Big Yellow Bins



This afternoon.

Stephen’s Green Street, Dublin 2.

Via Buzz,ie:

The new initiative aims to build a culture of on-the-go recycling in Dublin city centre by placing eye-catching bins to educate and inspire people to recycle correctly while out and about. This is being launched at a time where the impact of the pandemic has seen a rise in litter in conjunction with the use of single-use items such as face masks.

Yes, but yellow!?


Hubbub and The Coca-Cola Foundation launch on-the-go recycling initiative in Dublin (Sophie Collins, Buzz,ie)

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15 thoughts on “Big Yellow Bins

  1. Conksi

    awful. as gaelige one side and english the other, phenomenally poor design, should be half a glance and everyone knows whats it is. Jarring in the built landscape. Like ghastly advertising rather than green intiative
    Cant fault the intention but c’mon brain… engage!

    1. Col

      “should be half a glance and everyone knows whats it is”
      The iconography should have that effect.

    2. paddy apathy

      Streetscapes in Dublin and around the country are just awful, proliferation of unnecessary traffic signage, lampposts, rubbish bins, utility boxes and sandwich boards just makes the city more chaotic, frustrating and ugly. This initiative just adds to the mess.

    3. Termagant

      Agreed, no consideration given for people who have highly selective blindness enabling them to read the text but not perceive the picture of the bottle and the can with the universal symbol for the concept of recycling

    1. Dhaughton99

      5c returns on cans and bottles and you’d have it sorted. Lads could make a little living, but Repak don’t like the competition for government cheese.

  2. george

    Making the bin for recycling more visible than the bin for everything else doesn’t make too much sense. They’re more likely to be used more as regular bins for the wrong kind of waste.

    They should also make the opening smaller to reduce the disposal of other kinds of rubbish. I don’t think flagon drinkers are too discerning about where they put their empties.

  3. Kingfisher

    I like them. It’s been a learning curve everywhere and it will be here too. If it works, we may progress to shared onstreet bins like Amsterdam’s.

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