Get Your Ronnie On


Movember is nearly upon us.

It comes around so fast.

Timi Ogunyemi writes:

We’ve all spent way too much time apart this year. It’s time to connect – virtually or in-person – and cut loose. We’re itching for it so badly, in fact, that we’re starting early and we want you to join us.
Shave Down today, October 30, calls for pre-kick-off donations, and let’s hit the ground running on Movember 1st.
How You Can Join the Fun Today:

·      Grab a selfie of your pre-shaved face.

·      Grab a selfie mid-shave.

·      Grab another selfie post shave.

·      Tag four bros and the hashtags #Movember #Shavedown

·      Post a grid, or a carousel on your social.

·      Sign up to Movember here


4 thoughts on “Get Your Ronnie On

  1. Owen Evan

    This is for attention seeking boy-men. However Alpha males find this useful for culling their circle, as it identifies betas male feminists, a wretched breed real women see through.

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