Keeping Up With The Joneses


‘international-standard accommodation’?

Ark at them.


Never mind.

National Archives, Ireland

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Joneses

  1. kerryview

    How the hell do you find anything there?? back of the warehouse, turn left, you’ll see a pile of boxes with a yellow box on top, that’s not it, turn up that aisle and eventually you will see 5 box-high mountain, in the middle layer you should find the box file you are looking for ‘bureaucracy in a modern world’.

  2. Retroboy

    Wow. Have had some “archiving” experience. Looked hard at the photo, but could not see any fire-suppressant stuff.
    “The National Archive”, one spark away from… nothing.

    Has it been digitised yet?

  3. Truth in the News

    When will all this documentation be digitally archived as if there ever is a blaze it’s gone

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