Meanwhile, In Blackrock


This morning.

Blackrock, County Dublin.

More as we get it.

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17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Blackrock

  1. Johnny

    Do you have inciting a riot charges in Ireland

    Seamus Hand was elected Partner in 2002 and has worked with major clients across the Financial Services market place. Seamus has specialised in the Aircraft Finance; Asset Management and Banking sectors and has played a key role in the development of KPMG’s Tax practice.

    Wtf was he thinking sending those goons over ?

    1. Johnny

      ..yeah in my opinion,Seamus willfully and knowingly violated a recent settlement with the SEC.

      “In addition to paying a $50 million penalty, KPMG is required to evaluate its quality controls relating to ethics and integrity, identify audit professionals that violated ethics and integrity requirements in connection with training examinations within the past three years, and comply with a cease-and-desist order. The SEC’s order requires KPMG to retain an independent consultant to review and assess the firm’s ethics and integrity controls and its investigation.”

      Sending that hired muscle over to intimidate those workers is a blatant and flagrant breach this order, its a FU to the SEC who regulates them and he should be sanctioned and reported for violating this order..

  2. johnny

    -Reynolds almost immediately became embroiled in the X case, in which his hardline Catholic attorney general, Harry Whelehan, had stepped in to prevent a 14-year-old girl going to Britain for an abortion.
    – a tribunal appointed to investigate dubious relations between the beef tycoon Larry Goodman and Haughey dragged Reynolds into the equation.
    -it was revealed he had provided lavish, state-sponsored, export-guarantee insurance to consignments of beef sold to Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq.
    – Reynolds nominated Whelehan, still attorney general, as president of the high court, and it was revealed that Whelehan had long frustrated efforts to extradite the paedophile priest Brendan Smyth.
    – Reynolds had been at the heart of a massive diplomatic rebuff when he waited in vain to greet the Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, during a stopover at Shannon airport. Yeltsin, it was widely reported, was too drunk to leave his aircraft.
    -Reynolds’s retirement was dominated by a long-running libel battle with the Sunday Times, after the paper alleged he misled the Irish parliament over aspects of the child abuse affair that brought him down

    his daughter Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds is presiding in this case.

    1. Paulus

      I remember the Yeltsin/Shannon incident led to a new euphemism for being drunk:

      “Circling Ennis”

    2. benblack

      Blagged a First Class train journey from Cork to Dublin on the back of the Beef Tribunal by pretending to be a guest on ‘Today Tonight’ while a student one time.

      Even got the train conductor to make a phonecall(think he made the call from Limerick Junction) to my girlfriend’s parents’ house, at the time, to inform her that I’d meet her later that night.

      Had a steak, medium-rare, can of draught Guinness(new inventions, ATT – widget, was the buzzword) and fell asleep, drunk.

      Conductor woke me up in Dublin and informed me the Gardaí were waiting for me at the end of the platform. I asked him, on the way, how did he figure it out, to which he informed me that ‘Today Tonight’ was not scheduled to air that night.

      Met the gardaí at end of platform and after about ten minutes they went to check the details I had given them. I’ll never forget the Ban Garda instructing me to stay there until they came back, she was probably telling me to make a run for it – which I did and met my girlfriend at the time and place the train conductor told her I’d meet her.

      My girlfriend – at the time – said her mother was very impressed and that I must have some great pull.

      Cool story, bro.

      1. johnny

        quite the day out-hard beat this though….hi honey how was your day…oh normal.

        “But before anything more can happen, Borat bursts into the room and shouts, “Put down your chram!”—his preferred word for penis. “She’s 15! She’s too old for you!”

        The startled Giuliani, who had no reason to believe his interviewer was underage, sits up abruptly and gets out of there as fast as he can. “Rudy, Trump will be disappoint! You are leaving hotel without golden shower!” Borat yells after him.”

      2. Steph Pinker

        Haha, you cheeky pup! I like hearing tales of boldness and indiscretion.

        Btw, what’s a ‘Today Tonight’?

        1. benblack

          Ask the defector, traitor, Pat Kenny.

          Gay didn’t, and, wouldn’t have done that.

          You’re not that young, Steph.

    3. Andrew

      Leonie Reynolds was also fast tracked on to the bench. Went straight from Junior Counsel to Judge with little time served.

      1. johnny

        quite the dynasty.
        Andrea joined KPMG after UCD-was fast tracked also to senior partner at KPMG London in no time.

        She also holds the rather unique distinction of being appointed without any vacancy,kinda like a spare high court judge…or an extra..

        “In addition, the Government agreed in principle to nominate Her Hon. Judge Leonie Reynolds for appointment by the President to the High Court, once a vacancy arises in that Court ”

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