The Errors ‘Affect Around 10% Of This Year’s 61,000 Leaving Certificate Students’


This afternoon.

The Dáil in the Convention centre.

Via RTÉ:

Responding to a question from Labour Leader Alan Kelly, Micheál Martin said the priority is to first inform students who may have grades changed as a result of the error.

RTÉ News understands the errors identified by the Department affect around 10% of this year’s 61,000 Leaving Certificate students.

Mr Kelly said the Department has “gone to ground” in relation to those students who are appealing their calculated grades and asked is there a reason for that.


Errors found in Leaving Cert calculated grades system (RTÉ)



*flings duster*

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9 thoughts on “The Errors ‘Affect Around 10% Of This Year’s 61,000 Leaving Certificate Students’

  1. GiggidyGoo

    6000+ students that have not been given their correct results. Shameful, and just passed off as matter-of-fact. Whatever about Norma, where’s Simon Harris as some of those will have been declined university places, or not have been offered their chosen courses?

  2. broadbag

    That’s what they get for congratulating themselves on how wonderful their precious system was, urine and brewery springs to mind.

  3. Cian

    Of all the things that the Government did back when Covid was kicking off delaying and then replacing the Leaving Cert with calculated scores was one of the stupider ones (although while saying that, a majority of students supported it’s removal*)

    *Survey of 24,000 sixth years says 79% want exams to be replaced with predicted grades.

    1. goldenbrown

      Cian, in fairness if you offer a youngfella or youngwan the chance to dodge the trauma that is sitting the LC on nearly the eve of the LC (unless you’re a mature of thought top 5%tile nerdy weirdo) they’re gonna take it

      sometimes kids need to be just told what to do and a half-assed guessing game to derive results was never the correct idea, there’ll be knock-on’s arising from this decision for years to come for these students and the ones immediately following next year. at the least there will be a lasting smell of doubt (akin to a certain cohort of drivers who were handed full driving licences to kill off a waiting list once upon a time)

    2. Termagant

      Breaking news: Students don’t want to do exams

      More on this after our feature on the turkeys who’re pushing for a vegan Christmas this year

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