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  1. Friscondo

    I fail to understand how this racist, Islamophobic, bigot continues to get away with his utterly unfunny schtick. The Ali G character was downright offensive by any criteria, and has not aged well. Borat is just as offensive. His mocking and deriding of an entire nation, and then alleging complicity in the Holocaust is reprehensible. The Kazakh people fought the Nazi’s as fiercely as anyone. After all they would have been its victims, as untermenchen, if the Nazi’s had not been driven back by the Red Army. 700,000 Kazakh’s died including civilians, out of a population of 6 million. The Borat character is reminiscent of how Irish people were portrayed in Punch magazine in the 19th century. When did it become OK to ridicule an entire nation? Foreigners, aren’t they hilarious, with their funny accents and habits? The idea that Kazakh’s are collateral damage in his take down of right wing America, just doesn’t wash. That can easily be done without being racist towards another people.

    1. Rob_G

      I think the joke with Ali G (who I don’t find funny) is that the character is supposed to a parody of a white person acting in an such an unselfconsciously silly way – one of his catchphrases is “is it because I is black?”, while he clearly isn’t.

      The joke with Borat (who I do in fairness find funny) is that he just chose a country a random and made it out to be an outlandish place, and the people he interacts with know so little about Kazakhstan that they take it at face value; the joke is more about the ignorance of western people of other cultures. Kazakh people are normally either Asiatic in appearance, or some Volga Germans; Cohen could not pass for either of these in a fit, which is sort of the joke.

      1. Friscondo

        Why does he insist on joking that Kazakh’s celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day, to commemorate the Kazakh soldiers who ran the camps. This is completely untrue and downright malicious. There are some, watching Borat, who would just assume there must be a link. Why would anyone want to link a Muslim country with the Holocaust? It was an entirely Christian crime.

  2. Y

    Well, it works for me. It is satirical and should be watched that way. Sacha Baron Cohen is well educated and is on the spot on current issues. There is a lot of important themes treated in this movie through satire. Instead of being stock on the Kazakstan issue have a laugh and hear the messages he is trying to convey!

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