Some People Are On The Tracks


Dart-stopping football.

Lansdowne Road, 1989.

Republic of Ireland play Hungary in a successful Italia ’90 qualifier with Kevin Sheedy (in green) and Hungary’s Imre Garaba (at right).

Grace O’Sullivan tweetz:

Couldn’t beat the atmosphere in the delightfully quaint ‘old Landsdowne’ – have some great memories of matches there!

In fairness.

Damn you Delaney and your wretched Champagne.

Pic via LearnEnglishThroughFootball

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5 thoughts on “Some People Are On The Tracks

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Totally agree.. I’d rather watch any match in the pub over the aviva.. totally sterile with no atmosphere.

  1. bertie blenkinsop

    On a similar note…
    that new Chef curry sauce ad with Paul Mcgrath.

    You watch it and you think, “ah jaysus Paul.”
    And then he smiles at the end and it’s all you can do not to burst out crying.

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