Brazil Nut Harvest


Yesterday morning.

Somewhere in Meath.


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34 thoughts on “Brazil Nut Harvest

  1. frank

    Ah I see it’s grand coz they’re Brazilians. All the degenerates were up in the Oliver Bond.

    Except the Brazilians will be back in their house shares or in meat processing or delivering your food this week with a extra helping of Covid19

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          most of the Brazilian’s I know are rides and for the countries gene pool alone should be allowed the run of the place

          1. frank

            The only winners are the slum landlords that pile them into house shares.
            The shady unregulated language schools.
            And the greedy employers that pay substandard wages.
            But yeah forget about that. Good for them

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            yes I’m sure that’s what you really have a problem with,
            but yes their conditions on this country should be improved, all housing regulations should be stricter, all working conditions improved

          3. Brother Barnabas

            well that’s very true

            but of course that’s not their doing – that’s greedy irish landlords and slum businessmen

          4. frank

            That is the problem Janet as I have clearly illustrated.

            Useful idiots that screech ‘you can’t say that about these poor immigrants’ are complicit with the slum landlord, the unscrupulous employer & the language school that takes their money and steers them into their miserable existence. Shutting down any useful conversation that might shed some light on to a seedy hidden world.

          5. frank

            I think you need to look further up the food chain Brother.
            In recent years, the numbers of Brazilians applying for PPSN have increased dramatically:
            2015 5,502
            2016 7,283
            2017 10,382
            2018 12,268
            That is just Brazilian numbers. Romanians have the next highest application rate.

            They’re not here to deliver your pizza. They’re here to make a small cohort of people very rich

          6. Janet, dreams of big guns

            yes they come here to facilitate Irish scum,
            they dream of paying gougers ridiculous rents out of crap pay,
            nothing to do with improving their lives

          7. Brother Barnabas

            “The lack of enforcement by the councils of housing standards is also a big issue.”

            councils don’t / can’t enforce unless there’s a complaint – and, given state of rental/housing market, very few tenants are willing to risk pi $$ ing off their landlord with that

            comes back to need for stronger regulation of private rental sector, harsher punishment of rogue landlords, proper tenant rights, and, esp, alternatives to private rentals

          8. Brother Barnabas


            personally, frank, i’ve no problem with that all – the more, the better

            afaic, they’re all welcome

          9. frank

            No Janet ‘your logic is flawed’. Because what are you doing about it?
            You know the immigrant population is being taken advantage from the moment they arrive and you kick back and say ‘sure let them at it, they deserve it the poor divils’.
            You’re as bad as the bunkbed landlord

          10. Cian

            “comes back to need for stronger regulation of private rental sector, harsher punishment of rogue landlords, proper tenant rights, and, esp, alternatives to private rentals”

            I disagree. We have massive regulations, we have good tenant rights. What we are missing is enforcement of these and punishments for rogue landlords. The good landlords abide by the rules. The bad ones ignore them. The councils need to increase the number of inspections of dwellings and enforcing the existing laws.

            Oh, and the councils do
            – “Reactive inspections” – carried out following the receipt of a complaint.
            – “Proactive inspections” – ones that are done without any complaint received.

          11. Brother Barnabas

            “good tenant rights”

            which a landlord can sidestep by saying he wants the property for a family member or intends doing substantial refurbishment

          12. Cian

            “which a landlord can sidestep by saying he wants the property for a family member or intends doing substantial refurbishment”

            Both of these are valid reasons, although they may be abused. If you know anyone that has been evicted for wither of these reasons, and sees the property back for rent – go to RTB and raise a dispute. If a landlord uses that clause improperly – they can and have been ordered to hand over substantial damages to the ex-tenant.

          13. Brother Barnabas

            what would be the penalty in cases of improper use of these clauses?

            its capped at 20k – but, in vast majority of cases, the fine is way less. usually something fairly minuscule – 1-3k – which doesnt at all compensate a tenant for the cost, disruption or stress of being kicked out of their home, while being a low price from a landlord’s perspective to, again, sidestep the regulations

        2. diddy

          6 months ago these schools were recruiting kids from Panama to mexico in country. the affiliates would promise them accomm upon arrival and. job within a month, implicit in the deal is the opportunity to use the visa as a stepping stone to staying in the EU. shaaadeeee

  2. broadbag

    Not good, nor is the Oliver Bond St. party, just a fraction of what’s happening no doubt, while some try their best others couldn’t be arsed and ruin it for everyone. On the Brazilians, at least they dispersed with zero aggro and cleaned up after them, if it was Irish your man probably would have been battered and the place left like a bomb site.

  3. Jim

    It’s as wrong as the Oliver Bond flats but it’s an interesting cultural difference that they have such a “leave no trace” mentality, even after being rumbled and told to clear. You have to respect that.

  4. Andrew

    Some truly bizarre comments on this thread! Double standards, an entirely oblivious to the consequences of this. But diversity right?

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