emmy.
    The acting was risible, the script leaden and there were no black people in it.
    Paul Mescal might have won if there was a Looking Gormless While Occasionally Getting His Flaccid Winky-Woo Out To Give Ireland A Fit Of The Vapours category.
    But a plucky loser nonetheless.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Opening at a respectable 9.3 on the
      Sure Have Inferiority Troubles meter this morning,
      As you look out the 2′ square window of your bedsit,
      The joyous smell of baked beans
      Heating on the portable gas ring
      Embracing your Walter Mitty persona
      As you dream of resting in a
      Hammock on a boat
      3000 miles from your reality.

      1. Papi

        Bag of cans later then the 2 for 1 snack box treat tomorrow if Mother gives me pocket money.

        Oh, being Charger.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      And how does FFGr react? – have the Gardai on O’Connell Street, Dublin stopping cars advising people not to travel outside the county, while wild parties and a rave happen without any intervention.
      O’Connell Street?

      No minutes of NPHET meetings since early August!

      1. Micko

        The lads having a rave are too difficult for the cops to deal with.

        Much easier for them to stop and “educate” people in their cars.

        Sure aren’t they doing a great job sure to be sure

        That no minutes from NPHET since August 12th is mental.

        I mentioned it to someone over the weekend and they shrugged their shoulders. Apathy at its worst

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Cian – Dublin isn’t locked down – that’s a lie. All the Gardai can do is to advise. They can’t stop people going in or out. But doing that in O’Connell Street? I’m sure the bus drivers will appreciate the advice.

          The minutes of Nphet were made 2,3,4, days afterwards for a while. It’s been 40 days since the last one. What have they got to hide? Attendance? How they come to decisions?

    2. Janet, dreams of big guns

      my parents said they would rather die of covid than live their last few years stuck in the house with pretty much only each other to interact with, understandably without my Dad’s weekly social outing he has taken to repeating over and over stories of the last things he did do, fun stuff like hospital visits, it’s driving them both literally crazy, My extremely active Mother cant sleep now she can’t high tail it around, told me ” and moses said let there be light ” the other day, they are both getting lost mentally in their isolation, it’s aged them both more rapidly in the last 6 months than the last 6 years,they say it’s not a life, they are worried about their children’s futures and jobs, suff they thought they didn’t have to worry about anymore, they have switched off rte at my insistence because its aggravating the climate of constant worry.
      They would genuinely rather take their chances in a full reopening at aged 74 and 84 than face a continuation of current quality of life .
      These are people who have been through a lot in life, are mentally strong and despite driving each other nuts do have each other and socially distanced visits from children and crash courses in new tech for skyping grandkids, I don’t like to imagine the more vunerable elderly, alone or with higher anxiety, how are they doing, is it any way to live ?
      Dont just Scream covid at me , these are genuine points of view from the people we are trying to protect.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Excellent post Janet. Turning off the news was a great move to be honest. There’s little quality of life at the moment for a lot of the older generation – and that’s from 60 upwards.

        On another note – Is China going to make restitution for this pandemic?

          1. Rob_G

            did you even read the article you linked to? Is suggests that anyone going looking for China to pay restitution must be some sort of thick (in so many words).

          2. GiggidyGoo

            That’s the opinion of the article writer. The opinions of the better educated ones I’d go by.
            But I drew your attention to it to show that it’s a question being asked. But if you’re too thick to understand what’s going on in these conversations, that’s your problem.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Ah sure, everyone is dim but Rob. Can you not come up with something intelligent to say, instead of doing the ‘sit with daddy’ routine with Cian?

      2. Junkface

        I’ve had similar discussions with my parents Janet. It’s a common worry in older aged parents. There is always one parent who handles it better than the other. It’s a terrible way to spend their last few years of retirement, a terrible quality of life. I just hope they don’t drive each other nuts. We have to get more creative with ways to protect their age group but helps them socialize and connect with their friends and family. Christmas will be difficult to organize, or even have together at this rate

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          in the good weather I had my Dad’s band down playing in the back garden, Mum has always been into the garden, they have my dog there for a bit of entertainment ( she recently robbed a pack of biscuits , hiding them in her bed while covering her tracks by getting the lid back on the tin…I now have heard that story 20 times, it’s been a real highlight) but now with the weather turning it’s going to get worse plus no church, no bingo, no giggs, no flower arranging, no art classes, no ladies crafting group, no belly dancing ( herself) just the four walls, the rain and crap tv , there’s only so many jumpers you can knit, cakes for the neighy you can bake and model airplanes you can build,
          my mum always a snappy dresser was in jeans the other day !!!! it’s not healthy, I got her to go change and guess what she felt better but it says a lot.
          Maybe the government should ask what people want, what risks they want to take.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            maybe they should have improved the hospital facilities and capabilities during the last lockdown instead of pissing money up against the wall

          2. SOQ

            Part of the problem here Janet is the media’s relentless doom and gloom which is really frighting older people. In our life times we have never had such coverage on ANY illness before- so why this one?

            I know it is infectious and I know it can be very serious but so are many others. It just strikes me that the Government are in a constant panic mode and are making it up as they go along.

            They are certainly not taking a balanced view of public health, that much is for sure because your parent’s issues are the tip of a mental health iceberg.

            People really are suffering.

          3. Nigel

            No, the problem here is we are six months into a crisis that may go on for a lot longer, if things go badly, and it is increedibly rough for a lot of people and it’s no surprise that many of them are hitting a wall.

      3. millie madonna

        That’s incredibly sad to read, Janet, and I’d say is the reality for more than one family. Genuinely hope your parents (and you) manage to stay well x

      4. Cian

        Janet, I’ve had similar conversations with my old pair too. Specifically – do they want to see their grandchildren now the schools are back and (arguably) now a greater risk to them. They shrugged their shoulders and said they want to see the kids.

        I don’t know what the answer is – do we have a referendum and ask the people – and if so what is the question?

  5. Q Celt

    80 years since the RAF and RNAS defend democracy in Europe. Not mentioned on Guardian front page, joke newspaper

        1. Charger Salmons

          There was a very good one recently on Paddy Finucane.
          A squadron leader aged 21 !
          Died after ditching his Spit in the drink.
          But some clown on here thought it outrageous the Brits nicknamed him Paddy.
          Different times.

          1. Pip

            The photo of Finucane in his shamrock Spitfire is one to stir the blood.
            OTOH when Lord Henry Mountcharles went to public school on the mainland (as it were) he says he was called Boggy.

      1. Pip

        Rumour has it that Hemingway was actually shot down a fifth time, while doing an airborne recce of suitable care homes in south Dublin. He managed to get her down in one piece on the grounds of a particularly nice establishment and remains there to this day.

  6. Nigel

    The World’s Worst Companies For Plastic Waste Pollution

    ‘For example, [the report] outlines how the industry in the U.S. has successfully shifted the blame for plastic pollution to consumers and authorities while recycling is being promoted as a convenient excuse to produce even more plastic. In Europe, it analyzed how the industry has attempted to weaken and delay the EU Plastics Strategy and the EU SUP Directive. In Asia, the report explored China’s major policy moves which are being undermined by low corporate action while it outlined how people in Japan remain blissfully unaware of how their plastic waste is incinerated or exported. South America was lambasted for brazen industry lobbying while in Africa, Kenya is being suffocated by plastic waste pushed by companies seeking grow their business on the continent.’


    1. GiggidyGoo

      9.66 on the SHI Trouble meter. At least you have internet in your bedsit while you daydream. Beans for lunch (again) I take it.

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