Would You Like To Stay And Chat? I Have Biscuits


The household visiting ban does not include plumbers, electricians, builders, upholsterer and painters

This morning.

Tradespeople can continue to work in people’s homes despite the household visiting ban…

Via RTÉ:

Minister for Further and Higher Education Simon Harris said plumbers, electricians, builders, upholsterers, painters should take precautions when entering homes for work.

He also said business owners should show leadership and facilitate their employees working from home in a bid to stop the transmission of Covid-19.

Minister Harris said “we were very good at working from home” [at the start of the pandemic], but said he has noticed a lot more traffic on the roads recently.”

Sorry, Si.

Household ban does not apply to tradespeople (RTÉ)


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62 thoughts on “Would You Like To Stay And Chat? I Have Biscuits

  1. paul

    can Harris ensure that Government Departments aren’t making their employees come in unnecessarily? Maybe even a word in the ear of his fellow Ministers to ensure compliance. Lots of rumblings online about the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Passport Office (amongst others) demanding staff come in to do jobs that could be done from home and doing sweet f-all to protect those staff members when they do come in.

  2. frank

    So trades people can come to your house.
    You can get takeaway food delivered to your house.
    But the kids can’t go trick or treating.
    Someone explain that to me

      1. george

        Yeah, its not that hard is it? It is about reducing contacts not eliminating them to zero which is impossible.

      2. frank

        pizza delivered to your door is an essential service?
        and let’s not even mention that the delivery driver is hanging out with 10 other delivery drivers while waiting on your food and is then going home to (probably) a house share with another 10 individuals.
        that makes no sense and is the very opposite of ‘reducing contacts’.

          1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

            plus lots of people doing deliveries to make ends meet on top of people for whom it’s their regular income

        1. Clampers Outside

          You’d be surprised at the numbers of people who can’t cook…


          Having spent the day trying to work from home with kids running around your feet, and are maybe too tired to cook and need a break….

          1. Brother Barnabas

            old, infirm, unwell… so many reasons why food delivery might be essential

            not all about a teen on an all-day videogame binge calling out for a pizza

          2. frank

            Holy divine!! the old and infirm & unwell are the very last people that should be allowing takeaway food be delivered to their doors!!

          3. frank

            @clampers I think delivery drivers are pretty obvious vectors of Covid but cod yourself all you want.

          4. frank

            I think it’s transmitted through contact Brother…. which is the whole point of this, is it not??? cut down your contacts

          5. Brother Barnabas

            cut down your contacts as much as possible, Frank

            so cut out stuff that doesnt need to happen – like feral mobs of snotty-nosed kids descending on your doorstep, shoving their grubby, unwashed hands into your face – and proceed with caution with stuff that you really need (like food)

          6. Redundant Proofreaders Society

            There is no difference in risk nor importance between a food delivery and your regular post. The former is definitely tastier though.

          7. frank

            don’t answer the door then Brother!
            @Redundant Proofreaders Society that’s nonsense. You take the food off the delivery guy and probably a cash or card transaction. Before the delivery guy took the food it passed through how many hands in the takeaway. Then the delivery guy has the chats with his mates. It’s a very different transaction than that of the postman. Unless of course you’re riding the postman.

          8. frank

            @janet the point is why are kids trick or treating being cast as ‘deadly vectors’ while you can get your fatty takeaway delivered? there is no difference.

          9. Janet, dreams of warm feet

            I usually throw the sweets in a gushy style arc and watch the survival of the fittest in action from a safe distance anyway

        2. Charger Salmons

          My regular wine delivery appeared throughout the initial lockdown and I expect no different this time.
          And I’ll fight any person to the death who says fine wines from our Gallic cousins are not essential.
          Ruddy hell, I’ve just defended the French !
          Nurse !

      1. frank

        Are you still struggling with the idea that ancient Egyptians tried to cure corona viruses 3500 years ago Dad?

          1. frank

            the point Dad won’t accept is that a cure for corona viruses (the cold) has been searched for over 3500 years. It can’t be found.
            It won’t be found.
            Talk of a vaccine for corona virus is nonsense.

    1. george

      What nonsense? Allowing tradespeople to continue to provide essential services while asking people not to have social visitors now that we have passed the original peak?

      We were asked not to have visitors to our homes in March so yes in March I would fully expect that restriction to return during a second wave.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        The still humming n’ hawing about lockdowns
        Green lists
        Hospitals still not able for a surge
        That sorta stuff

        Seriously did anyone think – say last Easter, that they’d all still be making it up as they go along in October

        And eff off you Brother

        1. george

          We have hospital overcrowding every year so yes that is expected.
          There’s no nonsense with masks except for a few idiots protesting.
          The whole country is level 3 so travel abroad shouldn’t be happening right now but we are signing up the new EU wide system for travel which has just been agreed.
          There are challenges with testing but we aren’t doing too badly there compared with some others. The UK was asking us to bail them out recently.
          You say “making up as they go along” but it is responding to a constantly changing situation.

          I will grant you one thing: I certainly didn’t predict that a golf dinner in August would be happening in October.

          1. Vanessanelle

            ah hang on now
            No, I’m not letting you have your own way on this

            The HSE got a 3 bill top up this year to increase capacity to manage the additional intake, yet still can’t manage, despite everyone staying away, and cancelling everything from Screening to Electives. Plus the Private Hospital Beds Plus Citywest

            WHO have all but reversed their position on Masks, and our crowd hang off their every word. I’ll throw in Luke O’Neill who is being treated like a sleb in the media here, but not for the dramatic jump in his own personal wealth since March, oh no

            They spun that much PR out of all the Testing Centres set up around the Country, from Croke Park to De Pairc, and none of them were nor are at any level of capacity
            Same for recruiting Staff

            As for Air Travel, there was more resources put into sending Social Welfare out to the Airports than put into quarantine/ tracking of arrivals or even testing arrivals. Which remains the case

            They made a hames of the Leaving Cert, and reopening schools & colleges – and we’re still not done with that.

            They savaged PUP, and awarded themselves a pay bump
            Yet entire business sectors have been wiped out and will never return to any sensible arrangement
            This includes farming / food & agri btw so its not just wet pubs and dance halls

            And still no programme or strategy for how we are going to live and work with this virus amongst us until there is a vaccine

            The current prediction for the Exchequer is a 23.4 billion swing by YE 2020
            and we’ve got 16 extra ICU beds and 64 special advisors to show for it

            ‘ara go way out that

            and all that’s before I mention the B word

  3. GiggidyGoo

    So, this is part of Harris’ ministry? Maybe he might concentrate of his 3rd level one.

    Maybe check if students in university accommodation who have contracted Covid are being asked to keep it ‘under their hat’ by the university?

    1. george

      Do you want him to refuse to answer questions from the media? I don’t think people would be happy with that.

      PS the links in the post are backwards

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Maybe the media should direct their questions about Covid-19 rules/regulations to Donnelly, and questions about 3rd level education to Harris. I don’t see Donnelly being asked about 3rd level education

  4. Cian

    It’s nice to know we can still have people using the tradesman’s entrance if they want!

    Oh! er! missus!

  5. Charger Salmons

    Phew, Lady Charger will be relieved.
    Our Slovakian gardener is due in this weekend to trim her privet hedge before the winter.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Good man Walter. Isn’t she lucky to have an active partner in such a DIY guy as yourself. Those window pots need tending regularly.

  6. JoeyJoeJoeShabadoo

    Has anyone any experience with the current checkpoints – is there any legal basis for Garda to make you turn around and what are they generally making people do

    Genuine question for someone planning on visiting family in another county

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