Waiting For The Punchline


US President Donald Trump (left) and Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden

The Joke
(after Walter Benjamin)

A barrel of industrial waste poured into a suit
donated by a casino owner who knows people
with a tangerine tea towel tossed strategically on top
because it was the only available metaphor for hair
was running for re-election as CEO of South Canadia
against an old coat with holes in it.

The barrel of waste was trailing
histrionically among professors emeritus
whose brains were in the process of being dismantled
by lethargy and time, and among those
who, as and when the stock market permits,
take a year off to celebrate their dividends
by doing good works among brown people in far countries
not lucky enough to have stock markets or dehumidifiers.
Such people agreed with each other that the barrel of waste
made the raging boil on the nation’s privates
way too obvious, and hoped by throwing
the old coat over it they could again
forget it was there.

The barrel of waste said the old coat couldn’t deliver
on the promises he wasn’t making,
and maintained good leads among morticians,
pimps, and police informants
and had the total bastard vote
ninety nine percent sewn up –
in essence everyone except the late John DeLorean
and perhaps Alan Dershowitz.

There was a minority faction who wanted the boil
on the nation’s privates given free antibiotics, lanced
with a big needle imported from Sweden
and then cauterised. But most people found
though they were in favour, in their hearts,
of lancing the boil,
in practice they were for
allowing the boil to grow redder, angrier, more toxic
under the old coat with holes in it.

So the minority extremist faction
who wanted the thing treated
were sentenced to the echo chamber
to argue about whether the old coat
with holes in it really
was the lesser evil.

The midwife of history,
grown bored with the year twenty twenty,
had decided to play one of her jokes.

Kevin Higgins

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12 thoughts on “Waiting For The Punchline

      1. johnny

        you should try it,chill out a little:)
        ok,ok the fat lady hasn’t sang,but she’s getting warmed up,its over.
        -agreed on NJ-Ashbury Park for the summer so im happy.

          1. johnny

            -everyone who’s anyone is positioned by now for NJ-stores opening about 12-18 months.
            -we land banked some properties in Ashbury Park to do a grow and dispense,also Hoboken.
            -its not really my thing-jersey- im a insufferable snob:)

            but yes great news but expected,just like Joe winning.

          2. Johnny

            Oh honey just wait till we open on Broadway…

            With Arizona and Wisconsin called for Joe Biden he is now at 248.

            Michigan puts him at 264.

            Nevada will give him the win at 270.

  1. johnny

    it was a great night for drug use and druggies in general-with Oregon a sign of the future-total decrim of drugs.
    AZ: Legal marijuana
    DC: Decriminalized psychedelics
    MS: Medical cannabis
    MT: Legal marijuana
    NJ: Legal marijuana
    OR: Decriminalized drugs & legal psilocybin therapy
    SD: Legal marijuana & medical cannabis

    Tom Agnell covers most it here.


    -Oregon voters have approved a historic ballot initiative to decriminalize possession of all currently illicit drugs and invest in substance misuse treatment-

      1. johnny

        hey scottser,of course it would be easier with a senate,but take what you can,build and win it next.
        Biden now leads in WI,MI and NV,Trump is not getting relected.

  2. johnny

    Biden has taken the definite lead in Michigan, according to the AP.
    Along with AZ, NV and WI, he now leads in states worth 270 electoral votes–the number needed to win.

    huh-NYT Mark Landler, in London reporting this ?
    “In shot at Trump, Simon Coveney, Ireland’s foreign minister, said it would be unwise to claim victory before all votes counted. His U.K. counterpart, Dominic Raab, said vote would provide “definitive result.”

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