Done Up Like A Kippur


Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended from the UK Labour Party he led up to last year

This afternoon.

Jeremy Corbyn responds to his suspension from the UK Labour Party provoked by a statement that he rejected the conclusions of a Equality and Human Rights Commission report into claims of anti-semitism during his time as leader.

He said the problem was “dramatically overstated for political reasons” by opponents and the media.

Labour suspends Jeremy Corbyn over EHRC report comments (The Guardian)


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13 thoughts on “Done Up Like A Kippur

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Criticism of Israel and its apartheid policies =/= Antisemitism

    But that’s what supporters of Israel and its apartheid policies are working towards.

    1. scottser

      yeah, that seems to be the way of it.
      what did he do anyway? as far as i can tell he liked some artist on facebook.

      1. newsjustin

        He responded to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report on antisemitism in the party he led, claiming incidents had been over-exagerated, that they had “been dramatically overstated for political reasons.”

        Essentially he was like, “problem? What problem?”

    2. Harry

      I abhor Israel’s foreign policy but I think the issue that Jewish people had is the Labour party’s criticism of Israel in isolation. Other regimes, e.g. China, Cuba, Venezuela, get a free ride.

  2. eamonn

    Bodger, You deserve a star for the headline, how many points – well that is your call.
    One can’t say too much critical of israel’s way of going on if one doesn’t want to be called anti semetic.
    Corbyn never struck me as being anti jewish at all , but I’m not jewish, so it could be I don’t have the eyes to see it? He may not be a fan of the state of Israel’s beheaviour – that is another matter

  3. RuilleBuille

    Corbyn is a life long committed anti-racist. To smear him like this means ‘1984’ is here now.

    Ironically the EHRC refused to investigate the Tory party when 300 Islamophobic complaints were made.

      1. M

        Like Karl Rove said, you don’t attack your opponent on their weaknesses.

        You attack them on their strengths.

        And you get your buddies in the media to repeat the lie ad nauseam.

        It’s called ‘Swift-boating’.

        It works because nobody knows anything and people have the memory of goldfish.

        And when your servants cover up for your friends (read Jimmy Savile), you make them Knight Commanders of the Order of the Bath (KCB) and force everybody to call them Sir.


  4. bisted

    …millions of people died within living memory as a direct result of anti-semitism and it is another form of racism that seems the be on the rise again…that anti-semitism has been weaponised by the zionists who preside over an evil apartheid regime and conflated with opposition of their pariah state defies belief…

  5. Dinty

    My father was a life long supporter of labour untill post Blair when he saw antisemetism raising its ugly head

    It comes with the hard left just as it comes with the hard right
    He lived through the times of Hitler and he died a rather sad man

    The Labour Party never dealt with it and now Corbin has suffered from the cancer of that party

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