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Further to the proposed discontinuation of Bus Eireann routes from Dublin to Cork, Limerick and Galway….

“The blame for this lies squarely with the National Transport Authority (NTA) which has, over the years, flooded the market with privately held operating licenses and strangled the national carrier.

Bus Eireann, unlike other operators, has continued to supply much needed services during the current Covid-19 crisis and the NTA needs to recognise this and provide funding so that these services continue to provide safe and accessible transport for all its passengers.

The threat to some of the most strategic bus transport routes in the country is short sighted, flawed and a kick in the teeth for workers and passengers.”

SIPTU Sector Organiser, John Murphy,

SIPTU condemns decision to discontinue vital Bus Eireann Expressway routes (Medium)


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13 thoughts on “The Bus Home

  1. Sara

    Very predictable that the Green Party are not kicking up a stink about this. Sure why would they care. It’s not like the environment needs public transport.

  2. Joe

    You mean FG on bikes the Greenwash Party. I expect FG lickspittles Eamo Ryan and Co. will announce some new bicycle lanes on the routes as per their usual deflection when their environmental credentials are exposed once again as useless.

  3. Alex Chilton

    Sorry, what?! they’re blaming the failure of Bus Éireann on private operators? BÉ’s failure is their own.

  4. Ron

    Terrible news for the country. Mustn’t be getting enough customers to be viable. Hopefully it returns in future as the country starts overcoming Covid

    1. GiggidyGoo

      It’s not a matter on competition.
      “The importance of the social dimension of city and rural services is recognised by the State, and a level of state funding ensures the continued operation of those routes that are not profitable on a commercial basis. The feedback we receive from local communities and from public representatives confirms the importance of the role that city and rural service play in supporting Irish communities.”

      It’s a matter of the State and it’s responsibilities. All EU states subsidize the state transport companies.

      Eamon Ryan and his so-called ‘Green’ folk should be up in arms about this, as withdrawal of these services will see an increase in pollution as the usage of private cars will increase.

  5. Gavin

    Untill we stop trying to make a profit out of everthing and accept the fact that the state needs to provide some public services at a loss or the very least break even, this will continue…it aint about competition.

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