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Simple Kid – Serotonin

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960 unearthed by our Golden Discs music competition last week, reader Liam chose Cork indietronic hipster Ciaran McFeeley aka Simple Kid, who shone brightly in the Noughties.

Serotonin was released in 2007.

Liam said:

“I’d argue the Kid is one of the most underrated Irish artists full stop. He quit the business for a number of years due to lack of success but is back making music again, and it’s still great!”

Nick says: The Kid is alright.

Simple Kid

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4 thoughts on “You May Remember This

  1. Nicorigo

    A great underrated Irish artist. A bit like the super-inspired beck from the mid-90’s with a Corkian accent.
    His 2 albums are just great, and live, he was awesome as well.

    1. Liam

      you should check out his new stuff (if you haven’t already). He’s been releasing new songs since last year on YouTube and most of them are on Spotify as well now, practically a full albums worth.

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