You May Remember This


Villagers – Nothing Arrived

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960, reader Brother Barnabas coos over alt.folk heroes Villagers, led by Conor O’Brien.

Nothing Arrived appeared on their second album awayland in 2013. This live performance is from the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM.

Brother says:

“An extraordinary songwriter.”

Nick says: Leave it to Mr. O’Brien.


4 thoughts on “You May Remember This

  1. Ruff

    I would’ve said Villagers are pretty highly regarded. Considering every show they do sells out

    Anyway, you’ve got 2003 there for awayland. 2013.

    1. Hank

      Yeah, agreed. Conor sells out Villagers shows in lots of countries. His previous band, The Immediate, might have been more befitting of the “underrated” tag.
      ‘Aspects’ and ‘Ghost In This House’ are great Immediate songs

  2. Liam Deliverance

    A half dozen of his songs are timeless, strong and soft warm vocal, enduring melody’s.

    Just thinking about Ruff’s comment, when this Covid shoite eventually effs off there is going to be a terrible run on gigs and tickets for a while!

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