8 thoughts on “You Have A Fly On Your Head

  1. baz

    Pence won the debate, it explains the juvenile msm diversion about a fly

    also speaks volumes about Pences focus

    Harris is a terrible candidate, no policy, flip flops with the breeze and not even an ounce of charisma!

    1. Charlie

      Haa..Yea, sure Pence has the charisma of wet rag. He’ll be calling to your door next week in his short sleeved starched white shirt to sell you Jesus and a hoover.

      1. Nigel

        Right wing milita were caught plotting to kidnap a Democratic governor. Trump responded by insulting the Governor. Only one side is out to stop people voting. One Republican Rep made a comment about too much democracy. Don’t ‘both sides’ this, it’s utterly thick.

    2. Junkface

      Pence never won that debate! The man is so dull and boring that he was upstaged by a fly! Dear God the delusion! Pence called standard international test and trace actions to tackle coronavirus plagiarism because Biden/Harris wanted to try it. Plagiarism??! Like Trump and Pence invented it? They didn’t even do it right as they all caught covid 19 in the White House! What planet is he on? Full of calmly laid out lies for the public.

      Some people on here also thought Trump won the previous debate. His poll ratings have tanked since then. His debate shananigans were a disaster, America hated it, they found it unbearable to watch. His numbers are way down since that debate. He is a fraud, a moron, and right now is acting like a lunatic due to extra side effects from his treatment. Even Don jr. wants an intervention for the good of his health.

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