Submissive Dom


Ah, McNulty.

This morning/afternoon.

He’s in so much trouble.

Dominic West and wife insist ‘our marriage is strong’ after he was pictured with Lily James (Telegraph)



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28 thoughts on “Submissive Dom

      1. Ger

        I said, ‘WHO THE HELL IS THAAAT?’ ‘He’s a famous fella, used to be on the TV waaay back!’ I said, ‘WHO THE HELL IS THAAAT?’”

        1. Brother Barnabas

          never mind who the hell is he – who the hell does he think he is? that’s what I want to know

  1. Gabby

    I never heard of them, but I wish them well in their married bliss. Now let’s have some important news…

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        My sister does a good impression of the hulk when eventually moved to anger, I have learned not to go there as part of my don’t press the big red button new lifestyle.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I think if we think hard enough and be honest enough with ourselves, we’ll realise that we’re all his fella

  2. Charger Salmons

    Isn’t he the feller who was delighted Trump caught Covid-19 ?
    Hello Schadenfreude.Meet Karma.

  3. ian-oh

    Great in The Wire as a smug, arrogant sillypants.

    But was he acting? Because he was also a smug, arrogant sillypants in 300 and something else I have seen him in….


  4. goldenbrown

    have absolutely no idea who these people are or why I should care if their marriage is good bad or indifferent

    is this Daily Mail entertainment slot a new direction for Broadsheet?

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