A New Lisa Life


Andy Pipkin writes:

I just remembered this clip from The Simpsons, and I immediately thought of Trump and his statement from today about dead people’s vote! I think they predicted it again or Trump is watching too much Simpsons, see what you think…

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8 thoughts on “A New Lisa Life

  1. george

    In that episode of the Simpsons nobody was lying about dead people voting so no they didn’t predict this one.

  2. Mr .T

    Even here in Ireland dead people do be getting polling cards sent to their (old) houses

    The difference here is – we have voter ID. Americans have a serious issue with that for some reason

  3. Jimmy TwoShoes

    Whilst the whole “dead people” voting thing obviously sounds crazy, any example I’ve seen (the video recording of people checking the details online etc) have all been shown up to be clerical errors and they happen every election and always cleared up afterwards. Or have I missed stories where that hasn’t been the case?

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